Ya You Know Me Karma

He said there’s only so much internet.

And you’re taking up alot.

We replied the only internet we used

Is the internet we bought.

We own it.

It’s ours.

And if we want the internet

To travel in our kar…

We shall have the internet!

And we will drive it far!

Hello Revealer

You can’t act natural

Cause you’re not.

There’s a great big screen for fake

And you’re caught

In it, so you struggle.

You wiggle.

You point.

Ya, you don’t say here piggy,

But you oink.

They get it.

Your message.

They’re guessing

You’re address is:

Hurtsville. In Harmtown.

And you’re afraid

We’ll burn down

Your house, if we find it.

So you tear up behind you.

How you like the taste of scorched earth?



If You Must Eat Shit, Make It Tough.

You’ve got a damn good reason to complain

But you don’t.

You could whine and bitch about your pain

But you won’t.

Because that pain builds muscle.

Which is needed for any hustle

Through the hurtin’ shat storm called life.

Life ain’t always plight but

If you ain’t got it right

It spanks both day and night

Life’ll choke you out.

You can kick and shout.

Maybe flail about.

Cause if you ain’t made your muscle

It don’t matter how much you hustle.

Life will hurt you ’til you cry,

That’s no lie.


The Power Of No Thing

Underarms don’t stink because

The owners of them think

About today, who maybe drinks

From the dankest, hairy sink?

And then they drop a little color

In the water.

The table’s set for someone,

Perhaps you.

The clerk waits to serve someone,

Could be you.

The lottery spoiled someone.

The gunman shot at someone.

The shitstorm sullied someone.

Maybe you…


Only You Can Prevent Random

When this light flashed two times,

He touched that.

When that bar spun like this,

He tapped that.

Then a chime would sound and

He’d turn around and

There he found a young man

Had brought cashola.

It was time for holy moly!

Now he was in casholi!

But feed the lights he must.

Feed them ’til he goes bust.

If need be…

He followed Price’s Law.

Before him, so did his pa.

Both beggars would be in awe,

If they knew…




They Took The Smartest Ones First

They grabbed him by his Ipad.

Dashed his brains out on a website.

He’d sleep the sleep of the undead.

And he starts this big sleep tonight.

He got a rupture in his noggin.

He clapped when the others clapped.

He’d repeat way to go bud!

And he too, slapped their backs.

Flew that flag when they said drag

Your sorry ass on in here.

He’d be the first to appear.

Thought he traveled in the s’all clear.

Then his key didn’t work.

Tho’ he reefed like Herc.

He felt the jerk

That he really was…

Just because.

Hey, who dat at da door?



Never Not Being Fooled

World War One wasn’t world war one.

World War Two was War Two Thousand.

Human noses used to plough sand.

Sand that won’t even stay around

‘Til tomorrow.

So save that sorrow and

Look above the beach.

Its within your reach.

To see through their speech.

When they lay their wreaths

That they ain’t paid for.

Not what it seems.

Ignoring screams.

Nightmarish dreams.

Blood furrowed sand, nah…

That ain’t what they saw.

They saw fools at play.



Whoa Motherfucker! They Said To Me!

They always said whoa to me.

They said;

Whoa behind my back.

Said whoa,

Without us,

You’re facked.

Said we ain’t helpin’ none

You’re cracked.

Said go ahead jumpin’ to it,

You’re backed.

Said I ain’t leave no trace.

I ain’t need no base.

Said me? I am yo face!

Said you,

I can’t displace

These whispers.

If You Turn Sixty

You better watch your mouth

Cause shit heads south

In a heartbeat.

No retreat,

In defeat.

Cause you’ll meet

A monster.

It’s you sir.

Or mad dam.

You had ’em.

But what’s that?

You’ve had enough?

Now you talk tough or

Maybe, for you,

It’s nap time.



Once You Learn To Spot A Bag Pilot

See that thing

You can’t unsee.

Wherever you look,

There it be.

Occasionally wishing you

Did not see it.

That’d be freedom!

To not see them.

And not be one…

The flashes fade.

If you behave…

Keep your blinds drawn.

With what you sawn.

Sure don’t belong.

On your front lawn.

Better not project it.

Earth Is Flat. Life Is Round.

You can see that water is flat.

It’s flat. It’s flat. Water’s flat.

The earth is covered by water.

So that is enough of that.

Babies shit their pants.

So do old uncles and aunts.

And given just half a chance,

You will too.


The Devil’s In The Wee Tales

Mama, she loves me.

Wouldn’t hurt me none.

She tells me, your Papa,

Look what he has done.

He cursed you. He hit you.

Chased you with an axe.

And while you was outrunnin’ him

Mama was coverin’ tracks.

She set him up and

Popped him off.

Used him like an old rag cloth.

Wiped the floor with his weak dreams.

Fixed it all so he’d look mean.

Pulled his strings and Papa danced,

Never gave him half a chance

To be himself, revealed to us.

Mama spat and mama cussed.

He is a bad man.

You be glad then,

Mama’s here to save you…



Does Loser Give Off A Smell That Only Losers Can’t Smell?


He was one of us and

He held a high position.


High ranking.

You hadda have the

Right disposition.



Marijuana – Wild Mexican Tobacco!

Oh, we gonna have some big fun tonight!

Our cheeks will hurt.

We’ll double dessert.

People will stare.

We’ll try not to care.

‘Cause there baby we’re

High as fuck.



Today ain’t good and

Tamorry ain’t no better.

But what’s a couple changes to

An old go getter?

Go get this.

Go get that.

Hurry up man!

Get on back!

Changed our mind.

You change yours.

Get back down

On all fours.

You stand tall.

Only if you wobble.

No stead fast.

That breeds trouble.

Clicking fingers.

Come on the double.

Your plans gasket.

Their plans muddle.

Fuck You Tragedy And You Bastard Malevolence!

Jesus christ, he wanted to cry.

He needed shouting in his ears why, WHY?!

Fooled him bad, he didn’t even try

To forgive them.

Because it wasn’t them.

They were only men.

It would come again.

And if he wasn’t careful

Get more than his shareful.

Ain’t helpin’ be prayerful.

Do the old three sixty.

Watch his own damn back.




Aquired Intelligence Deficiency

You think you are smart.

But you’re not.

You think there’s more to get.

So it’s got


It’s illusion.

The confusion.

Of diffusion.

Gotcha losin’

Your mind.

There is no way out.

So don’t flop about.

Focus your clout.

That is the prize they are after.


They Have Swarm Intelligence And You Don’t

Your enemies are plotting your demise.

They are fed up with your poorly crafted lies.

Your legs had better work or your disguise

Of being crippled but

Victim hip though

Could come crashing to an end, doh!

Upsetting all your apple carts,

Would that be wise?

Find your third man and

Stick with him.

Visit Stockholm and

Kill your victim.

It’s within



The Glorious Sons – Sawed Off Shotgun




Give Placebo A Chance

Love won’t hardly touch lower back torture.

A friendly visit don’t do shit to fix that knee.

You just need to take a walk.

Maybe pep yourself a talk.

How bout knock that bullshit off…

Maybe stop complaining?

Put your faith in magic water.

The kind you bless, you really oughta –

Direct your power to some thing,

Then put it on.

Wear your belief or

Maybe drink it.

Or eat but you must think this

Blessed thing that you are doing

Is lifting curses and removing

All the evil thoughts you heap upon yourself.

Put your faith into this bottle.

Close the cap faith fully throttled

Toward relief and self rebuilding.

Thank you, Placebo.

Sorry Non Karmic Believers

Thank you mister po-po at the all vehicle check-check stop.

Thank you for succumbing to Karma.

Thank you pair of cops, out fucking the dog.

What an easy score I would have made.

For the Lazy Duo an me packin’ life ‘o.

Sittin’ back ‘o.

Not tobacco.

It ain’t crack ho.

Gitten on track doh.

We got minds to bake.


What It Is

Know ye how to disagree.

It ain’t free.

To disagree.

Know the cost of disagreement.

Know bereavement.



I’m leavin’ meant.

You fucking idiot!

Are you blind!

Do you mind!

Jesus Christ! Don’t think twice!


Carry on.


The Balance Sheet Of Love

Love IN and

Love OUT.

Love IN first before

Love OUT.

Too much love IN,

Get low love OUT.

Low love left IN

From too much OUT,

Leave little love

To thrash about.

And thrash it does.

It screams and shouts.

Put more love IN!

And less love OUT.




LSMA – Less Say More Action

A closed pie hole saves

Itself for pie.

It doesn’t interfere.

It doesn’t ask why.

Changes what it can.

Mostly changes pie.

Doesn’t pick up all the chunks

Of a still not falling sky.

Here to watch the show.

Guess a plot unfolds like so.

You don’t make it go.

You’re just an actor.


Lucky Is A Double Edge Sword

Make it.

Push it.

Gobble yours up.

Hard to get a handle on

Bad ‘ol luck.

Gotta make a place to park it.

Or it will never ever darken

The doorway

To you way

And how you get to it.

It’s a stranger.

Hint ‘o danger.

Re-arranger of life.

Luck doesn’t play nice.

It’s fire on ice.

Luck wouldn’t think twice

Let you cut your own throat.

Then it unties your goat.

So luck can get it.

If you don’t get it.

Luck will sink your damn boat.

Worst enemy.

Acts friendly.

As it sneaks your wallet out.

Loses car keys.

Whatever luck pleases.

It don’t muck about.

If you don’t give it clout

Ho boy, you look out…





There Is Ex Amount Of People And Less Amount Of Confidence

You are.

Pissed off.







Get ahead now.

Or dead how?

It’s all the same.

A bloody game.

Wild then tame.

Yourself to blame

Even if you don’t acknowledge it.

Get Yer Whirlwind On

You’re a sucker for punishment.

A sucker for love.

You have sucked from below.

Want to try from above.

It keeps coming around.

And going ’round without asking.

No one to ask it…

No taskers have tasked it.

Is it torn aye doh or

Torn ahh doh…?

Matters not ’cause where you go

Also goes a torn ahh doh.

Like chi, yin and yang.

Your whirlwind gang

Sucks or blows as you say.

You make it calm or wind day.

Torn aye doh, you say?

Ya, you say.






They’re Not Days, They’re New Dimensions.

Man, you’ve got to work hard.

On full re-tard.

If you want to keep things the same.

You have to clear the room every game.

And the clearing, it gets lame.

Then who will take the blame?

This lameness,

Acquaints us,

With ain’t us,

Each day.

Says this ain’t the way.

It’s double you pay.

Hurts them some and you sum

It adds up each day.

Totals in ways,

So damn foolish to say,

I don’t care about Karma!

No shit’s adding up!

Oughtn’t handle sharp objects…

Nor scoot’n front of big trucks.

Cause if something runs out,

It shouldn’t oughta be luck.


Stereophonics – Caught By The Wind (Official Video)


If Yer Piss Is Toxic, Don’t Drink It.

Watch that bullshat coming out of your mouth.

Some of it gets in your ears.

To get that bullshat cleaned back out,

Can take years and years and years.

Eat your words slowly and swallow them well.

Spit ’em out curiously in the stories you tell.

Tell the same stories over and over but

Call a dog Chichi, not always Rover.

Expand your narrative and

Join fables together.

Make the odd rhyme

Be the best fable setter.

Cast the longest shadows.

Tell ’em bigger and better.

The Revivalists – Criminal (official music video)

Just Know When You Enter The Spell Zone

Wait, there’s no one coming.

Stop and go and stop.

Not slow enough past a school.

Withdrawal by the camera cop.

People are tired.

Some are wired.

One bin fired.

Better warn ’em before you do.

They’ll shake fists and firearms too.

Maybe phone to put the screws to you.

At’s what they do…

Whenever you go to…

That mappy, dappy place of spells.

Now, slow down thru here…


The Nth Power – “Thank You” Echo Sessions


Jesus, The World You Made For Me Is So Fucked Up.

Lawd… I pray…

Please Lawdy hep me!

I beg of you, get me through,

Just this day and night!

Please help me fight!

Throw more wet on this bag!

Could you push, pull or drag

Another puncher.

Hep me puncture

This yuge paper bag?


I need a savior!

I am your slave here and

I need some hep!

I bin wartchin’ my step,

Buildin’ my rep,

Buttonin’ my lip.

So please, Lawdy, please!

Show me my savior!

PSST! Maybe look under this video…

Paranoid Android (Radiohead)-Jools Holland-1997