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I Don’t Much Like It But I Guess Things Happen That Way

We Can’t Even Wish Ourselves Dead, Never Mind Anyone Else! Get comfortable with being disappointed. That is what my hero and fisticuff / whiskey philosopher Johnny Cash told me through a catchy tune written especially for moi. Dude sang that contagious hymn over and over and flipping over again, until it was drilled too far […]

Use Occam’s Razor To Slash Your Workload

Boys, boys, boys, you should wear a blanket, like me. Why do us humans complicate things so easily? Without effort we project irrational and sometimes nasty gods into earth, wind, and fire while inventing wild myths and tall stories to explain every aspect of reality which surrounds us. Can we not just take note of […]

Zeigarnik – The Don’t Stop Me Now! Effect

  Signals Are Being Sent. Any Getting Through? The boss says CURB your activity. Hammer on the delay, Ray. Slap it on the back burner, Turner. Grind it all to a halt, Walt. I think you get the message. But do not fret. You will return to your project when the time is right. Heck, […]

What Is Real Is Determined by What You Think – Not By What Is Real

Okay, It’s Unanimous. He is 80% Guilty! He is guilty! No, innocent! GUILTY! No, dagnabbit… INNOCENT, INNOCENT, INNOCENT! How is it that twelve people watching the exact same  gruesome emotional drama can arrive at completely opposite conclusions? Obviously, the perceived reality of their shared experience must reside in the eye of each beholder. Mooh Hah […]

An Idea Generation Process That Works Every Time

I Hear The Monster Breathing! Quick, pull up your feet! There is a boogieman under your bed! The raw, automatic power behind that ubiquitous, irrational fear is the same force driving this idea generation concept. In fact, using this intellectual technology is no more difficult than the natural human ability of turning molehills into mountains. […]

Move Over Doofus and Wake Up Moron – The New Age of Name Calling is Here

Fewer and Fewer Pencils Are Being Broken and This is NOT Good. I am damn sorry to say this but cussing is getting boring. There are just too many folks swearing and they have ruined it for those of us whom saved up the majority of our cursing for later in life only to find […]

Hazing – Tastes Awful, Works Great!

The guys could not wait to urinate on somebody. Even though I was only twelve years old, I immediately understood that this was a powerful force which would require intelligent and cautious containment. The wacky discovery revealed itself to me as I recruited my brother into my new gang: The Government Rode Bicycle Club. In […]

Death In The Fast Lane – The Crazy Concept of Pedestrian Crosswalks

The agonizing crunch catapulted Mrs. Vouch Chau’s smashed body 106 feet from the point of impact. Crosswalks Are Fracture Factories Every second of deadly trauma played out like a violent, slow motion movie for Mrs Chau’s horrified children and husband who were trailing mere inches behind her on the crosswalk. Only fate kept the entire […]