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Get Your Pain Passport BEFORE You Enter The Zone

Most folks have attempted to extract themselves from discomfort. They get paddy-whacked with some crazy thing or another and then they start wondering what to do but that don’t help much on account of there is no time to think. At this point there must be immediate doing and what must be done should already […]

Taking Off Makes A Different Sound To Cruising Speed Or Landing

Most folks think too highly of success. They imagine themselves winning this contract or that competition and pouring so much of themselves into breaking the bonds once holding them back, they leave only a whiff of moxie to last the entire high before having to come right back down again. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How Does One Maintain A Clean Mind? Keep A Pooshin Dat Broom Is How.

Most folks don’t appreciate being fooled. They might be okay with a few times if its in their favor but even back to-back that crap gets old fast on account of a person starting to wonder what else is a set up? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Think Like The Puppet You IS

Most folks realize there is something beyond their hamlet. They completely understand that the vast majority of everything in or out of existence lies just beyond their town limits and come to think about it, they don’t even think about most of their town that much, let alone where they laid those gawd damn car […]

When Tuna Was Fish Not A Disease

Many folks remember Fukushima. They understand that this is where the whole house of cards started falling and jeepers, how they wish it wasn’t this way. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I wish it weren’t like this but shite’s not good in Japan or duh world rat now.

The End Of Electric Motorized Antennaes

Most folks would agree the quality of life on planet earth has improved. They understand that, for the most part, people and the alive things surrounding them are enjoying a higher level of existence than anyone thought possible and even if they themselves aren’t living the dream it’s easy to see that lots of humans […]

To Save Ourselves From Dumbing Down We Must Get Good At Guessing

Most folks have not developed any ability to anticipate the future. They accept everything as it comes and invest little to no effort in imagining the alternative outcomes awaiting discovery by anyone even remotely curious about the endless possibilities idling a mere nanometer from every action or decision. This inability to venture into a world […]

Anyone Can Get To Carnegie Hall By Love, Love, Loving It

Most folks can’t see themselves practicing anything enough to become expert at it. They exit the mundane repetition carriage at the intersection of routine and desire without ever comprehending that Captain Self Perception of the good ship Kaizen awaits anyone with the ability to fall in love with the potential contained within them. These people […]

Conclusions Born In Agonizing Swamp Set The Width & Depth Of The Mire

Most folks know to avoid making important decisions under duress. They understand that their current frame of reference will surely influence the veracity of every choice made and they certainly don’t want reminders of this ravage haunting them when skies are bright and life is grand. Course, this concept works both ways so scripts authored […]

Our Will To Succeed Is Totally Lost Unless We Draw It A Map

Most folks ignore considering how their intentions will be implemented. They espouse grandiose schemes about how quickly everything will be coming up roses but by focusing on the desired results lay the groundwork for the utter failure of their enterprise on account of there not being a well thought out plan on how said accomplishment […]

The World She Is A Funny Place So Come On Buddy, Laugh!

Most folks acknowledge that topsy turvy accurately describes modern life. They recognize that living in today’s reality is similar to walking through a carnival where every pitchman or lady is barking at them to purchase this or that mostly overpriced item and that these semi-scoundrels are not above using hypnosis, flashing smiles and whatever charisma […]

Dude Turned And Tried To Walk Away But He Was Blessed Wit A Tad ‘O Gout

Most folks will never experience inflammatory arthritis. They stroll through life with little appreciation that they are mobile without experiencing excruciating pain and that’s too bad because without a twisting of their ankle or the awareness that a flock ‘o foot nervy chickens are about to come home to roost they miss out on consciously […]

Then The Actor Weirded Out And Started Acting Full Time

Most folks understand that they are not who people think they are. They know that even though Joe at the gas station considers them to be an idiot it’s really Old Joe who is the moron, not them. And just because their kids think the ways of their parents are old and corny don’t mean […]

Sometimes I Don’t Want To Be Barry Williams But Diss Is Who I Yam

Most folks desire improvement. They mistakenly imagine that if they really want to be or have anything beyond what they have or are currently all that is required to achieve this is the correct amount of pining and elbow grease. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Going NoWhere (fast)! Bob’s a headspinner…

You Uh, Doan Know You’re Living Wit Robots?!

Life On The Back Of Making Shit Up

Most folks have sniffed a hint of lying to themselves. They know damn well they exaggerated the claim that they were accepted by this school or that company and they’re not as tall or as potent as some photos might lead one to believe. They”ll never admit to how much mal odor their groins can […]

In The End We Leave Whatever Mark We Want

think famous suicides and nameless graves. somepins up and it stanks like cemetery tax.

Then The New Me Says To The Old Me (Whom I Mistakenly Think I Still Am)

This is where I think up something farly schmardt. Tomorrow. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Holy Shite! This Chain Ain’t Hooked To Nuttin’! Only This Gawd Damn Leg Clamp!

Most folks have little concept of what they are portraying. They easily recognize that they could be identifying with the role they play at their employment and may even understand the unconscionable fervor of citizenship or hook, line and sinker of brand loyalty but these very same people are almost devoid of any inkling about […]

No I Ain’t Buyin’ It On Mt. Everest Or Shit But Ahm Dying Rat Here In Front ‘O Youse

Most folks understand that shite changes over time. They realize that for this to be true must mean that nothing is as it appears on account of it just changing, especially if we haven’t looked in the last second or so, and if everything’s changing, how come we don’t notice it, especially since it’s sending […]

One Day We Will All Claim Us Equal And I Wonders, How Can This Possibly Be?

Most folks know that anyone breaking laws risks being incarcerated. They understand crystal clearly that if they broke said law and then proceeded to go on national television to rat them-self out there would be a good chance at the culmination of their mea culpa that the authorities would be hangin’ stage left  to make […]

Epiphanies Inc.

Most folks know that we must give to receive. Still they insist with their clandestine images and shadows that ain’t me but nevertheless, sometimes it sure as hail looks lak me. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Tension Management Of Morphogenic Energy

Most folks know who they are or should be. They feel the difference between what is real and not real and I’ll be doggoned if this feeling don’t transcend all  time and space. Shite, this stuff even makes its presence known in folks who are shaped different from what they really are and this variance […]

Plenty (Yes Plenty) Of Minds Are Far Out Without Any Inkling Of Dee-Stance

Many folks gag on the odor kicked off by dopamine but still splish it on. They seem to be happy go lucky most of the friggin’ time and for the life of themselves cannot quite figure out why everyone else  in their tribe is down in the mouth because, jeepers, can’t we all just get […]

Pay Attention To The Glug Of Life And Spillage Drops Waay Waay Back

Most folks are familiar with bottles and how they work. They understand that if they tip any jug too far in order to access its contents the container will allow only a small portion of its cargo to be released before gasping for equalized air pressure and this action stems the flow, creating violent boiling […]

Hell HandBaskets Don’t Come In Planetary Size. Its Custom Outfits For Us Only.

Most folks have never held their ear to a railroad track. They are unaware of how much sound is transmitted by those ribbons of steel and just what wisdom that aerial imparts to anyone brave enough to speak train-track. Course, to learn how to speak train track one must be willing to lay their essence […]

Ain’t No Time To Be Discovered

Most folks have never held their lives in their hands. They are fortunate enough to have survived to this point in time without ever being forced to make a “yes, we’re going forward” or “no, this is where we split” decision regarding who lives or dies today because people…well, people need to eat. Everyone is […]

Caution: This Bread NOT Baked

Most folks are ignorant of the cost of awareness. They wander about their daily activities with little concern of being led around by the nose by anyone with the wherewith all to score enough nose rings because once those babies are in place anyone paying decent rent can yank ’em. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

I’m Seek, Very Sick. I’ve Got Spring Fever, Cabin Fever and Beaver Cleaver Fever.

Most folks are influenced by the time of day, month or year. They understand that apprehension walks hand in hand with darkness and that time affects not only the ebb and flow of oceanic tides but also every unit run ning the operating system called emotion and nobody has to remind them that what and […]

I Might Be Misrepresenting Myself But Who Ain’t And How Come?

Many folks have imagined themselves as other people. They contemplate how they would manage as captain of the Titanic or what tools they might bring to the debacle called Battle of the Bighorn then slowly they slip back into the quiet realization that the good fight they are mired in has waay more riding on […]