Shit Eaters

Maybe you live

More than once.

Maybe you died

Thanks to cunts

Taking your life

Against your will.

Maybe you’ll come back

Many times still

If you come back

As a fly

You’ll eat shit

And you won’t ask why.

That Feeling Of Throwing Out

Welled up inside him

Could not stop it.

Swallowing won’t work

Air has no profit.

Listen, just drop it!

Stop it

From coming up

Coming out

Don’t say today please

Don’t tease me with pleasantries

Hit me with the question

Have I learned my lesson?

Or is sombody taking my space?

Believe In Things Not People

A car is worth money.

A house is too.

Those two things are

Worth more than you.

You are just a person.

Persons need to eat.

Persons cost money

And you can’t beat

Money out of persons.

They have no value.

Maybe sell their car

Or their house, what have you.

But people, on their own.

Ain’t worth shit.

Don’t believe me?

Try to find it.

Ask them the question.

What are you worth?

They’ll look to their left

Cause adding up hurts.

My house, my car.

My record collection.

Tough to put a value

On stuff, I reckon.

But that’s my value.

Houses and cars.

Not fantasizing jellyfish

Wishing on stars.

Just A Side Note To My Captors

John Mcafee killed himself.

Tattooed himself to death.

Touted concepts so outrageous

Caused them much regret.

We shall avenge no debt.

It’s all even.

John be leavin’

His mark on this game.

Shit is not the same.

And like John said.

If he winds up dead.

John Mcafee killed himself.

Hiding Like A Citizen

I know we don’t stop

At Stop Signs no more.

No need to see ahead

So boring!

Maybe a minute wait

Go touring.

A tour you don’t want to be on.

Baby it’s about our freedom.

The best come down from the blasted sky.

We all get burned but none ask why.

Baby, we all are burned, let’s cry

Our eyes out baby!

Our eyes out baby!

Lookit it’s crazy!

Our eyes out baby…

The Ginormous Covid Wall

I will speak for you mom.

I will tell what they have done.

But I won’t tell them

On the run

Thankful that I have no one

To blame but this great wall.

The crash, I saw it all.

The mindless, standing tall

Of them, there is no call

To hate the Germans.

Seelmanns, Hermans.

The Japs must die

Don’t question why

Just grab that rifle

A boot to stifle

All peeps of resistance.

They will keep their distance

Or bayonets will change their mind

They will see we’re not the kind

Of monster we know them to be.

Yes, bayonets will set them free.

Those enemies of right.

Anything But Golden

A little strip of paper.

And elastic bands.

Closed so many mouths

And tied so many hands.

Emptied out a billion heads

Kicked out common sense.

Neighbor hated neighbor

Bitches got all bent

So outa shape

You could not tell

From hell or heaven sent.

They would not relent.

Tiny strips of paper.

Stole their mind away.

Saw a smile

Uncovered lips

You’d hear the beggars say

Where’s your strip of paper?

You’re not welcome here!

Just a strip of paper

Will assuage all our fear.

Without that strip of paper

You can’t see me here.

I had no strip of paper.

Or elastic on my ears.

But now the mindless minions

Were changing all the gears.

And silly is as silly does.

Lord we’re wasting years.

For a goddamn strip of paper.

Dreaming At Nightmare Ridge

Oh, they started so early.

Demanding and standing

Ground, with no ground

To stand on.

Flailing about with all of that clout

Chopping off most hands at random.

Lord, we could barely stand them!

But, there were too many

And if he had a penny

For every son a bitch he knew.

His boat, she’d be sinking

And sailors be thinking.

He skuttled that good ship for loot.

The Silly Fuck Pandemic Is Contagious So Watch Out

Smokey balls and tall hats

Shiney robes and all that

Magic water, on your knees.

Listen, chant, and after he’s

Spoken to a god, please…

Open up your heart and wallet

Perpetrate a crime but call it

God’s work, in Jesus name…

Are you fuckers all insane?!

Without The Edge

The outside has it’s limitations.

They look right back at you.

They’re closing in

Coming at you fast.

There’s nothing you can do.

But get inside.

Stay safe way in.

Step closer to where you are

Not been.

Get to where no sight has seen.

Inside, where you’re safe.

Hello Code

You are a program.

A one wheel cycle.

Circadian, ultradian.

You read your own bible.

Laws made by King You.

Deecrees by Lady Luck.

You’re driving in the passing lane

But you ain’t pass no buck.

Cause you now give two fucks.

This wrong is right

And here, tonight.

The volume screams tomorrow.

Shadows For Sale Or Rent

Stick with the original story.

Tomorrow, you be sorry.

Sorry you met them.

Had words with them.

They will make up stories.

Don’t Plead Guilty If You Ain’t

They ask.

Are you guilty?

You say no.

You say yes then

There you go.

On a new path.

You don’t know.

You’ve never been there

Deep breaths, slow.

Slow your breathing.

Now, start seeing

They hurt guilty.

One and all.

Plead you guilty

You will fall

Into a grinder

You won’t find there

Mixtures making freedom.

They want you to see some

Penance, you shall suffer.

Your Keys Are Lost And Your Mind Is With Them

Pick the right key

And the lock is picked.

Choose the right road

And reality, tricked,

Will grant you riches of a hundred men.

Pick you right up and then again

Bring you back down

Back to earth.

Riding in that limo

Some call a hearse.

Exit Same As Entrance

Mama you’re going home.

Your brothers and sister

Remember? You kissed her?

And then your sister went her way.

It wasn’t the best, okay?

But it’s just a play and

Mama, you say

It is what it damn well is.

Mom, Don’t Phone The Cops.

Nine one one, nine one one.

Someone’s mind is on the run.

Someone has come all undone.

Now they’ve taken all the fun

Outa livin by yourself.

Now you went and dealt

Us a losing hand.


Don’t phone the cops.

You do that tops

The list of No Can Do

Cause they’ll take you


Love So Many People

Yes, l could hate her.

She didn’t know my name.

She didn’t know I came.

To see her.

One time I was part her.

A big part now, I saw just how

She argued for her weakness.

I sat there keeping speachless.

That pie hole closed, well,

I supposed that game would make

A place for me.

I would then be free

To make a brand new path

Without her wrath.

Pretending I don’t love her.

If You Stay In Your Body

You’re not going to heaven.

You won’t know dimension.

You’ll come back again.

And again and again.

If you stay in that body.

The Non Tinkers

She was right as rain.

In no pain.

Ready to gain

Full function.

Good lady had no gumption.

Blind like a bat

Who forgot that

Her sound wave sense had left her.

She was done listening

As the sweat beads, glistening

Slowly crept from her brow.

She was sick so hard and how

Did the good lady get here?

Her mode wasn’t all clear

But she had no fear

Her governors would protect her.

She didn’t know they’d forget her.

They were all about process.

They would not address

The fact she just bit a bullet.

They would not admit nor pull it.

It was in her now

She would go how

Ever the vaccine took her.

Working Witches

She could spell happiness

And hope and forgiveness.

She cast so many elements

Blessings into this

Soup called life

Or bread or potatoes

Doesn’t really matter

Where they go, she goes.

Into the air now, into your lungs

Hands toward heaven

Happiness runs

Courses through see stems

You want to play.

And shit doesn’t wear off

After only one day.

It’s with you.

It is you.

Whaddya say?

Thank you Dee Dee.

Fooler Mom

Bitch you really got me good.

Hood winked me every time you could.

I dangled there like you knew I would.

I slew all your enemies.

Even if they were friends to me.

You got me so damn good.

Papa tried to warn me.

My mind could not see.

What a twisted bitch you were.

And mama you do not care.

Use me like a weapon.

Get all that you can.

Bitch you got me good.

Wise Ways

A trap he saw

Where none exists

So he tread lightly

In starts and fits.

Courage now, he must resist

Running to beat high heaven.

No traps back where he bin.

None to the left.

None to the right.

Some traps, he knew, came out at night.

But those weren’t the traps that delivered fright

It was traps of the mind, they were there alright.

Day or darkness

They were part of this

Plan to bring him down.

Those traps were all around.

Right inside his thinking.

When Jones Fell

On the front lines

There are those times

Where the enemy is within.

There’s no place to begin.

So you buckle down

Damn torpedoes frown

On sites set too high

You’re not that guy

Don’t ask now why

The sky, she falls

And all cat calls

Miss the mark cause

You are them and they now.

A Place Without Gods

The king decreed

Everyman seethed

At the notion there be no god.

Not here, ruled the monarch.

Not today.

Maybe god returns

Another day but

Today god stays away.

King said

And he waved his arms in a pathway


By the forces at kings call.

Bells rang out and the boys with clout

Flailed all about

While the throngs pushed back around them.

But the boys, they were ready

And hard stare steady

Batons cracked the air and blows colored hair

With blood not reining from god.

Men were stuck knee deep in the sod.

Nowhere to kneel

They began to feel

The king was right

They could keep up the fight

But god wasn’t here today.

In Will Valley

Roaming in the wild

Where the big wills play.

You better make your mind up

Or they’ll have their way

With you boy, man, woman or child.

Roamin’ with the big wills

In the Valley of the Wild.

They Made The Neighbors Squeal

Dial six one one and

Call someone.

The neighbors having visits.

They don’t know what it is.

They just know that this is

A time for lonely.

You stay homely.

Sick and die on your own.

You don’t leave your home.

You’re diseased, my friend.

You can see the end.

The edge has come to find you.

The Second Death Of Mama

Mom you die

And die and die.

No one knows how much you die.

Life, you question even why.

Why life must be dying.

You wake up you’re crying.

Maybe mom, be trying

To see your all-go-rythm.

Killin’ Mama

You died slow like

One day at a time.

And a death that slow

Ain’t no damn crime.

In fact, when time is on rewind.

You’ll find you’re in heaven.

You will be forgiven.

Just you don’t remember.

You were always there.

All this here

Is make believe.

There was never any need to grieve.

You will remember heaven.

You Can Be Someone Else

I wish

I wish

I wish I was

Someone else not just because

Someone else is better than me

Or someone else can better see

The faults and talent

I can’t see.

Tho evident to them

Not me.

And so I pray

One day to be

That someone else

I too, can be.

The Day Mom Died

Mom didn’t die

The day she died.

She ate a pill

Said open wide.

Then her good life

And death collided.

They didn’t know they met.

There was no regret.

Just, hello Reaper.

Mother’s keeper.

You old sneaker

Skulking up behind her.

Death, we knew, would find her.

Said, don’t be so damn kind sir.

Don’t go quietly to that night.

Resist now with all your might.

Mother, now’s the time to fight.

Fight us for your very life.

Fight us for the right

To lose your mind

So damn unkind.

To die while still alive.