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They Turned Unengaged Potential Into Sickness

These motherfuckers were smart. They got it right from the start. They say you boy, you need makeup. And your armpits really stink! You are not so good or Not as good as you might think. Lookit that wasted talent! You were born that fat?! Embarrassment to your parents. You ever thinka that? Take that […]

But They’ll NEVER Find The Soul Of Marijuana!

They found our THC. Found them some CBD. Then they went cray aye zee. They wore hairnets galore. They dressed to thrill doc-tor. They card swiped every door. They had gone mad now. They grew pay-per, Not pot. And the guys who talked Alot. They knew investors got All hot and bothered. When they thought […]

Bitch Boy Karma

There is a richochet. No matter what you say. Maybe not today, But it’s coming. If I were you, I’d start running. Not off from your mouth which Brought you so far south. Your north star can’t be seen. But see your tail now, Where have you been? And who in the hail has been […]

Livin’ Echoes

I should say I love you But I won’t. And you won’t say you love me, ‘Cause I won’t. When I love you so much… You love me so much. I make me feel your touch. It’s not as much…

This Next Letter Will Change My World

Virtual is as virtual does and ya Cannot stop just because The guy in front of you Hogan dos. If you do not know what Hogan dos den stand Aside as Hogan does cause Hogan dos an dos.

The Best Right Now

Ya gotta group of days anda Group of ways A day might Just get better. There’s a vacuum seal, It’s really no big deal. Cause it sucks But only for a moment. It gives one just enough time To foment. And present A path with a Wee less wrath. And a wee less daft. And […]

From Yer Up Step You Step Down

You. Were fucked. You. Lucked out. When you met me bout That notty not and You. Are fraught with Don’t get caught With yer IQ down That brings you round To the fact that yer Fucked without me.

Could It Be That Yer A Stupid Cunt?

You stay there in the ditch. Lest reveal that you a bitch. You smart when no one smarter. You steal from the larder. While we all sleep You bastard creep Into our hearts and minds. We love you lots But that’s what boughts This fighting from the get-go. And now that you say let go […]

If Yer Going Outside, Tuck Yer Brain In.

They prayed in the morning through Light conversation to Color the air They all breathed. They looked on the sunny side And there they found bliss Or at least this is what They believed. Not too good Was their bad. Could be worse meant So sad. They were happy in tough times. Overjoyed when they […]

Okay It’s A Loop

Same, same, same, the old dude said. He was blind as he tapped on his own damn head. Couldn’t see where His train of thought was headed. He just went that way… Was that way… Got no say. Ain’t no playin’. That’s today an Tamorry too.      

Learn To Talk With The Manimals

Buddy’s an asshole. Suzie’s a bitch. The guy at the gate is A son-of-a-bitch. Constant complaining Goodness draining. No refraining. You stay sane if You see the nail they lay on.

Game Fucking ON You Idiots

On second thought Ima do my own thang. Just like before you scooped it. You just went all damn stupid. And I don’t think you know what you’ve done… You smacked a hornet’s nest. Now it’ll take your best Efforts to not get stung. You don’t know what you’ve begun. Herds ‘o purple cows in […]

Oh. My. Fuck… Intent Matters.

Jesus woke up on the wrong Side of his bed. Pissed at bed and Wore a skid mark two days old. Jesus hit the hard streets hard And what did Jesus behold? Fuck ups. Half wits. Assholes by the bushel. They all lied and Jesus tried To lie and out lie all them. The devil […]

Interpreting Boolshat

Yesterday, you fell flat on your face. Today you’re stinking up the place. Tomorrow’s filled with big disgrace. What’s a po’ boi to do? Maybe you’re all through… But no. You forge ahead even though you read All the signs that say road closed. Cause you’re the guy who knows. That ill wind always blows. […]

God Licks The Nape Of Yer Neck

Brrr! Said god but No one answered back. They were stuck in the moment. Held by great green krack. They were feeling felt As if they just got back From a journey only given to Those great green krackers. See? Feel your face? That mask upon your face? Feel your bones as reminders that They’ll […]

As Fast As The Pony Express

Nobody gonna pay a dollar for No goddamn greeting card! Ain’t gonna give up hard earned dough For anything so retarded! Never gonna pay no five damn bucks For a coffee just like at home! Sure as hell won’t pay an arm and leg Just for a goddamn phone! Shit don’t creep up on me, […]

God Could Love You

Look into the mirror. That spot there in your eye. You look and look and the time it took, Don’t u wonder why? You took that time or The time took you? Don’t you wanna whisper, Who baby, who?

When Fucking People Works

Fuck being nice. Shit on who needs it. Screw people twice. First one’s on me. Next one’s on you. Please come on back. So I can rip you… A new asshole cause Buddy, You need one. You’re so full of shit that One asshole can’t handle it. Tomorrow ain’t real for You fuckers who reel […]

Nice Guys Finish

Don’t start shit. Don’t say shit You cain’t back up. Wartch your mouth. Warsh yer hands. Don’t flail about. You stink you think You don’t, but you do. Just start and don’t stop Until yer through. Make a plan. Break it up. Tiny bites swallow best. Get that dream out yer mind And off yer […]

You Sheeft?

Circumstances change. You change. They do, you don’t. Be rearranged & Rash ready.

Y’All Feel

Patterns. You are one. You think you’re someone. And you think you’re just one. Wrong.  

Preciate This Pain Sweet Jesus

I know you might leave tomorrow. Maybe you’ll leave tonight. Let’s say you sneak out on bare feet. Maybe scoot away by bike. I know, just know you’ll leave me. You will not stay. Even if you want to… Go away!

Bribes Work Because The Bribed Won’t

Ain’t no sum-in fer nuthin’. Even nothin’ coss sum-in If ya gotta pick it up. Or point it out. No, that ain’t free. Takes energy. An energy don’t come from me It’s a thing I bring from outside. Where me and it, we collide. And we make sum-in. And maybe do sum-in. And whatever that […]

God Will Kill You

Some people try to bite god once. God swats ’em outa the sky. Other folks nibble at god’s big feet. They try to bite god, they try. Stomp! Goes god and they go away. Giving other non-biters the chance to prey, They say… God will help you! God’s your friend! Y’ain’t meeting god tho’ Until […]

Waay More Than One Hallway

Sure, you lookin’ inna winder. This winda, trute be tole. This winda only, all udders, nah. My as well beon hole. Waitin’ fer a time what Never gonna come. But waitin’ lak waitin’s Ackchly gettin’ sumin’ dun. Watchin’ from duh hallway lak Dis hallway’s zonely one!