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Mister De-escalator

You have a way of screwing things up. You are a bettor out of luck. You wear boots filled with muck. You are the muck that fills them… You are the man who needs shit done. You think you are the chosen one. You shoot blanks from a big ass gun. You are a joke […]

A Real Bad Case Of Alone Sickness

He hollered LEAVE ME BE! There was no one to see Who or what was bugging him. It wasn’t out buggery. More inner thuggery. Thoughts beat his brain. A wee bit insane. Nothing to gain By compliance. But reliance. Reliance on the new God. Thinking was the old job. His new God will now think […]

For Real

Information highway. The meta Metaverse. All the same as the best real life. Only maybe, possibly, worse.

And Once We Couldn’t Remember, Then They Took Our Memories.

He picked things up And put things down. He moved them here And all around. Do you think those damn things Were ever found?! No, they’re lost! And their loss confounds Anyone! Everyone! Can anyone help him? Tell where he’s been? See an object placed nearby. Old blind sucker why… why? Where does your mind […]

There’s A Great Big Leak In The Engine Room

Buddy was a tall drink. A cool glass of water. But Buddy’s gums flapped a little too much. Way more than they ought to. Buddy couldn’t help it. His lips would not be still. Was like his tongue was someone else’s He seemed to lack the will To close a pie hole. How can’t he […]

Can You See Around Your Imagination?

She was sad and he was mad. His boss was disappointed. Her sins had been annointed. Her spouse believed her. His kids did not. They could not know The web they’re caught in. It was their opinion. They made it real. And it was really bad.

When Lucifer Hollers “Quittin’ Time!”

You had deadbeats missing deadlines. There were dead leads makin’ no finds. Talkin’ deadpan, this ‘ol red man. From his own land. He removed. He moved and moved and moved. Til he had no more to lose. Then a big voice said. Ginger, look ahead. So he did, with dread. Because ahead, ol’ Red saw […]

Companies CANNOT Care About You

You thought Santa existed. The Easter Bunny was real. You think that votes are all counted. Voting levels the field. You bet that they like you lots. You accomplish! You say… But these folks don’t have Two shits to give… Sure, they’ll ask if you go away. Where’s whatcha-ma-callit? Are they on the clock? Are […]


You say shit because your family says it. Look at your nose. Pointed at those Same damn walls. Same cat calls. Over same falls. Same over alls. Same damn balls. Or no balls.

The Balance Sheet Of Love

Love IN and Love OUT. Love IN first before Love OUT. Too much love IN, Get low love OUT. Low love left IN From too much OUT, Leave little love To thrash about. And thrash it does. It screams and shouts. Put more love IN! And less love OUT.      

Safely Trapped

He was predictably hungry. Eating that fence. Could he get out before The baddies came hence? Eat a little hole. Just enough to get out. But do it real quietly. The baddies are about. Waiting for your re-lease. The baddies want your out.  

Lucifer In My Genes

He had a devil of time getting Into those pants. See, she was married, Living with her parents. And mom and dad had a different way. Wanted the chance to say okay or No, if they had to, but she Wouldn’t listen. She was Nice on the outside but lay barely hidden was A monster […]

Bovine Skatology

He wouldn’t say shit if His mouth was full of it and he Reeked of all purdy and nice. But fall down in front of him Or brighten your light to dim And brother, that fuck wouldn’t think twice. He’d fall on you like winter Until he got inter Your warmest and coziest place. And […]

The Damned

Do and you are fucked. Don’t and you are fucked. Hope you like being fucked… Fucked is where you live. A fuck is what you give. Look what you done did! You are but a fib. Ina liar’s crib. Getta usedta it… Da basten bama thermography isa fakery!  

Shit’s Not Real

Do people that wear a toup. Not understand to dupe? Have their senses flown the coop? They once had hair but shoot. Now they don’t. So they go a head and fake it.  

When It’s Yer Time, It’s Yer Time.

Guy was born tall and Gill was born short. Guy on the fifth and Gil on the fourth. Guy was born to a rich family. Gil’s mama tried to abort. Guy got bit by the travel bug. Gil’s dawg bit him through his shorts. Gil has hate for every damn dawg. Guy loves his hunting […]

One Shadow Weren’t Enough, The Beggar Cast Three.

He spoke from both sides his mouth. The truth he wouldn’t spit out. Yelled at his lack of clout. What’s this shit about?! He would ask Himself at night. Knew in his heart shit Wasn’t right but his Words would not stay outa sight. Bit him in the arse again. Barry

This Day Happens But One Time Only. Don’t Press Repeat M’Kay?

The circus is not on next week and You won’t jump again like that. Maybe you might be stuck right now but You ain’t going back. Look real hard at your ugly self You’ve never looked so good. Smile like you like to like yourself because When do you think you should? Give two shits […]

Such An Ass You Can Be Without Trying!

Ya grandma, you have sharp teeth! Your mind is dull and Your eyes are foggy but Grandma, you have sharp teeth! It’s a blister pack for you. Goddamn doctor Groves. But with damn sharp teeth And a damn mind dull, This is how it goes. Barry

Haunted Projects

This book’s writ but Ain’t writ right. Printed words need outa sight. Editor cannot smell the plight Of an author drowning in turmoil. Barry

The Throwers Of Quill

Shit came out her eyes and nose. Tiny veins wrapped with pantyhose Couldn’t contain the poison, so… She hissed instead of speaking. You couldn’t help but see her tweaking. Even though she seemed so freaking Nice. Barry   image:  

Until Death Do Ye Part Wit Problems

Blessed be those little squeaks. Little freaks. They not weak. They will never taste defeat. Nor get beat. Down. Barry

Keep Your Poop Pump Primed

Shit has a way of getting old. Growing mold. Now you’re cold. Boredom is what you’re being sold. Be so bold To behold You have a mind worth clearing. Clear that clutter so you Don’t mutter there’s no reason to go on. Conclusions but forgone. Feeling you don’t belong? You don’t so keep it coming. […]

Don’t Think You Can Change Your Life? Why Don’t You Kill Yourself And See?

  Wrist slitting isn’t necessary. You won’t have to take no pills. Don’t got to swallow that shotgun We got the stuff that kills. Don’t jam your head in a toilet. No need to swing by a rope. We got a little magical death This shit works faster than dope. Why don’t you worry about […]

The Clever Ones Needed An Infinite Fence

He said, you will be into sports. Or religion. Or booze. Or trucks. Maybe you’ll be into gambling. Your life will be based on luck. You will be hooked on fashion. On speed and controlling the climate. Yes, you’ll be loving that travel. And power even if you’re buyin’ it. You could be snagged by […]

Satan! You’ll Take What I Give You!

  Lucifer don’t bounce no checks. Got a million accounts who will. And Beelzebub will spill your guts Guts spilled in cringe-worthy swill. Ah guilt! You feel THAT!? Anxiety too?! Oh man, Old Slew foot, he love you! Barry

Fellow Herdling

  No one gives a shit about you. They DON”T! They DON”T! They DON”T! Like the heart could care less about the gall bladder. Take it out, it can go to hell! Like the nasal passages care about lungs… They DON”T! They DON”T as well! Like the fingernail cares about snot… Okay, it does, if […]

Mind Da Law

Halt! Who goes there?! I heard him say but Me, I turned and walked away and He, he pointed a stick at me and Me, I walked like someone free and He, he watched me escape, he. Barry

Mexico’s Largest Cartel

These soldiers don’t carry guns. Menacing, they know not. No, they accept with a smile. In their net you are caught. ‘Cause when you get drunk You buy my junk. You’ve been out- thunk. Accept it. Barry

Praise You, Constraint Theory.

If Jesus had a middle name, I bet that name was Harold. Jesus H. Christ! Gotta be, gotta be Harold… A name spoken far and wide. Sometimes muttered softly under dirty clothes in a closet and many times screamed madly from a bombed out, burning rooftop. “Harold!” whispered in disbelief. Jesus… H… Christ… “Har!” screamed […]