He Took The Shrooms And Then The Shrooms Took Him

Two big pieces of apple pie!

What a guy!

So, so fly!

Says hello when he means good bye.

Never says what he means.

So many in-betweens.

The space between lines is for reading.

If you’re no reader, use feeling.

Feel the words you may produce.

Feel them up and then reduce

Your you print.

Your short stint.

Your brief glint.

Now back into the sun…

Constant Peripheral Vision

The corners of his mouth hung high.

Some would call it smiling.

Course, they’d be defiling


For it was plain to see.

His knack for fakery.

Extended to the faint of heart.

Whom took no part in

Discerning artwork.

And he was a master painter…

Why… Mister Always Promoting?

Something about your pie hole.

Continuously flapping.

Cupping strange feet way in said hole.

Can’t stop it from happening.

Braggart for others.

Makin’ their mothers

So damn proud.

Your mother’s head bowed.

Hurting for her son.

Whose come undone.

Can’t even close his pie hole…

Night Terrors

He thought it was the booze

When the sun went down

But the damn trouble started

Once the booze was gone.

Nothing now to blame it on.

Slowly, it began to dawn

It wasn’t the booze.

T’was him…

They Cannot Stress Enough

Work so hard.

Gotta pay that rent.

Nevermind your insides

Or how rent makes them bent.

Wake up artificially.

Alarm, alarm, alarm!

Knocking back a hit or two.

Can’t do nobody harm.

You go with the swarm.

In which you have been born.

And you don’t touch the fence, y’hear?!

When The Truth Comes Out

People are stupid.

That’s what they think.

Teatotalers pretending

Like they never drink.

They will raise a stink.

If they’re on the brink.

Of someone finding out

What they really think.

People are stupid.

That median below.

Where they gonna go?

But up.

Actual Product May Vary

Put your best foot forward.

School clothes on.

Color that hair.

No wood bare.

Side with the Joneses.

Get a horny car.

Don’t forget your makeup.

You know who you are.

Not a shining star.

You don’t go that far.

Nothing is what it seems.

They Torture

A ten o’clock meeting.

And one fifteen.

Stick a little lunch meet in between.

You record the minutes.

Be the president.

Authorize a budget, get the money spent.

Track your inventory.

Pay outlandish rent.

Wear a suit and tie.

You’re the only guy

Can make this time bomb tick.

Shakin’ hands and winding watches.

Make you so damn sick.

You are tired of it.

You want them to quit.

But they won’t.

Same Circus, Different Town.

He waved and smiled and said

He didn’t do it.

You ain’t pinnin’ this one on me.

He said I have bent backwards.

I’ve twisted and tumbled.

I am locked, I can never be me!

They said this is you, now.

This now is you.

A lifetime of acting is how you get through

This story, this fable.

The old you’s unable.

From behind the curtain.

From somewhere so certain.

This workshop.

Where they pop

A movie a minute.

And you are stuck in it.

It’s a short play.

Opens each day.

So do it your way,

In costume.

The Minuses

She took away her takeaway

Everyway she could.

Every day she would.

From her filthy neighborhood.

Drag dead carcasses where she went.

Smelled like hell and ten times bent.

All on red, roulette the rent.

Fly in an ice cube.

Pickle tasting jube jube.

Headache in a noob tube.

She was bad bizness.

Clear a knife on her dress.

Buddy, what a big mess

Lady got you in…

Like Your Opinion Counts

They asked him this.

And they asked him that.

And then they’d mumble behind his back.

He said this

And we heard that.

That advice is full of crap.

Buddy needs a yapper clap.

He don’t know just where it’s at.

But he freakin’ well waits in line…

The Living Truth

He saw it move.

It was alive!

He saw it thrash and swoop and dive.

It squirmed and moaned.

It hid and groaned.

Survived disowning.

Unwilling cloner.

Shhh, he asked for now the task was

To find the unseasoned stone.

You Don’t Need To Panic But It’s Helpful To Know How

What time is it Mister Wolf?

There were no clocks.

No hands to point.

No days so one we could anoint.

Rich is better.

Poor be bad.

And if you cannot sing,

Be sad.

Blame your dad.

If he’s around.

If not, blame the dad they found

For you.

Be true.

Try to.

See you in this different light.

Way more bright.

Your delight

Is not yours, they produced it.

Nonsense Hiding

We don’t lie.

Not this guy.

Nor do I.

And we don’t protest too much.

We’re not out of touch.

You can’t call our bluff.

You two ain’t so tough.

Silly Dunning and Kruger…

Two Seconds

Fuck that was close!

Too damn close…

One curiosity is all it takes

Then, oh then, baby

We ain’t fakes.

We be the real thing.

Swangin’ from a neck swing.

Bells going ding ding

In the minds of others.

If I had my druthers,

I’d druther be with you,

I’d druther we drove through,

I’d druther not listen to

That little voice.

That made this choice.

To be here, now.

Goddamn The Envelope Pusher Man

Son-of-a-bitch would not leave

Well enough alone.

He’d improve this.

Upgrade that.

Like a dawg huntin’ for a bone.

There was no Wait!

Hold the phone!

Ifa need be, go it alone.

Nothin’, nowhere to atone.

A lonely man.

With the only hand.

Clenched tight upon life’s rudder.

He knew there was no other.

If it was to be

Even he could see

It was him or no one at all…

He Only Broke The Sound Barrier When He Had Shit Worth Hearing

Keep your lips shut.

Eyes open.

Shit gets real.

When we stop hoping.

That the stink blows through us.

Not us, away.

And the skies turn blue,

Sunny and say

Why not everybody come outside

And play?

Not today.

Today we stay

Inside, with these thoughts.

Know Your Heroics Beneficiary

Hello chump.

Why’nt you dump

All your goodness on me.

Then I be free of

Responsibility uh.

For I have thee uh

To count on.

Dance to The Government Lingo!

Do you cha-cha-charge?

Or do you run away?

Stay up all night or?

Sleep all day?

That’s for them to know and

You to say

Excuse me,

May I have another bowl, please?

Can I have it if I ask upon my knees?

Could your answer be affirmative in degrees?

Or does it matter what I want?

Do you give me choice to taunt?

Or is it all to flaunt

Your mindless power?

The Rights You Give To God

What matters is your color.

The pigment of your skin.

Your intent, the place, the time of life.

Matters not pal, it’s your skin.

You’re a comfy looking couch filled with rocks.

A mechanical bird that talks.

A bud thats mostly stock.

A color, that’s what you are.

The Prisoner Of War Camp Looked Like Normal Houses

If you’re gonna have a battle

Better choose sides because

The long march will start and

Nobody rides.

Keep your head low.

Take it nice and slow.

Weapon up and go.

Hide in the brushes.

Hang up in the trees.

Watchin’ all the soldiers

Pillage as they please.

Horror by decree.

They won’t let us be.

Now maybe they see.

There is no enemy

But us.

No Go Popo

You don’t call nine one one

To get help from anyone

The mother told her son

One truthful morn.

The kid, he had been born

To a mom with loads of scorn.

For the Popo’s tootin’ horn.

Oh, they were this and that.

Which was mostly crap

Cause they were just good at

Fooling, and boy, they fooled.

The citizens all were schooled.

That you don’t call the Popo.

Less you want to go-go

Somewhere that is no joke.

A thin blue line choke hold.

And buddy, you crossed the line.

When Lucifer Hollers “Quittin’ Time!”

You had deadbeats missing deadlines.

There were dead leads makin’ no finds.

Talkin’ deadpan, this ‘ol red man.

From his own land.

He removed.

He moved and moved and moved.

Til he had no more to lose.

Then a big voice said.

Ginger, look ahead.

So he did, with dread.

Because ahead, ol’ Red saw no red.

Walking Like Vito Rizzuto. You. Mother. Fucker.

Shoulders back.

But not so far,

That you look like walking shoulders back.

Smile when necessary, not before.

Let the others look around,

While you watch the door.

You stay standing when they hit the floor.

Double tap the lallygaggers.

Doubly seals the deal.

Mark your friend on just one finger.

Just one friend who’s real.

One true friend would be all…

We’d need.

Yera Hill Billy

Drank his pail full every day.

Boyz around him dun the same.

Drankin’ to them weren’t no game.

Not to drank would be so lame.

Juss stay quiet. Take the blame.

Then we do it all again.

Wearin’ that Haira Dog coat.

You Are Biased About Your Biases

Fucking buddy had no clue.

And no clue about his cluelessness.

His mint intellect was so damn useless.

Life was a rained out bluesfest.

Cause and effect had left the building.

In their wake, they left no inkling.

No Aha! and no eyes twinkling.

The lights weren’t on.

Nobody was home.

Buddy was outback all alone.

With a stranger’s arm on his armrest.

Losing Your Balance

A very certain

Amount of glue.

Is required to

Keep you as you.

Cause you don’t want to play the fool.

Stayed in school.

Acted cool.

But cool is not the real you.

You cowtow to

This broken thing needing glue.


You don’t know how good you have it.

Y’Ain’t bin swore at.

Hair pulled.

Arm bent.


Y’Ain’t bin punched.

Y’Ain’t bin slapped.

Y’Ain’t bin cut.

Y’Ain’t bin kicked.

Lied to.

Stomped on.

Spat at.

Knocked out.

Pounced on.

Y’ain’t bin shat on.

Y’Ain’t bin moved around…

Creeped at.


You don’t know how good you have it!

CommonSensically Atrophied

You don’t have two fucks to give.

You just live

Your life as if

You’re surrounded by womb.

Fed via shiny spoon.

Gonna fall down go boom.

Then you gonna cry.

Say why me? Why…?

We just sigh

And ask why we try

When you don’t.

He Spoke In Cycles

Dude pointed out

And there was no doubt

It was the same shit,

Different day.

There was just no effing way.

This could be the same damn play.

But it was.

It was.

It really was…