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Just A Side Note To My Captors

John Mcafee killed himself. Tattooed himself to death. Touted concepts so outrageous Caused them much regret. We shall avenge no debt. It’s all even. John be leavin’ His mark on this game. Shit is not the same. And like John said. If he winds up dead. John Mcafee killed himself.

Asshole As A First Language

Tons of people are tough talkers. They’re all about competition and getting theirs first. Ain’t enough for everyone and why not pile a million potatoes up? Who gives a rat’s petunia if the spuds rot under their own weight. Screw collaboration. To hell with synergy. Fuck the long view. Standing on the shoulders of clients… […]

Banks Give Two Shits And One Is Not For You.

Mama sent Billie to the corner store. The beggars were outa bread. Billie said, Mama, I had to pay anyway! That’s what the storekeep said. Paying for bread when there ain’t no bread?! Mama couldn’t figure like the storekeep did. She paid and breadless Billie came home…   Will that be cash or charge? The […]

Laws In The State Of Obfuscation

You can lie a wee, wee bit. But not too much. You can say that there’s a Santa. When there’s no such. You can say that voting counts. You can say as pressure mounts That you never promised shit! Had nothing to do with it! If they don’t shaddapp you’ll quit! Then get something On […]