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Handcuffed god I’m glad I watched that vid. Cracked up here in this blur it Musta rocked someone sees that I bin Captured going down in this Shit storm in a big form. So forewarned We drain stormed And, buddy, we cleaned them out. Mister you have no doubt. We rocked them hard.

Nobody Let Us

Fuck anybody whom says we can’t. And fuck them naysayers saying we shan’t. I will say If it’s okay If today’s The only way Forward.

Canon Was His Me

He went off like two dogs Playing in the moonlight. Nothing there was too bright Do you have a ticket? Will you traverse thicket? Block a call and click it? Are you all alright now? Sick of how We tally up the numbers? Now you feel encumbered? Hiding and then huntered? You and yours now […]

There! Heard It Again!

Buddy wouldn’t listen and Neither would he Pay any mind to Is Buddy free? To choose and lose and Too much booze and Let’s go cruising No sense losing Our way out here now. We got lost on a one path trail And no one strayed cause we’re too frail All set their sights on […]

God Doesn’t Laugh

Humor has a side effect. It affects both top and bottom. Causes wretching and end of speech. So tell jokes if you got ’em. God, he’s heard them. Every joke. So God ain’t laughing. Poka yoke. Now the joke’s On you.

The Opportunity Man

Blind as a bat. To risk and all that. Buddy went head first. Hard til his dreams burst. Thought he was so cursed But Buddy couldn’t see. The key to to his freedom. All good and then some Thing would happen Then Buddy scrappin’ Fears keep a lappin’ They want him bad. Need Buddy sad. […]

Praise The Lord For Covid

I’d be so screwed. More than I am. If it wasn’t for this covid scam. Thank you, man. Please don’t be Satan. But if you are, then you’ll be waiting For payback, a long time. Oh right… you don’t do time.

I Work For The Goddamn Man, Man!

On Monday he worked highways. Tuesday… ? Entertainment. Wednesday, like every other damn day. Buddy worked in Containment. Arrangement. Buddy worked hard for infrastructure. Suit shilled for religion. Buddy, he works whatever damn plan. Thursday, it’s pill prevention. Friday, flying high for airports. Saturday, shushing kids at a busy daycare. Sunday saving souls for collection. […]

The Year Of The Vax

They were nice as hell but I knew damn well It wasn’t going to last. Shit was changing fast. It was all about my past They said. If I don’t listen up I’m dead. And I can’t wear a mask Instead. And shit is bad, it’s now Code red. If you can feel, then Feel […]

The Knew Normal

Ten damned children Playing in the park. Know they are damned Cause it’s so close to dark! But there are the damned Living like a lark. Didn’t their moms and dads Teach ’em ’bout the bads? Tell the girls and lads You’re attracting bad! By staying out too late! You’d all be acting great If […]

And Please Pass A Stupid Test

Deep they peered into buddy’s eyes. Asked him what wherefore and many whys. Gave him the answers and too many tries. Buddy couldn’t get shit straight. Buddy’s pie was only half baked. The curious couldn’t take it. Gave him the bums rush. Ya, made a big fuss. Buddy spewed love like cupid. Prosecutors saw stupid […]

Give Us This Day Our Daily Dread

He was one foot tall But not that small When it came to his size of alive. He lived large without any striving. He thrived on the little things. Watching and listening and Seldom out loud. His head he bowed To a smaller god A tiny god He couldn’t gets his paws around him. His […]

Gof Aster

Five guys died on the Hoover Dam. Then ten, then twenty and Good goddamn! A hundred damn men In the Hoover Dam! Believed in a dream that Consumed alotta man. Man after man after man after man! Turn on your toaster cause You damn well can. But… A hundred more men, Buried at a dam […]

When Touche Shat My Pants

Touche was minding his bizness When Bolt entered the room. They hadn’t noticed each other And when they did then BOOM! Touche bolted and Scared Bolt. Bolt scared Mauly. Mauly scared me and Someone shat my pants.

The Zero Dilemma Prisoner

He was right as rain. He was in no pain. He was ready to make them squeal. They were ready to make a deal. He was going to make them feel Skins of an onion. Pears that are no fun. Good that comes undone No one wants a bite. Some are fulla fright. They come […]

The Bullshat Path To Success

You are afraid of the Boogeyman And the Boogeyman is you. Can’t escape your fear It’ll find you here. No matter what you do. What if you fuck up? What if you destroy? What if what you’re chasing Is a damn decoy? Would that be a ploy To bring out the boy In a game […]

If Jeffrey Epstein And John McAfee Try To Kill Me

Don’t look for footprints Fingerprints, carpet fibers. No special rope knots or Casts of tires. No investigation of blatant liars. You gotta look at the truth. Bin hunting me since my youth. Long hair kick me outa my troop. Coulda bin a good soldier with long hair. Marchin’ lead good boy budday don’t care. Then […]

Send In The Ambassadors

They were way too smart To nail their hats straight on. T’was foregone conclusion They would employ sound. Fierce wind whistling the howling sky Would warn hat wearers Don’t even try! To remove your headwear! Don’t ever go there! The sun will fry your skull! With pain so great you will Beg for forgiveness… Then […]

They Signed A Non-Disclosure About The NDA

There wasn’t much to talk about. When everyone had their say. There were polite hellos And hey, nice car! And isn’t this a wonderful day? And how are you I’m okay! And saying this many ways. So it doesn’t get boring. No one wants waring Ideas and thoughts or dirty talking. Ignore that filthy mouth! […]

There’s A Great Big Leak In The Engine Room

Buddy was a tall drink. A cool glass of water. But Buddy’s gums flapped a little too much. Way more than they ought to. Buddy couldn’t help it. His lips would not be still. Was like his tongue was someone else’s He seemed to lack the will To close a pie hole. How can’t he […]