Who Wins Wars?

Bullets cost money and

Bullets cost lives and

Pull that trigger and

Someone thrives

And they care not

Who shoots or who dies.

War must be, no wonder whys.

Mamas send their babies

Trading lives for lies.

Lying that they die so proud.

Singing anthems with the crowd.

Crying then is not allowed.

You bite back your pain.

Nothing to be gained.

By saying war is hell.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Doof?

Untouched, they missed the Flynn Effect.

Headed downhill, going like heck.

If they don’t slow down, they will surely wreck.

Not one of them gives a shit doh…

They know not what they know doh.

And none shall dare

To ask just where

They’re headed, they just go.

And fast, there is no slow.

Life sucks but they just blow

Right through the stop signs

Warnings? No time!

Out the way!

They cannot play…

They got shit to do!

Kicking The Shit Outa Boris Badenov

Dude was a pansy.

Skin so soft with hands he

Would not use for work.

Oh no, that shit he’d shirk.

A well dressed man

With a smart dresser tan

And a wife who’s a fan

Of monay.

And today

It’s spies on a mission

So don’t you be dissin

Good dressers who be kissin

Every damn mirror they see.

Plasmastic Dreams

Oh man, you said some shit.

You said some shit last night.

Some of it was right.

Some was outa sight.

Some was not so bright.

Some was kinda trite.

Me? I didn’t bite.

I stayed outa sight.

Listened to my wife.

I want you home tonight.

She don’t need the fright.

I came home alright.

Maybe out of spite.

But I came home.

The Warts Of Worry

Things have a way of working out.

Said the blind man to the tramp.

Ain’t all crippled or gibbled up.

Life’s a pain but just a cramp.

You can walk it out.

You can talk it out.

Life will listen to your fear.

Life will paint that fear

In a scene so dear

It will find you here

Life will dissappear

And leave you hanging.

Reality Is A One Horse Town

So you think you know

How the big life goes

But you haven’t stuck your toe in the water?

Maybe you knew but forgotten.

Shit outside smells rotten

Compared to your dreams

Nice, it now seems

Is nowhere in the mix.

It’s nothing you can fix.

Take a deep sleep breath

And take a wild, wild guess

Who will still be wrong tomorrow.

Good Fear Bad Fear

You say no you cannot do it.

Strapped in fear shoes they fit.

They will run you straight into heaven.

And straight to hell if you allow them.

But run you must just

Don’t do ragged.

Purveyor of dread.

Take a step back from the edge, boy.


They found a wood tick

On a planet ya

And the damn tick

She had kids.

And them damn kids, they had kids.

The planet shook

And all ticks took

The shaking to mean making

Plans to reduce the shaking.

Altering maps they made.

And beliefs so grave

They suck the life inside from all them.

Welp, We Did It!

Pa sometimes thought

He’s a fuckup.

Pa was talking bout me

But pops didn’t see

That me set free

Can do some shit.

I can win a bit.

When luck sees fit.

A prepared man

Who knows he can

Read reality

Knows for sure that he

Creates with his mind.

God’s hands shaping time.

Then purpose unwinds.

Dissolving the binds

That often inclines

Do gooders by whines

To toss in the towel

While they holler foul

Like reality harbors intention.

When Worry River Rises

They were right down there in the water.

Bright clothed like they oughta

Want to be rescued

But no, it’s fuck you.

You old fuck know nothing.

It’s Your God Given Right!

Buddy had a god and Buddy’s

Friend had a god but

Those two gods fought

And Buddy got caught

In the muddle

In a puddle.

Rain coming so down.

Buddy’s dripping clean clown.

Now he don’t like the circus.

Morale Was The Gold They Were Digging For But The Silly Diggers Dug Right Through It

Good humor, he said, was paramount.

It was the bedrock of what came next.

Toil, they could, like normal men

But they couldn’t cause they were hexed.

Cursed from birth by their freedom gene.

Their genes wouldn’t let them go.

And genes don’t ask, they tell you boy

Exactly how life will flow.

Drown you so fast, pull you right down.

Genes are running this show.

So there you go boy.

A Hundred People And Only One Story

There were limo driving spies

With windows made of eyes

Say the wrong thing here

And Pally, have no fear.

Youll hear it every year.

Like a warped hillbilly cheer.

And ya, it’s kinda weird.

An octopus with many mouths

But only got one ear.

He Said Don’t Call Me Tomorrow Today Cause You’ll Be Reaching Back In Time

Try not to think about it.

It doesn’t need your thoughts.

Please stop every imagining.

Those if, and maybe nots.

It’s a littered landscape, Boss.

You won’t know what you’ve lost.

You gladly pay the cost.

It’s dad gum deal

Even if you feel

Drag a match on a camel’s box.

This Shit Is Real

That rock that flew by

Thrown by that guy

That rock so close to deadly

Was not real.

See, the rock that did not hit me.

Was not of this reality.

If it was, and I was faster

It would have hit me.

Don’t Make Me Word You

Do you know the word of the lord?

Then hesitate please

God says you’re in the game now.

Stay Human. Stay!

The aliens are a tricky bunch.

They work facts and we work hunches.

They love loosh, live it a bunch.

Want a little war with your pain?

Doesn’t it seem insane?

Connect the dots and

See just how they got us.

Baby it’s reining pain!


Holy cow, it’s so easy

When life is so breezy

To see gain, avoid pain.

Make off like a bandit.

No wondering, stranded.

Some station, no fuel.

Feel like a fool.

No friends in that pool

That somebody now have to dive in.

Where does humanity thrive then?

We get so rich

Doesn’t anyone bitch?

Like, how do we do.

How do we do right by them?

You’ve Got This

No problem, you say.

And I say okay

Then you go your way

And I’m alone.

Alone, like I should be.

I guess, if it could be

Different, it would be

But God doesn’t know me

And this shit’s gotta happen today!

Dude Said Magic But I Saw Tricks

It was a bait the switch thing.

See what for brings.

Pappa gonna make them dance.

Shit is so good, there’s no chance.

They will ever find out

This is a huge rout.

Distraction the caption

On all interaction

Directing reaction

So you’ve got the facts then

Now you make a fool of yourself.

Whisper This

He said I don’t know if I should tell you this.

You might dismiss it

As fantasy

But can you see

I am a serious man.

I have a serious plan.

You are in it so

Do not spin it.

The plan won’t turn

Try and you’ll burn

Precious energy

Exausted, you will see.

I am a serious man.

Handbaskets In Hell

They were looking for treasure

To bring back the pleasure

Of searching and finding

To replace this grinding

Of tissue and bone

They were all on their own

Standing shoulder to shoulder

And no one was bolder than

His shoulder comrade.

And tho they were sad

They smiled through their sorrow

There was always tomorrow

Where hope lives

And hope gives

A wee bit of reason

To maybe be pleasing

Lucifer and Satan

We meet at the gate then

Call out to enter and

Lacking dissenters

Beelzebub leads us to hell.

Know Both Sides

The circle has an outside

And an inside, too.

Choose one side and you can do

Anything there, on that side.

But the circle knows

You won’t collide

With the other side.

Cold air in the atmosphere

Thin skin ‘tween you and pain.

You are safe on the inside.

That skin is on a plane.

Metal saves you from the deep.

Safe inside you live and sleep.

Outside warns, if you come, we’ll keep

You here, in the deep, blue sea.

Outside, he was a pleasant man.

Tipping his hat, waving hello friend!

Inside tortured an angry fraud.

Fiercely hating every God.

Spare no child by swinging rod.

This world’s upside down.

Outside man’s a clown.

At least he makes him frown.

And he won’t say good day! to the neighbors.

Yer Not Like Me

Yes, I brought you into this town.

But you’re a clown.

And no circus.

Think we are here to just jerk us?!

From one reality to the next?

You bin hexed.

An tryin’ to put the spell on us!

You Got To

Say what you have to.

Even if you don’t like it.

Say what you have to

Even if they could give a shit.

Get it out your system.

It will cause you grief.

Tumble up your tummy ya,

You will get no sleep.

Leave it, believe that,

It will go away.

Let it go today

And it will go.

I Lend Myself To You

Respect, I can give without losing a bit.

Some left over

What to do with it?

Same with love

And God above.

There’s alot.

Alot to give.

Sure, Take The Emotion From Life.

Buddy was a robot.

He got

Into no trouble.

He had a double.

Every robot was the same.

Learn the game.

And act artificially intelligent.

Raising Cain

Would not listen and would not

Would not.

We caught

Shit from the get-go.

Even though

We were simply bystanders.


In this stream of reason.

In this hurtful season.

We suffer quietly

Even tho he

Mutters to us.

Urging us

To think like him.

Without a whim

To buddy’s absent knowledge.

De Anger Director

Holy shit, he could choke the shit

Out of that fucking twit.

That twit who gives a shit

Bout those who care.

And then how dare

You say you care

When you were never there!

But you were everywhere


You selfish goddamn prick!

You’re in the thick of it

And I hope that growing greed

Chokes you out.

That’s Good And Bad

The cows didn’t know that

The pigs didn’t know that

The chickens didn’t know that

The farmer didn’t know that

The banker didn’t know that

The mayor didn’t know that

The king didn’t know that

God doesn’t run this show.