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And The Very Thing That Kept Them Together Was The Thing That Blew Them Apart

Buddy knew she knew he knew. But neither shall speak Of the stairs that squeak. Something is coming to get them. That something is not from heaven. It’s a imp, a gargoyle Coming to feed them, Geet them Bringing them Leven. Lucky your seven Rolls at the dice. Worked out nice And it will if […]

Satan, She Fucks With Me.

Buddy wore his hat. Every damn day. The hat kept him safe Cause the hat did say Not Today Satan Kept her at bay But one day the hat That kept him okay. Wasn’t on his head And come what may. Just like they say… You gotta look a cross to see the Lord. Buddy, […]

I Know You’re Busy Butt

Drive too fast and walk too slow. You got a thousand spots to go. Got no time, you make your flow Other people caught in it. You would love to spin it. But, you don’t. You’ve been shown a better way. A getaway. One that depends on you.

The Fear Of Odd

Buddy wasn’t into shaking hands. Even tho he could, his germs had plans. Kept him at bay, fear was a factor. Humans at the front, Buddy use a back door. Sneak around the badness. Taking just a few less Breaths without constraint. Buddy knows it ain’t Go ahead, breathe easy. Free breath makes him queasy. […]

Hierarchy In Heaven

Please say no. Say no, No, NO! Don’t say it out loud. Not in a crowd Where it’s allowed Is in you. No is trying to win you. To it’s side where you’ll collide With reality. Where you will see. There is none, it’s one to one.

Biting Satan’s Ankles

High steppin’ in a fake heaven. Buddy is wearing white. Folks say he’s aight. But no. That mofo is a goddamn liar. Tongue like long as a telephone wire. Shit like his should be on fire. But still dude sucks. He don’t count no cards. Ain’t seeing Jesus in no damn curds. And Jesus, he’s […]

Please Toward Lemmings Hill

Scared, he was. Just because. Fear was in the air, see You got a brother, He has another and There beween, you meet. One says “I am he.” One suffers “disagree.” Then start the big games Games need the big aims Not something headed to him again.

Requires No Explanation

Holy cow, you’re fucked! Sitting in your car. Bet you paid for. In cash you ash. Bet it’s made for Transportation. But where you’re from That car’s gonna kill you. Maybe someone at chooed. In it, in the factory. Maybe be a fact-ory Why you wear that silly mask. Why you never think to ask. […]

I Am That Guy

Jesus, I don’t want to work today. Can the shit just stay Suspended? We’ll end it With a good, clear glance. And, by happenstance. If one should fall, Then please, just call, Someone who gives a shit.

Cock Suckers Are The Norm

Who wants a thing shoved in their ass? Who wouldn’t vote saying I will pass? Maybe that dude wearing fuck you mask. That dude flunked outa school. Buddy, that dude’s a fool. Won’t change his fashion. Likely to lash on Silly motherfuckers who ask him. Where are you from, dude? Does that allude to He’s […]

God, I Love You!

Believers, you are. And that goes so very far, To begin that far, far, far… away? Trek to the motherland. See if you really can, Care for another. Sister and brother. You are, an also can, Maybe, just maybe, then… They do this good thing. That thing will bring Closure and holy, sure Another tomorrow […]

Mister De-escalator

You have a way of screwing things up. You are a bettor out of luck. You wear boots filled with muck. You are the muck that fills them… You are the man who needs shit done. You think you are the chosen one. You shoot blanks from a big ass gun. You are a joke […]

Be Aware Wolf K

They got people walking around. Up and down town. They are the grounds. Grounds that these klowns. Send through your neighborhood. Hooded kids know you could Pack up your shit, So they can’t see it. But you don’t… and Steal blindness costs.

I Said Don’t Run Away From Me, Kid.

Fuck all, is what you knew, good sir. You’re gonna get a star! Hook a steel head, Bag a big bear. Mister, you’re walking dread. But there, in your head. You love a good time. That, now is soblime. Somebody misconstrue.

Killer Safety

Hard hatted and tied off to the yin jang. Safety started with a big bang. Mission Zero and similar heros, Saving no one while countless zeros All near misses, no en queer oos. We kill people with our minds. Un uttered thank yous, No you cans… We need help over here.

When The Past Comes Back To Hint You

Buddy! He said. I remember you. You were the guy whom did not screw Me, as a customer, So long ago. And me? I remember, Buddy so… Take back the past. Haven’t you asked? Why do I do it? Why does it do me? And why can’t so many doers Wake up themselves and see. […]