Muscle Cramp Is Your Not There State

Hello rigor mortis!

Got life force to support us.

See, life completely forces

Us up and all around these courses and

We must bow before it

Let’s us stand up while ignoring

Arthur unrigging our mooring

Set these bones a’ slightly drifting

‘Pon a sand ever a sifting out

The bad man, siftin’

Out the bad.



Life Listen Too

Hey signal boy

Where your joy?

Come on down to a plant floor.

Got more even than you score.

You good for

A witty?

Reppin’ your Fitty?

Not gonna quity?

Won’t doin’ dippy?

Say what you want cause life listens.

Life will squeeze out every dickens.

And dick heads… say,

Pricks, are they crowding your deck?

Are you full of this bullshit yet?

Is it maximum suffering yet?

Are U ptsd’ing like a vet?

Well, welcome to you run the show!

And the scriptwriter letting U know

That they write with your words so

It sounds like U.





To Roll Before Da Punches

Look if shit is headed your way.

You can’t stay the same way.

You will wonder

What the hey?

While someone eats your lunch say

Two times in a row.

First a wicked low blow.

Waitin’ fo’ your Oh No!

Hopin’ at you don’t show.

So they ‘n say they tole ya so.

But they don’t say.

They give away


Each day

They telegraph

Their cody-code while

You, you quietly cyphering.

I Spared Your Life Today Bitch

I could have strangled you.

Kicked you black and blue.

So fucking smug, you.

Piss me off.

You goddamn selfish bitch.

I scratch your every itch.

I helped you this tall which

Gave you strength today

To say fuck me.

I think you’ll quickly see

If you say fuck me

It will, and you will also

Beef hooked.




Nobody Saying No Good? Let That Be A Warning!

Mama said keep yo’ pie hole shut

When you ain’t got good to say.

I thought, Mama, at’s plain wrong.

Sayin’ good only makes us prey.

We foller and obey.

What ‘er the hucksters say.

Then they lead us astray

Still nobody say

We sure effed up today!

No… we go our merry way.

Nobody wiser… shame.

Chicken Head Hill

There’s a place not too far

From where you live.

This damn place will take all

You have to give.

Here, there’s no pretending and

You will not be sending

Your best wishes for no shit

To hit the fan.

Run off if you can but

You better have a plan

Because the devil’s in the details

On the mound wherever he hails,

Spilling blood to feed the ground

On Chicken Head Hill.


If You’re Cynical And You Know It, Raise Your Hands!

They all just sat there.

No one did a thing.

They’d seen this shit before.

Numbers were up.

Waiting to be called.

Someone settling some score.

So off in the distance,

A thousand yard stare.

They know in their hearts that

This shit spreads from there.

Lobotomies for free.

One show at a time.

You don’t like your life?

Why don’t you live mine?

And they do, they all do.

They can’t reach for the sky.



Your Many Modes Of Transportation

Been down this road so many ways.

Hope for tomorrow, sad yesterdays.

Fretting, angry, why me lord?

Letting go, sometimes just bored.

Waiting for a visit’s end.

Maybe meet an unmet friend.

Find a place to have a hoot.

Cops on bikes swing legal boots.

Ignorance of fellow humans.

So it is, I must ignore them.

Don’t say hello, nice to see you.

They’ll look away, they must ignore, too.



In Talks-ication

Why do some people love each other?

While other people couldn’t be bothered?

Why don’t we carry band aids?

Reassure when they’re afraid?

Why don’t we bring the aid

Before it’s needed?

Why can’t we feel the call

Before it’s heeded?

Cause we’ve got this one parade.

Before we all get laid

To rest, but it ain’t no rest…

It’s just the edge of yin and

We all return

To where we all first learned

To love one another.

Like I love my mother!

Fuck You This Is BARRY LAND!

Skid mark where there was none.

Chip dip on the dim sum.

Come git ifya want some.

Buddy don’t store no water.

Bill your damn like ya otter.

Savin’ up fo’ some dream.

Ain’t quite easy lak it seems.

Gotta firss have dat dream.

When Our Side Rapes And Pillages, We Call It Liberation.

We beat them and


We beat them, we did!

Like old uncle Sid said,

Fuck them, they wanna fight?

They get what’s coming, right?

Cause if they win, shit’s bad.

They’ll fuck us, be glad.

That we won

Because son,

They’re animals. So sad…


You Know About Phones And You Do Nada

Batteries die.

But don’t go to heaven.

Strap on a seat belt

If you’re gonna get in.

The safety is on so

You don’t shoot yourself.

Hold on to the railing

Climb those steps without help.

But let that thing drop, you

Hold closer than life.

It’ll smash thru financials and

Add to your strife.

Cause the big boys

Bet on gravity.

And to their delight

Gravity works for them and

It’s expensive, alright?

When Admiration Goes

Something worth emulating.

Something so right.

Something so worthy

It’s outa sight.

To the average Joe.

And the Joe’s below Joe.

Ain’t much chance

For them to go

But two fingers less ‘n dey empty.


Ya Ya Micro Macro. The Same Same Same.

Don’t let them fool you.

Don’t be a tool you

Use once and throw away.

It’s all the same, you say.

Well, you are right, okay?

It’s micro macro, all the way up.

Macro micro no if’s, and’s or but’s.

Same all the way.

Some people say

Only but one color anyway.

The Game Won’t Let You Out, So Play!

The odds are not in your favor.

Chances are you’ll drown.

And just when you think you’ve bottomed out,

The depths will find more down.

It’s a race to Hell and

You’d do damn well to

Learn a little language.

See, here they say

No! Not today!

And then they stay that way…

Tomorrow’s the same.

It’s just a game but

You don’t know the rules.

Here air’s worth more than jewels.

And the leader never fools but

They are fooled ’cause

Fooling is the game.


Tough To Extrapolate A Bat From A Ball But Ain’t No Game Without It

The game is to figure out

It’s a game.

Here a game.

There a game and

Games is on between them.

What cha gonna do then?

Generate a problem?

Doncha find it odd then?

Cannon food, aplaud them!

They put on this show!

What Grumpy Old Bastards Don’t Know

If you’re angry and you know it

Clap your hands!

If you’re too pissed off to clap

I understand.

It’s your right to be unhappy.

To flip out on those too clappy.

Cause they’re usually too yappy

It’s outa hand.

Practice furrowing your brow.

Grow ’em bushy as all hell.

Cut ’em loose and you will sail

Into a quiet place of your own.

Pretend you’re there alone

Because you will be.

Mister grumpy.

There alone.



Raising Hell One Way At A Time

He was covered in shit.

More than once.

Fought like a loser.

Smart like a dunce.

Fucked things up all over the place.

Didn’t hafta try hard to disgrace

Himself, his family or

The family name.

Just follered his papa an

Did the same.

Shit was the oil that slipped his game.

Livin’ in it.

Sleepin’ with it.

Wakin’ up shit.

Rollin’ in it.

Trollin’ in it.

Soon not fit.

People say quit.


He can’t quit

Cause this shit

Ain’t outside.

It’s inside.

Inside heem.

This Is What Hacking The Future Looks Like

When she called him a stupid cunt

He didn’t call her a stupid cunt back.

He knew silence was golden.

The best move? Tip his hat.

See, guilt, he knew,

Was made inside.

And the mobile part was

Ten miles wide.

One could build an empire

Just with little-old this:

Let ’em blast all nasty then

Reap regrets with bliss.


You Can’t Spin Your Wheels And Keep Your Plates Spinning Too

One plate balanced on a stick

Is tough enough.

To keep on that stick.

Two plates on two sticks and

See how much you bit

Off and there’s no time cause

Here comes plate number three!

These plates don’t see.

You can’t do three!

Who would believe…

You will do more.

Way more than four…

Safely Trapped

He was predictably hungry.

Eating that fence.

Could he get out before

The baddies came hence?

Eat a little hole.

Just enough to get out.

But do it real quietly.

The baddies are about.

Waiting for your re-lease.

The baddies want your out.


Move Like You’re Made Of Fluid

Tommy was a big bagga shit.

Buthe was used to it.

Waddle ovet there.

Shinny uppa stair.

Splash himseff down.

Boilin’ point is found.

Naw dig yourself a hookin’ point or

Vapor out now.


Banks Give Two Shits And One Is Not For You.

Mama sent Billie to the corner store.

The beggars were outa bread.

Billie said,

Mama, I had to pay anyway!

That’s what the storekeep said.

Paying for bread when there ain’t no bread?!

Mama couldn’t figure like the storekeep did.

She paid and breadless Billie came home…


Will that be cash or charge?

The checkout girl asked.

She added up the cost and mama was aghast.

She charged for:

Buying and stocking and bagging their food!

Selling wasn’t enough, they needed more loot!

Complain if you dare, mama, it won’t do no good…


A bill from the fuel station.

We ain’t bought no gas.

Even with a discounted petro card pass!

Don’t buy no gas?

You still gotta pay!

Cry out if ya want ta,

Again and again.

Bitch ’til your face is all twisty and blue,

Banks care mostly ’bout banks,

Not about you.




You’re Made Of Straw Man

They said the bank account was his.

Then they took it.

They said he should mind his biz.

Then they took it.

They made the world turn.

They made the climate burn.

They made the people yearn


More man!


Gives us some chore man!

So we get to heaven cause

This. Ain’t. It.


Garbage Collector Addicts

She couldn’t pass by a yard sale.

Useless shit had her name on it.

Too gooda deals…

With her name…

Written all over that shit.

Didn’t have room for it.

Squeezed her out bit by bit.

Shit over here.

Shit over there.

Gettin’ marked up cause

The storers don’t care.

They got their own shit.

Spread out everywhere.

Come’n git yer shit!

She’s afraid they’ll swear.

Cause she got no room for it.

Her shit must stay there!


Cheat To Win Or No Winning

Make it for a buck but sell for ten.

You’re a good fellow, you.

You a millionaire but your people poor.

They can’t do this too.

Not enough money when the money’s made.

Can’t pay principle and interest, yay?

The money don’t exist so it

Can’t be paid.

No matter what is sayed.

The game is swayed.

Chances you’ll be daid.

Afore the debt is paid.

Cause like already said.

Freedom’s in your head.



You’re Not As Big As You Think

Step outside naked in minus thirty.

You won’t last that long.

Walk thru the wild with big, clenched fists.

In no time you’ll be gone.

Stroll one day with the hot, hot sun.

With skin so crisp you could come undone.

You can’t cry, there’s no tears to run.

But buddy, you’re changing the weather!



Rewriting Yesterday

At times he was an asshole.

At others a great guy.

No one thought to wonder

How this was or why.

Was he really just an asshole?

Or was asshole in all guys?

Perhaps I was the asshole here

Assholing up mankind.

Arrive like yin and leave like yang.

Come on buddy, do your thang!

Accept your chunk of assholiness!



Mickey Projector

He was a flash in the pan.

The come as Iran.

The Mickey Mouse man.

The new happen-nan.

But no also ran.

No never began.

No not happen-nan.

No you’re not my friend.

No we start again.

We just say.

He Saw These Timelines

Wanna start fresh.

New Davey Koresh.

But without his mesh wit


Be da Davey, see.

That goes freely.

Maybe no kids shot.

ATF not bought by

Cristy Anne. With

Her new plan

To lengthen

The span of control.

That’s how we roll.