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Oh Mife Uck Did I Stop Myself

He was going to come unglued. A state they were accustomed too. Because Buddy did. Like a little kid. Sniffled and whined. Toked and dined. On the People’s dime. Sorry, little fuck. Your jig is up anda Takes great luck Which you don’t have. Lova bitter salve. Gimme tasta half… Don’t believe in karma? That […]

The Unbelievable Life

You got Nixon, Dick. On your back. Got a whole facade. Full of cracks. Got a nod from the top. We don’t talk. Bout that crock. Makin’ shit up. Fuckin’, and rough. Puttin’ on a bull mask. Better you don’t ask Or ol’ Dick Nixon gonna get you.

The Nose Have It

She stuck it in. Pulled it out. Nostrils with a pile of clout. Furious blows without a doubt. She won’t need a hanky. She sees hanky panky. All around and she does hound All who would not thank thee. No hesitation to spank thee. Maybe house arrest. Maybe try her best To curb your appeal. […]

Life Lived Forward. Lessons Learned Backwards.

History happens. Then we look at it. Shit happens. Then we smell it. You get burned. Then you feel it. If you’re stuck in the happening. You will continue crapping in The same damn place you eat.

Four By Four Missing

No nail. No hammer. No toolbelt too. No saw. No sawhorse. No carpenter too. No wire. No fuse. No soldering too. No music. No lightshow. No happiness boo! No courage. No strength. No fortitude you. No matter. No worry. We know what to do… No crying. No swearing. No struggling you. You sit down. You […]

When You Whip Your Head Around, The Sound It Makes.

Oh happy day at the circus! Got clowns and clowns and clowns. Take you for some scary rides. Giggle if you sick. Frightened you maybe too many times Come to think of it. They could give a shit. Feed them drama. Give ’em all they want. They take it until you’re gaunt You’re a bystander […]