I Will Let You In Or Not


A madman shouted out.

That mad man had a blinding bout.

He did not know that words had clout.

You don’t need dat axe, boy.

Hey, ain’t your dad name Roy, boy?

Ain’t no name play here.

You step back you hear?

You come swing dat gear.

Somebody get a strike, boy.

Words have meaning.

Backpack feelings.

You gotta watch your tongue, boy!

His Will Be Done And Sooner Than Later

Pretend you have a tummy ache.

You ain’t doing school.

Pretend you learned to ache alone.

Now, who is the fool?

They say they teach but, teachers listen.

Engage that dull roar and ignore dissing.

Pissing ain’t a contest, it’s wisdom glistening.

These pills hissing.

No pills missing.

My hiss fitting.




I did not find you

The kinda you

Wanted to hide.

Not Hitler, not Stalin… your more

The befallen man. Unlessmeter, wexmight, I’m deadvtobtk

God Swill

She spat out the hard pieces.

Feces, she could eat and

Ate shit all day.

Eating shit was the way

She chewed through the maelstrom

Ate shit daily, then come

The minute that followed

And time had not swallowed

And if time was your friend…

In a minute, she’d teach you

To shit eat to the end.

Your Cheating Heart Can Kill On You

The music, it took them.

Away from the races.

The places

That held them

Contemptibly necessary.

Pieces of a puzzle.

Necessarily muzzled

For their own damn good.

They don’t think you should

Live with free will now.

You will now


What’s that, that you say?

You think it’s okay?

If only today,

They do your thinking for you.

Because you

Thought one day

One day of thinking?

They can have it, okay…

The Saints Aren’t Marching In

Ya, the trumpets blared like

Someone cared but

Few folks cared at all.

None would heed the call.

Law and order

While the border

Fell for one and all.

Another day at the mall.

Raped and pillaged

Every village

That dare fall in their way.

A few come every day.

They don’t come to play.

They’re a new breed

Folks who don’t bleed

For the old red, white and blue.

They do not care for you.

They will do what they do.

No matter what your boo hoo.

It’s back of the line.

Where you’ll be fine.

Doing what conquered do.


You say you would die for me.

I ain’t gonna die.

You say you would hang wit me.

Buddy, I don’t hang.

Cutting this new row

You don’t know

Gard’nin or just an ol dirt mover?

This Hoover.

Sucks everything with no unsuckers

Welcome, you stay away.

I want you over they.

I know it’s bad Ungley but

You started speaking in fackwadery.

The Lord Don’t Pay No Overtime

You don’t have to say you quit.

Don’t show up, be done wit it.

No one really gives a shit

They faking.

They taking.

My word like I meant it.



I ask thee

Do thou now say thou now know how?

To overcome that here and now?

Was impossible!

No damn way!

Shit ain’t happen!

Not today!

But it does, and now you can not play

It off.

Cause there is no off.

Remembering Reality

The magic was here

Long before you.

And magic knows well what you can do.

But you don’t know and never will.

If you believe you have no skill.

And cannot use your force of will

To remember what you can do.

You were born into this stew.

Micro, macro, all the way down.

And up and there and all around.

Simply forget how you are bound

By limitations you have found

So comforting, you’re just like them.

Hanging on average til the bitter end.

Normal, pally, is not your friend.

It’s a cover over all that magic.

He Broke This Place

Remembering dismembering.

Broken bones every year now.

Can’t climb out, it’s a slow crawl.

Kneel, tho’ it hurts,

Because it hurts, so.

You want to cut yourself, ya?

You had enough of the bad, ya?

Forget about all a that glad, ya?

You gonna cut yourself.

You shoulda shut you self.

Here, in this dark room.

All spirits here bloom.

Like there was no doom.

Everyone goes to heaven.


The Bad Good Boy Haters

The dogs knew he was nervous.

The animals felt his fear.

And he was alone in his feelings.

Didn’t know they were here.

In between in-between and

So unseen.

No one notices their making.

Like, Santa Clause loves your baking.

Set it out for his taking.

Now, is it the earth that’s shaking?

Or is it his fear filled quaking?

Is he generating

What he keeps on making?

Or is this another yank on his chain?

Heya Your Looshness

Radios, telephones, and rays of sunlight.

Not too bright.

Just so right.

All clear, right?

Not tonight…

Ray guns and play funs.

It’s being done

To everyone.

It’s a zero sum

To you, transmitter.

To you, go getter.

Spraying dat Loosh,

Like, big splash… sploosh!

Like, gimme dat boost!

Pappa gonna get his man on!

Buddy didn’t get dat joke.

Buddy ain’t doing woke.

He’s a self made man.

Anything he can

He does, an he does it well.

Buddy just gives life hell.

Ya, a self made man.

Doin what he can.

Open them gates of Hell.

Buddy, he knows damn well.

Gates are open,

Buddy’s hopin,

That Lucifer no can tell.

He’s the hungry sort

And a good retort

Might ring ‘ol Lucifer’s bell.

If he don’t, says Buddy, well…

He can make me sick

Where the Loosh runs thick

He can lick me clean

Savor my mean

And let my mean find it’s own damn place now.

Mom, I’m Sick. I Gotta School Ache.

Maybe I wasn’t feeling all that great.

Maybe was a test I could not relate.

Maybe was a test I could not partake.

Maybe Barry is a damn poor student.

Don’t make him lead.

He will disbelieve.

If you give him leave

To do so…

Beggar slides away.

Givem just a day.

He’ll be in to pay

His respects.

Loosh Rock Without Lighthouse Dead Ahead!

The breeze was soft as a pirate’s whisper,

But it drew it’s breath from today.

There was never any doubt that the ship was lost,

As their futures floated away.

They bibbed and bobbed and although

Hobnobbed, they pined for this moment.

This drifting ‘pon the seas.

Them free of dis-ease, fore

The further they look’d

The more they was hooked.

That tomorrow was another day.

Kindly Fuck Off Loosh

Asymptomatic carrier.

Buddy, you got that smell.

Maybe you look like I’m okay

But Buddy, you look like hell.

Listen to loosh, talkin bout loosh.

Buddy, you looshing your mind.

Leavin those gifts so fine.

Neggatves you lay,

Looshers, they prey.

Buddy, keep layin dem ayegs…

You’ll see.

Why I Don’t Advertise This Site

Yes, I kicked that lady’s dog chained to the clothesline.

That bitch tried hard to bite me

Not the lady, but her feed your dog yard lots pooper.

Don’t say you’re going on holidays

Then pull your blinds and stay home.

And who leaves their dog out

When they go vacay?

Critical thought escaped me

Just trying to make a buck.

And neither little Snoopy or the paper boy

Could give a royal fuck.




Before you run amok!

No More White Candy Cigarettes & No More Licorice Cigars!

A kid can’t get a smoke today.

They got phones and phones and phones.

Kids don’t know bout VPN’s.

They’re 3 Dee mapped and bound.

Chipped, we have been found.

Trapped by a little tap

Maybe close your goddamn yap…

Or you’ll wake up on Mount Amazon.

So, Calm The Hellmazonian down…

Can ya?

I Could Hold Your Tail, But I Don’t.

Friends are distant and unseen.

You seem nice and in-between.

I said I’m blue, not so in greed.

I’ve got a bad sign.

Hurting from the old grind.

I’m not a good find.

Hope you disagree.

Then you set me free.

Just Two Languages, English And Universal

Mauly said there were deer in the yard or a sound in the air she had not heard. Or a cat on the deck or a bird on the truck, they hailed to everything they met.

Chase a little truck or snowmobile rider, ruff at crows and who cares you can’t fly?

Matters not why. Inside voice is a voice many don’t have and they don’t wants reply.

Psychopaths Are In Control And Idiots Run The Show

Topsy Turvey is a town near you and maybe a town you live in. People there are not just square, they’re male and not male, protected and unprotected and working from home.

They’re Russian or Ukrainian, black or not black and inflation? What’s inflation?

In Topsy, they mask to protect others and they keep a safe distance and their chefs hump their food to their door.

Lies? Ya, you can tell them some, but not too many lies in one day. In Topsy, couple daze for the old lies to fade. Then keep on your lying because lying’s the way… the way the cookie crumbles in Topsy Turvay.

Hello Loosh Battery

Open up your mind, see what you find and it better not be negative.

Take stock of your killer instinct and that fight or flight instinct beside it. Notice how victimhood is right beside your intent to flee and marching in the streets is a last ditch effort right beside that.

It’s all there, in your foolbox. Every state, every emotion, and every outlook resides just a thought away and guess who does the choosing?

Welp, it should be you but that’s only true if you can realize your genetics, calculate your culture, and wade through society’s corrals of bovine scat adeptly placed to influence your path.

It should be you directing your emotions, but you aren’t the only one interested in your output.

The Loosh Lappers want you bad. As bad and mad as you can get. They want you hopping mad because hopping while mad is a sweet, love you long time Loosh popsicle that lasts for daze.

Don’t feed the tallyman because he’s not headed your way. There’s no fun and games on the high seize and those Looshers can live under water, you cannot, and they will pull you under.

Choose descriptors and emotions that enhance your power and starve the bearers of ill will.

Yes, open up your mind, use what you find to reveal a better you, then snap it closed so none shall pass, and Looshers can kiss your smarter ass!

You’ve Got To Go Bad To Send Bad Vibes

You hate somebody. Or you hate some thing.

Like a rock radio station only beams rock music, hate must be created by a hateful projector. Is that you?

Better to do a 180 and unleash the maximum love you can – for yourself. Someone acting hateful must create hate to propel it. Hate creation is expensive. Takes a lot of energy to whip into existence, blast out, and monitor for effect.

Then bathe in that Loosh, wallow in Sting River and float until the burn diminishes because hate wears off quickly.

Love grows slowly and fades slowly. You will have to learn to hate, to overcome love. Love is born of the hope for increase. Hate is born of a desire for extinction. To extinguish your pain, you must create and end the suffering of others.

Love is in the air. It’s in every sunrise and every sunset, the lapping waves and that gentle breeze.

Bliss is a place worth visiting and from that hallowed place, Hell is visible. Hell – where time is ten times faster and slower. Hell – where it’s chocolate cake for every meal. Hell – where everything is available for the taking, including you.

Hate creation is expensive and loosh lovers have bad breath.

Love lasts for centuries and life lovers smell both the coffee AND roses. Project your love into the Loosh, stay away from Hell and hate and direct much love to yourself.

Get To The Point

The point of your first ten years is to celebrate your life. To feel good, you’re alive!

The point of your teen age years is to overcome the strife. Of knowing you’re alive. And learning how to suffer without crying or denying that the pain that you now feel is about to so reveal your ability to suck up pain not pass it on.

The point of twenties is to rough you up, scratch you with kindness, see how a blindness can break your toes, swallow your woes cause that’s how life goes before thirty.

The point of your thirties is to ensure your flirting with evil gets recognized and have you been baptized by the fire that you started or will the baggage you carted slow you all down some and hey, are the children all watching?

The point of your forties is to find your my lordies, your gurus and glue too’s to follow. Try every character and as you do just beware that none of them are you but forge as forties do, forge toward the glimmer, that spark that spawned between err, that place between all places and you now.

The point of your fifties is reflection, rejection of all that you were. Before you got to here. But here now you see how that time is not numbers or hands on a clock. It’s the pace of our gate and the path that we walk. It’s the times we don’t tock and that tick went unspoken and something awoke and it’s like time doesn’t matter and matter doesn’t time. It’s a time of beckoning, reckoning with right now. Like, holy cow… couldn’t something be different?!

(to be continued)

On With The Show, This Is It!

Never mind the last ten years.

Don’t even bother looking back, I’ll do that for you, and you won’t have to pick any weeds, just have a tomato or maybe a pear…you like pears?

Sure you do! Everybody likes pears!

Anyway, I’m done talking about picking fruit. Now, let’s make some nice fruit salad. M’kay?

Might Be My Last Poem

Ya, Buddy got stiff.

Stiff Person Syndrome.

His eyes cast a shadow of still.

Watched folks sway against their will.

Buddy used their avatar up.

Nothing said but that’s enough.

Finding that diamond in the rough.

Cause finding shit is tough.

Ya gotta pay attention

Not to even mention

You’ve got to see a diamond in the rough.

Buddy Learns Dawg

Watched like a hawk on

A goddamn dock and

Whatsa hawk on a dock, boy?

It’s a sign from Odd.

That very same God.

That beckons to just that few.

Maybe forgot you knew.

On the swirly twirly,

Inna big damn hurry,

You thought you’d sneak though.


Rendered Delusional

Buddy was a real deep thinker.

Deep like a deep well digger.

He thought before he’s thirsty

And thinking, he thought the worst he’d

Then encounter

Were thoughts he found there

Way out the plan.

Flipped off and ran

Their own game

Like they were playing

By their own rules

Ya, the bloody fools

Acted like they didn’t know the plan…

A Mute Black Daughter And Her Incestuous Ginger Brother

Maully was a bitch of a bitch.

Barged in as a kid.

Made chosen seem as if

It WAS her.

It became her.

And chosen then she soon became.

Like chosen was the name of the game.

The chosen one..

Chosen soon become.

The one where chosen run

The game that everyone calls life.

The game where everyone does strife.

The game where worries last all life.

The wise ones close one eye and see

There’s a bigger thy.

One that ye pray to.

One formed of solid glue.

The glue that we all knew

Connects humanity.

One eye for all to see

The other’s closed.

And those opposed

Are ginger haters.

And big debaters.

They’ll argue anything.

Logic is not their thing.

Confirmation bias?

They know the truth, just try us!

They know, my wonderful Bolt.

They know, my sweet, sweet Maully,

My two almost human dawgs,

You’re just one life away,

You know that any day,

We’re doing bugs next.

Howdy Hackers

Buddy always knew people hate his shit.

Maybe little wobbly, canna deal with it.

Maybe take a blue pill

Pay a bitta mortgage.

See a ton of good used shit.

Think about the cartage.

Too much good used shit out there.

Bring ’em all under one life there.

Who gonna bitch or now be square?

This shit’s going to Richie Brothers.

Do Nothing

Buddy had no clue he had no clue

He had no clue.

Didn’t know what to do or what to do.

He could not do.

Ya, he saw the edge that

He thought he really knew.

No breaking through.

What could he do?

He had no clue.

This wasnt new.

He wanted through.

But through, how… who?

His shadow stepped in for him.

Stepped across his real person.

Buddy watched a bitta fearsome

Nothing new came.

Relieved, he let it happen.

And later, as he’s crapping

He opened up his mind

To see what he can find.

And he found this.

When Liars Say

Buddy ain’t pay much note to noise.

Seems like everyone else is poised

Take a liitle trip from those who know.

Shit going sideways, just below

Limen of feeling

There you go.

Now gonna be that someone.

Find those jerks who alla done.

Say you’re stupid.

Say that Cupid

Is particular

And here you are.

Just you and these arrows.