Humanity Insanity

It ran at me but I did move.

I could, I was in no one’s groove.

Once I saw, it now behoved

Me to run away, run away

Run away fast!

Be that first runner

Not the last.

Tell each person as you pass.

Storm is a commin’!

And a commin’ fast!

This is a long storm.

The storm we have been forewarned

Would come this way

If we did not prey

On each other.

Like a mother

To another

When synergy’s all they eat.

Happy Times At The Hurtin’ Parade

No pain killers.

No Phyllis Dillers.

No wish you wellers.

Only urban dwellers.

Who felt like hellers.

They had their druthers.

Sisters and brothers.

None as others.

Sad in the darkness.

They didn’t hark this.

Storm that heads their way.

They live for just today.

A flash then gone away.

No matter what they say.

It’s a hurting damn parade.


There’s an old guy down by the railroad tracks.

Not big on manners and the old boy lacks

The type of piece of mind thats fills in cracks

Of reality gone so wild

You’d think history is a child

Nothing to repeat son.

Now look what you done.

Taken all the big fun

Put us on the steep run

And no one wearing helmets.

Strap on skis and hell bent

Lessons gonna learn but nothing by itself

Lessons off the shelf

Dude has now been dealt

A bad hand

He grand stands

And still nobody listens.

They miss him.

They all were aiming high.

Hunting Jack Jabber

Stabbed a billion people, ya.

No one in the neck.

Stabbed his victims so politely

None said what the heck?!

They all said nothing.

Bared their souls.

And led ol’ Jack

Straight to his goals.

See, Jack, he had them

Right where he wanted them.

None even hesitated

When he discounted them.

Jack was a leader.

Greatest damn believer.

All would be recievers

For jabber, Jabber Jack.

When Buddy Gets His Game On

Don’t get so upset if mister doesn’t call.

He’s got that reputation in the end it all

Makes alot more sense with your back to the wall.

Like droppin’ into dead airspace

But still you take the fall…

Buddy don’t say nothin’.

He just window glaze his look.

Spying something so far out

Philosopher of crooks.

Put this one in your books!

He exits like he wasn’t there

And maybe he was not.

Dimension’s edge winked briefly and

A brief glimpse could have caught

The freedom found


See, Buddy’s gone alot.

All Line Up For The Liars Parade!

Either everyone had a mask

Or none wore one at all.

None were short and

None were tall.

Everyone wore a costume.

Except the clowns who didn’t.

Tho none remarked on the gowns they wore

Curiosity, you must be kidding!

The plain truth wasn’t sitting

Too well with some

They garnered fun

Picking up horseshit at the Liars Parade.

So Invisibly Huge It’s There!

God doesn’t sell shit on his own.

God stays put while you leave home.

You on a bench while god does thrones.

Buddy don’t rep himself.

That shit’s off the shelf.

He won’t even help

Promote him.

With proof so thin

One can’t begin

To sell it.

To hell it

Goes then comes back again.

Ya, he’s your friend.

Unless he’s a she.

I See They See I See

With I’s half shut

They ran amok

The king was on his way.

He’d be here any day!

The walls weren’t high enough.

Their gold wouldn’t meet their bluff.

We love you!

They would say.

And maybe king would slay

Only half of them

They would gladly bend

A knee or ear

With king right here

They’d start back at the end again.

No Goat To Get

There was no cool to lose.

No high road now to choose.

The only songs were blues.

It was hot as hell and

We knew damn well

That the hot was heating up.

No run over for this cup.

The sippers had enough.

Banged on their pots.

Clanged on their pans.

Done, they were, with

Wringing hands.

Done with silly stay put plans.

Their minds were freed and

Though defeated

They rallied and had their backs.

Done with all the cracks

In the system.

Resist and

Resistance rose within them.

The resistors now were christened.

In this brand new way

When a brand new day.

Would rise as they had risen.

Yes, We Are In Heaven But We Just Work Here.

There’s Iraq and a hard place.

They face

The hard race

To that place

Called heaven.


They try, like us, to get in.

But heaven’s closed.

To especially those

Sinners who knock too hard.

In heaven there’s no reward

For giving hard knocks

Or backwards talking.

In heaven, no prize for hard.

A Rising Tide Drowns The Head-In-Sanders

She had a different face for every day.

There weren’t much chance and no damn way

You would ever catch her without her makeup

Cause if you did then lady’d wakeup

A demon hiding deep within her

A little probing would effortlessly stir

Her demon screemin’ to come greet you.

Her demon steamin’ to unseat you.

She seems so harmless!

Wants to greet you!

Then leave you to your wounds.

And just like all the goons

You’ll beg, come save me!

Then that’s the gravy

And you are a big ol’ steak.

T’wasn’t What We Taught

A rock, I caught the very edge of it.

Damn near hit but it saw fit

To ricochet in a brand new way

Set a brand new day

Said it’s fine okay

And none did say

Boy, I see the end of us.

Da Fuhrer Said

When I show my palm like this

My dog sits down.

When I make my palm a fist

My good dog growls.

Then I point to target

The dog begins to bark at

My pointing.


Another not yet bitten.

But soon those teeth will get him.

My dog will be forgiven

He’s doing what I bid him.

Go get ’em boy!

I see his joy

He loves the taste of fear!

That’s why I bring him here.

There’s lots to eat.

And you sure can’t beat

A vast retreat

When I hoist my hand held dog boy.

The Trials Of Lefty

You hit your hand on the goddamn door.

Kicked the damn cat across the goddamn floor.

Kicked up a fuss when you knew there was no

Need to be an ass, but an ass you were.

Acting like you’re the only person who cares

Threatening and frightening your single yard stare.

Sad little baby, everybody’s watching,

Karma down the drain boy,

Ka-ching, ching, ching.

Tearing up the respect.

The little bit you collected

Now hitting reject

For all the good you’ve done.

Now you’re on the run.

You’ve taken all the fun

From friendship.

It’s Always Been You Against The World

That breath you first took.

You took it from the world.

Yes, you gave it back but

That breath came to the world

A little bit different.

It was bent.

A bit like you.

And you came through

That breath.

Like death.

You slip in and

Right back out of here

In every breath

Life and death.

Here and suddenly gone again.

And After Sports, They Played Us All, Each Against The Other.

Television is rigged and

Church is rigged and

Work is rigged

But sports is not and

Lotteries no and

Voting is not

and the economy no

Said ol’ Joe Schmoe and

Joe would know

He’s a cop.

Cops must know cause

There they go just

Busting heads so

People dread to

See the boys in blue.

Those boys wear black and

That cop cracking

Your head might be a girl.

Re-sist and she will hurl

Your arse in jail

Until you hail


Say Goodmorning Avatar

The feet that hit the floor

Are not yours.

Nor the voice that yells at kids

And opens doors.

The ears that no longer hear,

The belly formed of beer,

The nose that you revere,

Are not yours.

You must leave your body.

You do so every night.

For bodies are small

And you are big

So you always take flight.


Grand schemer.

You must take your leave.

Remember, you recieve

Power from your own source

Connect, then in due course

You will see the truth.

You are not JUST you.

You are a good god, you.

Dem Beggars Want Dey Keedz!

You might keep your fat mouth shut.

When they punch you in the the gut.

Bite your tongue no matter what

They stick your head in sand.

You won’t see their plan.

But you could see

You aint free

N you hate me

Even saying it.

And holy shit

Now dey he’ fo’ dey keedz!

Old Guys Straight To The Front Lines

Goddamn trenches were ten feet deep.

Filthy creeping mud walls so goddamn steep

A bayonet stabber could see defeat

If they looked far down in the hole boy.

Nothin’ even close to home joy.

The rats are taking over.

We can hear supplies a commin’!

Then they hit the bloody mortar

And the evening began humming

A slow number from Algonquin

Felt like a full on haunting

As it was.

Yes it was.

Yes it was…

Stop Acting Human

Aliens were at the helm.

Beggars were steering the ship.

When and wherever love was noticed

The aliens destroyed it.

They hacked at hugs.

Iksnayed kisses.

Buddy, don’t show your face!

Here, take a sharpie.

Stab it deep and often.

Then you regain your place.

Here, in society.

There you will quietly

Join the non-human race.

Jesus Give Me Strength To Stand Up Against You

The sons a bitches fought so hard

To take my life away.

Conniving, lying, always trying

Anything to have their say.

But not today Satans.

Not to day.

You’ll have to try harder

To get your way.

Not okay.

To say what you say

We ain’t gonna play

Cause you cheat.

Like An Upside Down Funnel On A Coffee Cup

Life goes up and remembers forward

Starts right there in the ground.

An ant, a worm, a disgusting bug

Buddy, you’ve been around.

And each life time

You remembered up

Like a funnel pointing skyward

On a coffee cup

Life remembers forward and

Life goes up.

Ants have no memory of humans or birds

Can’t remember being a cow and living in herds.

Don’t recall being an alligator

Lawd, we hate to but sooner or later

Life remembers forward

Ain’t no going back.

And life goes up ’til it comes back down

That is just a fact.

YAY! We’re Gonna Go Camping!

One blanket each and a stink filled pillow.

Stop your damn crying, man, it seeds sorrow!

You don’t like today?

Well, you won’t like tomorrow.

Buddy, you need thick skin…

Weathered and wind beaten.

Kicked in the groin son.

Took one and un done.

Unglued and then some

Body gets in the way.

Buddy, he can not stay.

Here, in the moment.

His scary foments.

Peace, ya it don’t mix.

Leaves in a hurry.

Everyone scurry.

Into the basement.

That’s not what he meant.

If buddy said get down now!

When Gods Aren’t Enough

The Lord had a son.

Sent the son-of-a-gun

Sent him down here to run.

But the work he had done

Was never, ever done!

We redid, we redid, we redid it!

But the work wouldn’t stick.

Even laid it on thick!

With lightning and thunder!

Threats of tossing asunder

A bus, any bus, so watch out we did.

And no one did kid


It was all up to luck now.

A Little Bitty Prick Let Me Down

Hey get ready for a space invasion!

THEY are commin’!

You’ll see something!

Shit will blow your mind!

You will then unwind.

Take me to your leader!

Then you’ll greet her

Bow to an Angel.

Listen then you go

Bitch we love you to our death.

We reget

You can bet

Anyone of us who gets

Smart, and sees right through you.

Bossing Authoritarians

The kid wouldn’t listen from

The front of the class.

Headphones in.

The kid was an ass.

But he sure did pass

The hell test, home nest.

He could fight the very best!

A whuppin make ’em hesitate.

Kid don’t wait.

Says it straight.

Then adopts a swaggered gait.

You don’t wanna interact.

Cut some slack

To the fact

Kid is whack.

He seeks striking party.

Goes too far and then he

Doubles back

And just like that

Kid’s at the front of his class.

You’re Only Right Now

Correct, select.

You bet you are right.

You might be right if

Only for one night.

Like the moon has it’s

Own light, only for one night.

The sun, of a gun, is not so bright.

You can fight what is right

But only slightly.

Because nightly.

The moon shines brightly

And you sir, have been hornswaggled.

Watchman On The Titanic

Oh, the wind came up.

Whipped the sea like a horse.

Galloped on it’s last legs

Blew us off course.

The sails tried to drown us.

The sharks on land below.

Circled like they knew we’d sink.

Somehow they seemed to know.

We fell and whirled and flailed about.

Sharks and sailors in this rout.

Fell so fast without a doubt.

We were straight for the bottom.

Smoke ’em if ya gott’em.

Was the last we heard

As the big iceberg

Sent us toward Gotham.

It’s Frightening Out

Buddy did rain.

And snow and sleet.

Buddy did hot but could not keep

His mind screwed on straight

But now of late

To tough to take

A breather.


Deceivers abound.

They were all around.

Ready to say no.

Buddy, you can’t go

Here, they don’t want you.

Want to avoid blue?

Buddy stay mindless.

The people behind this

Want you in crazy.

Maybe get lazy

Soon to be hazy

Were you ever free?

Sorry Hard Workers

Fuck those dugouts.

Goddamn trenches.

Sleeping outside.

Mother drenches

You get in dry clothes!

Wanna get sick?!

Mother drench us in your love.

Tell us all about great things to come.

Tell us just ignore that bomb.

That’s right now.

You know how time works.