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The Silly Fuck Pandemic Is Contagious So Watch Out

Smokey balls and tall hats Shiney robes and all that Magic water, on your knees. Listen, chant, and after he’s Spoken to a god, please… Open up your heart and wallet Perpetrate a crime but call it God’s work, in Jesus name… Are you fuckers all insane?!

Without The Edge

The outside has it’s limitations. They look right back at you. They’re closing in Coming at you fast. There’s nothing you can do. But get inside. Stay safe way in. Step closer to where you are Not been. Get to where no sight has seen. Inside, where you’re safe.

Hello Code

You are a program. A one wheel cycle. Circadian, ultradian. You read your own bible. Laws made by King You. Deecrees by Lady Luck. You’re driving in the passing lane But you ain’t pass no buck. Cause you now give two fucks. This wrong is right And here, tonight. The volume screams tomorrow.

Shadows For Sale Or Rent

Stick with the original story. Tomorrow, you be sorry. Sorry you met them. Had words with them. They will make up stories.

Don’t Plead Guilty If You Ain’t

They ask. Are you guilty? You say no. You say yes then There you go. On a new path. You don’t know. You’ve never been there Deep breaths, slow. Slow your breathing. Now, start seeing They hurt guilty. One and all. Plead you guilty You will fall Into a grinder You won’t find there Mixtures […]

Your Keys Are Lost And Your Mind Is With Them

Pick the right key And the lock is picked. Choose the right road And reality, tricked, Will grant you riches of a hundred men. Pick you right up and then again Bring you back down Back to earth. Riding in that limo Some call a hearse.

Exit Same As Entrance

Mama you’re going home. Your brothers and sister Remember? You kissed her? And then your sister went her way. It wasn’t the best, okay? But it’s just a play and Mama, you say It is what it damn well is.

Mom, Don’t Phone The Cops.

Nine one one, nine one one. Someone’s mind is on the run. Someone has come all undone. Now they’ve taken all the fun Outa livin by yourself. Now you went and dealt Us a losing hand. Mom. Don’t phone the cops. You do that tops The list of No Can Do Cause they’ll take you […]

Love So Many People

Yes, l could hate her. She didn’t know my name. She didn’t know I came. To see her. One time I was part her. A big part now, I saw just how She argued for her weakness. I sat there keeping speachless. That pie hole closed, well, I supposed that game would make A place […]

If You Stay In Your Body

You’re not going to heaven. You won’t know dimension. You’ll come back again. And again and again. If you stay in that body.

The Non Tinkers

She was right as rain. In no pain. Ready to gain Full function. Good lady had no gumption. Blind like a bat Who forgot that Her sound wave sense had left her. She was done listening As the sweat beads, glistening Slowly crept from her brow. She was sick so hard and how Did the […]