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Santa Hands Out PTSD

Here comes Santa Clause. Here comes Santa Clause! Man, old Santa’s lame! See, Santa works for Hudson’s Bay. Walmart and Macy’s, yay! Santa fronts for MasterCard. And Visa, he’s okay! But Santa, he let Sears go down. Let mom and pops go bust. Believe in Santa, less in Satan. See, Santa’s one of us!

Phasers On Ignore

He picks his nose and his goddamn farts! Her mother’s a bitch. His father, an arse. She hits dat bingo. Develops lingo that Buddy says, Bitch! Watch you’re goddam mouth! Billy says duck! But Buddy don’t look out. Loose lips sinking ships that Never did float.

Three Fitty Nine

Two eyes two ears two legs Two sides of this one thing You call yours and on All fours that table turns To where you’re not sitting.

This Land Is Not Your Land

Hello renter and Occasional dissenter. How does your garden grow? Do you even know What makes all this go? No, you do not know. Cause you’re only renting.

To Thine Own Self Be Rude

Bite your tongue. Bite it hard. Save yourself from you retard. Be thee quiet. Silent riot. Wisdom’s on it’s way.

Mister Man Reflects, Can You?

He yelled at his kids. Smacked ’em on the rump. Warned them if they misbehave There’d be another thumping. He yelled too much and He smacked too hard and The desired result was so damn far From what he got. He never thought He’d have a shot At someday thinking it right.

You Would

Dude shuffles into your waiting room. He’s hurting. Hurt bad. You’d say, sir, take a number… Ain’t ya heard we’re shorta staff?! Lady says – this mistake’s yours. ‘Nen you get down on cloven hoved fours, And CHARGE BITCH!¬†you say, Mistake? Ya made a big one! Now you get some come up ants And doesn’t […]