I Am That Guy

Jesus, I don’t want to work today.

Can the shit just stay


We’ll end it

With a good, clear glance.

And, by happenstance.

If one should fall,

Then please, just call,

Someone who gives a shit.

Cock Suckers Are The Norm

Who wants a thing shoved in their ass?

Who wouldn’t vote saying I will pass?

Maybe that dude wearing fuck you mask.

That dude flunked outa school.

Buddy, that dude’s a fool.

Won’t change his fashion.

Likely to lash on

Silly motherfuckers who ask him.

Where are you from, dude?

Does that allude to

He’s from nowhere.

Don’t you ever dare.

Ask him a question.

Just one lesson.

Shit doesn’t stay just here.

We know dimensions.

That’s where our friends from.

Better look sideways.

That’s where they play.

Lateral pathway halls.

God, I Love You!

Believers, you are.

And that goes so very far,

To begin that far, far, far… away?

Trek to the motherland.

See if you really can,

Care for another.

Sister and brother.

You are, an also can,

Maybe, just maybe, then…

They do this good thing.

That thing will bring

Closure and holy, sure

Another tomorrow but,

Those with so sorry full,

Feel up the market to

We can not parkit.

Good place to lark it.

Negative feelings with

No in-between-atins

And will we all just float away?

Mister De-escalator

You have a way of screwing things up.

You are a bettor out of luck.

You wear boots filled with muck.

You are the muck that fills them…

You are the man who needs shit done.

You think you are the chosen one.

You shoot blanks from a big ass gun.

You are a joke not funny.

You seek only money.

You live in scarcity, where should he?

Grift another hundred?

See that bed?

You will have to sleep in it!

Be Aware Wolf K

They got people walking around.

Up and down town.

They are the grounds.

Grounds that these klowns.

Send through your neighborhood.

Hooded kids know you could

Pack up your shit,

So they can’t see it.

But you don’t… and

Steal blindness costs.

I Said Don’t Run Away From Me, Kid.

Fuck all, is what you knew, good sir.

You’re gonna get a star!

Hook a steel head,

Bag a big bear.

Mister, you’re walking dread.

But there, in your head.

You love a good time.

That, now is soblime.

Somebody misconstrue.

Killer Safety

Hard hatted and tied off to the yin jang.

Safety started with a big bang.

Mission Zero and similar heros,

Saving no one while countless zeros

All near misses, no en queer oos.

We kill people with our minds.

Un uttered thank yous,

No you cans…

We need help over here.

When The Past Comes Back To Hint You

Buddy! He said.

I remember you.

You were the guy whom did not screw

Me, as a customer,

So long ago.

And me? I remember, Buddy so…

Take back the past.

Haven’t you asked?

Why do I do it?

Why does it do me?

And why can’t so many doers

Wake up themselves and see.

Look where we are headed!

Cliffs are right ahead!

Run like this on the straight and narrow.

Buddy could wind up dead.

Two Dudes Doing It

One guy said to another guy.

Yo dude, you want to do it?

Ya guy said. You okay?

Bra. We, already did it!

We did?! He said. Feeling that dread.

W did, and me, I wasn’t.

When Your Mark & Mine Disappears

This footprint was

And just because

It was.

It wasn’t necessary.

In fact it was not jerry said.

It’s i saw this, and,

Truth be said.

Someone headed to heaven.

I Say I Say

Seven seconds before I write this.

Shit comes to my brain.

Thoughts don’t care, sadly enough,

If I lose or gain.

They just come…

It’s who comes in.

They want in.

Especially in ambitious.

Holy boy…They lick their joy.

God damn…it’s so delicious!

You Can Fuck Right Off

Say you’re not a spook.

Or not my friend, the gook.

You say you just want to play with me.

You say, if that’s free to be,

We should not attention me,

We must listen to you.

To know just what to do.

We must listen to you…?

I don’t think that’s true…

Please Bitch, Please!

You’ve got no right

Just out of spite

To say I am no fixer.

I work these hands ’til blister.

My friends, they call me mister.

But you misread me.

Bitch, belead me…

This shit here don’t fly.

You are not my guy.

We ain’t buds and just because

You wear a ring I gave you.

Permits you not to shoo

Shoo me from my comfort zone.

You’re at home.

You got dawgs who love you!

Me? I’m out here, who you?


Ya you…what you want?

They all flaunt

Their power over me.

I can’t be

A salesman unless they want me to be…

This One Has No Name

Death is what we call it

When someone stops being here.

And deaf is what we call it

When someone can barely hear.

But that’s not there or here.

Time will make if clear.

Not place nor race nor

Speed of pace can

Bend those graced

With love so placed

That all things are seen through it.

When You Fear You Might Fail, Then You Don’t.

Winning is HARD!

Winning is TOUGH!

But losing is hard and

Losing is rough.

Winning takes the piss outa you.

Then fills that piss back up.

Losing kicks the piss outa you.

Then kicks you in the duff.

Sand in your face and

Gritty hotdogs.

Winners? They hog

All the glory!

That’s the story…

Of losers.

On The Tracks Of A Train Called “You R Fucked”

It was hard, so hard…

And it was all uphill.

Never any grub to eat

They just brought the bill.

Complain? What’s that?

And how you go about it?

Quietly, or is it shouted?

And wouldn’t we surely be outed?

As them who cannot stand alone?

Will not make it on our own?

Won’t they throw a dawg a bone?

No. They won’t.

Cause these folks don’t

Don’t believe in sharing.

To them, that would be daring

Happenstance to strike them down.

Put them on their knees.

Then they would be as big as you.

They might be forced to please

A master now beyond themselves.

Then they, like you, would think, oh well…

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles

Life’s a trip so full of stumbles

Fall now with your hands out.

Save yourself.

Don’t ask for help.

Time to tighten up your belt.

Hoist those bootstraps!

Give ’em hell!

Now, you might just make it.

Buddy’s Oh Kay

He’s got a little gig.

A gig on the side.

One inch deep and two miles wide.

Long as the nosies

And him don’t collide.

They stay where nosies stay

Dude stays where he is.

Appendage stuck where it ought not

Their loss is their biz.

That shit doesn’t fiz

The gig master.

Everyone Is Monkey In The Middle

His phone went blank.

The keys to his bank

They all said thanks,

But no thanks.

You’re not who you were.

There’s no number there.

Which corresponds with you

And if that is true.

What can you do?

You’re just a number.

Name Your Name

This little bastard loved himself.

Loved himself!

Loved himself!

Act like a giant and an elf.

He felt swell.

Happy as hell!

That little bastard, he did well.

He could sell.

He knew himself and he knew damn well.

He was a good guy.

Won on his first try.

Winner call ‘im, no lie.

Buddy was riding that train.

Making that ride, tickets inside,

Riders want to ride again!

Buddy, he has to refrain,

From shouting out loud


We can make us King for a day!

All Plans Are Made Of Shit

Something stinks about a calendar.

Like the numbers don’t add up.

The days don’t rhyme

The months don’t match

People have had enough.

We oughta go back

To writing on sand.

That’s where our plans work out.

And if they don’t

Nobody knows.

Nothing to scream or shout.

Just takin’ each day as each day comes.

No one needs to lose their cool.

Them who are angry bout this or that

Let ’em spout like that fool.

The fool who believes

That shit works out

It does, but thanks to no plan.

Cause when it works out

Just as imagined

Only one guy got a plan.

Think Of Me Little, Not Little Me.

Where Earth bleeds, man’s needs

Are met with great abundance.

Do the fun dance!

Maybe Sun dance.

See you now prance

Like you know somethin’

Or you bin humpin’

Rocks all day

Just to say

See that pile?

My oh my oh!

I moved that to day!

I piled rocks, okay?!

No one gonna sway

How I feel

About this deal.

Let them squeal

On the in-side

I decide

My contenders.

The Fourty Year Head Shot

Kenedy, they killed in a damn parade.

Splattered Jack’s brain with a Don’t! so engraved.

Everyone knew that no one was afraid.

They will knock your block off.

Flight 800 with rockets!

FBI no talk offs.

Shit will hit no fan.

You will burn not tan.

Honesty has no policy.

It will not be paid.

Honesty as a policy?

Po-little-co to grave.

You want a headstone?

Shot at the big throne?

You gotta suck some cock!

Buddy, this ain’t no walk

On your kinda cake.

The path you take

Goes a way, way, waay… ’round here.

Heyzeus Save Me!

You can’t swim.

Why you a swimmer?

Why you let simmer

A life that is dimmer

than a light house.

Where bouts

You living?

Got Fam?

Buddy knew he had no friends

Who made amends

Who now pretends

That they have friends aplenty.

Who seldom get so cunty.

Say, you’re a twit.

And, to think of it

You might qualify for re-tard.

Cause, you’re yard…

Don’t go to your house.

When You Wish Upon A Swish

You own you and

To stay true

You be you…

Plus kaizen every day.

Not What You Ordered

Spaggetti in a pizza pan.

French fries on the barbie.

Had they gone too far he,

Mused out loud and heard him, too

Was others like him, they’d been through

This storm coming. No umbrellas.

That’s because of

That shit bends in a hurricane.

Bit insane.

And temperature bends to reason.

The War On Screens And Dial Tones

He was screwed, you might say

And yes, just today

He was hooped way more than was normal.

There were hints though they seemed so informal.

Nobody said we will all wind up dead.

They were safe in their heads

Without any dread

So what lay ahead

Had no bearing.

They were wearing

Their hearts on their sleeves

Still, no sign of reprieve

From the thunder of wonder

Where did we come from?

What has been undone?

And why can’t we see to tomorrow?

Life Sucks On Suckers

Who does well?

The rich!

Who thinks life’s a bitch?

You twitch.

You twitch because you know

That life is gonna flow

Like a bed and you’re the river.

So giddy-up and give ‘er!

Paddle like a crazy man

Up your creek of shit.

Turn up your nose at malodor

That smell that doesn’t fit

With Made In Heaven

Shit you’re living

Sense has left your town.

Now you drift around.

Never you depth sound.

Deep six and you’re mark twain.

The Lord Can’t Help

There’s a line you must not cross.

Avoid at any cost

Crossing that line, thinking I’ll be fine.

You won’t, and you’ll be lost.

That wolf right there.

Smiling in that chair.

I say don’t dare

Run with him.

He’s a sinner, boy

And he takes great joy

Hearing little girl screams

When the screaming seems

To be streaming from a big boy’s mouth.

How’s that sound come out?

That wolf, he is so curious.

Your Best Parasites

They’re not going to kill you.

Not gonna drink your blood.

Gonna tickle you with kindness.

Hit you with a flood

Of shit so good, you’ll shit your pants.

That’s when they send the shit eaters.

And You can’t do that! neithers.

They’ll stop you in your tracks boy.

They’ll say them tracks ain’t yours.

Read to you from The Riot Act

Get you on all fours.

Then the cud suckers will kick your ass.

They don’t take no names.

Sucker punch your liver spots.

Suckers playing games.

They just suck, boy.

Boy, they suck an you know what?

They can’t didge or dodge.

Up only, because

Shit only flows downhill, boy.