The Aim Of Anguish

Folks think because pain comes from somewhere that it ought to go somewhere.

They should tell that to a squid or anything caught in a gun hunter’s sight

because those beggars know that pain(t) stays wherever its sent and

given a place to rest it lays its lazy head down to get comfy

and craves that body and loves that being to death. No 

one should feel special though because hurting is

willing to live, eat and sleep with anyone who

gives it even the slightest recognition or

time of day. You wouldn’t, would ya?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

One Response to “The Aim Of Anguish”

  1. squids squirt ink

    they understand three dimensional space and that entanglement can occur in one location and not another.

    smokescreens. we do this all the time…

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