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Before We Knew It Wolves In Dogs Clothing Watched Over Every Herd

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation article November 6, 2011: N.W.T. government investigating alleged whistleblower The fact is well understood that humans and dirty laundry go together. What is not as well known is the lengths some launderers will go to manage that soiled linen or if by “managing” what is really meant is that it will be […]

Fuck Topo Gigio And Mr. Ed (Not The Talking Horse Mr. Ed)

Whomever we focus upon we become. A mighty mouse or a wise, slow Talking horse. The secret is To remember its just A show and the Exit doors R Rat der. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Pills Cure Paranoia But For Superstition Its Just Prayers & Looking The Other Way

Folks who tin foil every window in their home to deflect mind control waves and then disperse small stabbed effigies (SSE) of world leaders around the house to teach the little beggars a lesson should likely take a couple of pills and calm down. Hail, with the placebo effect flying off its handle these daze […]

Today = The Icing On A Day Old Cake And Can You Pick It Up?

Culmination is not a word anyone will utter anytime soon. And while this should have been a full time full credit Course in school seldom was it hinted at or Even touched upon. That’s too bad Because exactly the same way Anticipation affects us we Instinctively realize That what we do Today influences Everything we […]

Sharpen Your Forks Because Knives Are Out And Trust Is On The Decline

Everyone is at risk. Which is also why we Have a Say-In-Shite. Didja get yours? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

No One Quits A Club That Works – Why Would They?!

The suicide rate is stupid. There is a reason this Is happening. Will You take a few Minutes to Find out Why? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

In The Big Pie Of Things We Must Accept Our DoughHeadishness

Who wants to be on top their game All the time? Constant winning Only proves theres a good chance we shouldn’t be Playing here at all. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Crap Won’t Fly On Its Own Rat Here It Must Be Flung To The Future or The Past

Few folks understand the power in revealing stuff after the fact. Yesterday an important deal was signed. (but it came close to almost not) A cease fire was finally negotiated. (but very nearly not) Yet another bailout was approved. (but real realistically not) And those pensions you hoped were yours. (are just as good as […]

Maybe You’re Addicted To Hearing Things Twice Not Deaf

It is truly disconcerting how much we are controlled by habits. We stay at jobs we hate and in relationships that should Have ended in murder eons ago if we were in our Right mind. But we’re not in our right mind it is Just the mind what brung us & a wee bit Of […]

Oh Yeah … And Grant Me The Wisdom To Remember My Scotoma

Every person with peepers must contend with blind spots caused by their optic nerve exiting their eye’s retina. Although this sounds rather scary when one realizes that double-Decker buses and huge flying machines are also being piloted by humans suffering from blind spots, its really not that big of a deal because our brains fill […]

More People In The Picture Does Not Necessarily A Clearer Image Make

Knowing every part without How Shite Works = Understanding Squat Before today’s almost ubiquitous internet most folks gained their information and understanding from elders, experience, marks in the sand, scrapes on bark and skins, letters, books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television. Back in those daze any person thinking they could inform everyone would be considered […]

Just Because Its Loose Don’t Mean A Mind Is Lost

When a rancher spies a foreign cow meandering through the pasture he /she will not automatically assume the animal belongs to no one and can now be used or abused according to their own desires. Under normal neighborly circumstances the farmer will identify and Return the bovine beast to its rightful owner or at least […]

How & When Will You Leave Civilization Hints About What You Learned Here?

There’s something treacherous and debilitating in constantly telling people what, where and how much to do. Folks who have been coddled, corralled or connived too much wind up shutting out their own minds and relying strictly on the guidance of their all knowing leaders. Under benevolent circumstances this would be crippling enough but for people […]