Stupid Don’t Feel Stupid

Let’s say you are a brain surgeon.

And you don’t have no brain.

What you gonna do when they find out?

Nothing like brainless pain.

But the surgeon don’t care.

He’s not there.

Not ALL there anyway…

Yes I Stole From Thieves

The guy said hand it over

So I did and over crushed him.

Slow tilted and then it rushed him.

Buddy glanced eyes skyward.

Exclaimed, and then I swear I heard

Sucker! I’ll show you punishment!

Dude looked hard and then he went

Work your damndest!


I got this!

And you shall have no part ‘o bliss!

History Stutters

Jesus hada die

Nine damn times.

Before he got it right.

Couldn’t die at breakfast.

Lunch didn’t work.

Jesus hada die at night.

Dying like the day old light.

Getting all the shadows right.

It’s Jesus sad, it isn’t fright.

So even Jesus wants to get it right.

Do overs, like today’s the same.

Ain’t a true do over if today is named.

See? It’s Tuesday and Friday…

It ain’t the same!

We gave it a name!

And a number.

I Said Boy Don’t Hide Your Feelings Just Hide

Bout eleven pee em

When the sireens rang

Was an erie damn feelin’

Like the angels brang

A hole new reality

One that he

Tested for resistance

Against the best

At their request

Send the best available.

We will then rail


So not that he

Cut this big thing in to two tense?

If You Don’t Record Your Recollections

He did it one time.

It were not no crime.

To do things one time.

Then draw no map.

That’s where it’s at.

You tell them no thing.

Then compasses do ring

A false direction

And thru erection

Of a fake flag

We swear, from here, to drag

The only kinda drag

That brings ’em down.


A mother and daughter.

A father and husband.

Three went out to fly.

They didn’t think to try.

To avoid the system.

It is… they were some

Shy to buck anything.

They were the thing

That syst in system.

How could it forget them?!

Hey! We made this place!

They’d yell… disgraced.

Then they’d wonder about that dime.

And whom of them had time.

To drop that beggar

Then, to figure.

Who gonna think que bono?

And Once We Couldn’t Remember, Then They Took Our Memories.

He picked things up

And put things down.

He moved them here

And all around.

Do you think those damn things

Were ever found?!

No, they’re lost!

And their loss confounds

Anyone! Everyone!

Can anyone help him?

Tell where he’s been?

See an object placed nearby.

Old blind sucker why… why?

Where does your mind go?

You ponder, they know.

Event horizon, ah so…

No Clowns On The Trap Ease

They were hanging by a thread.

So far overhead

Accentuating dread

At every flip.

What if they missed?!

The crowd knew this

So they watched intently

The trapezers gently

Raised this bar and

Swung so far

Tumbling through the air.

They seemed to have no care

Of their potential

One slip, there goes

The whole performance

And then the romance

If the circus leaves this town.

They’re All Barbeque Chips

He wouldn’t take the chip

On their first damn try.

But six jabs later

He began to ask why.

Why would he lineup

And bare another arm?

Why take a chance on

The jab doing harm?

Better get a clear tat.

So clear that

No one you know knows.

And if they do, too bad.

You are done with jabs.

Clear tat makes you glad.

Best dreams you ever had.

Those dreams, those dreams are fab!

Between Dawglas And Kitty-Cats

Heaven is a real place.

Where real people get to.

And real cats.

And real dogs.

And anyone who feels the draw

The draw of heaven.

It’s been there since

Hey Zeus was a cowboy.

This Year I’m Gonna

Gonna get so wide

I be narrow.

Large a come so fast

I need a barrow.

Wheel dat cash thru no tomorrow.

No shit given which day.

Daddy’s gonna play.

Still driving old sleds.

Sleeping inna same beds.

Fedora onna good head.

Pulling plugs on all dread.

Listen notta he said.

Learnin’ shit at he read.

Papa gonna join the circus!

Accept where they will work us.

Take a sweet time.

Maybe unwind.

That spring they sprung so tightly.

Wound that beggar nightly.

But, here we are…

Lord bless our stars!

We the only ones in this universe!

One Light Year North

Watch your speed, he said.

Though in me, dread.

I asked not where we went.

All curiosity spent.

I watched, in horror.

The closer we were.

To the guardrails they call life.

Does it really take so much strife?

To say we bin there.

Now, we’re all square.

Take as much sand as you need.

(and pound it)

Buddy Will Break His Own Fall

He did a nice, big swann.

Kiss blown to his fans

Then dude continued on.

That smile, you knew, he flossed.

That smile, you knew, he tossed.

At every mom and boss.

Here mom! Let me get that!

Here sir, I got that slack!

C’mon, I got your back!

I’m the kind of friend you want.

The kind of friend you flaunt.

The kind of friend you don’t

Want to fuck around with.

I want what you want!

Bitch we’re the same cloth!

The same boss!

And bitch, someone wants us back.

Happy And Merry Ain’t Here! Go Home!

Really no reason to get all upset.

Lost fair and square

Your little bet.

Course, now comes a time of large regret.

You gotta pay dem dues.

Doin’ doze tings you’d choose

Not to do if you could.

But says life den you shoulda

Looked at your actions.

See sums and then some

Times you might ponder

If, over yonder

Is a fence worth crossing.

Or are you now tossing

All of it overboard

Cause you know you heard

Hooves and thought Zebras not horses?


Handcuffed god I’m glad I watched that vid.

Cracked up here in this blur it

Musta rocked someone sees that I bin

Captured going down in this

Shit storm in a big form.

So forewarned

We drain stormed

And, buddy, we cleaned them out.

Mister you have no doubt.

We rocked them hard.

Nobody Let Us

Fuck anybody whom says we can’t.

And fuck them naysayers saying we shan’t.

I will say

If it’s okay

If today’s

The only way


Canon Was His Me

He went off like two dogs

Playing in the moonlight.

Nothing there was too bright

Do you have a ticket?

Will you traverse thicket?

Block a call and click it?

Are you all alright now?

Sick of how

We tally up the numbers?

Now you feel encumbered?

Hiding and then huntered?

You and yours now uncounted.

We shall block your addy.

You won’t be doxxed cause

We outfoxed

A digital confounder.

There! Heard It Again!

Buddy wouldn’t listen and

Neither would he

Pay any mind to

Is Buddy free?

To choose and lose and

Too much booze and

Let’s go cruising

No sense losing

Our way out here now.

We got lost on a one path trail

And no one strayed cause we’re too frail

All set their sights on one big sail.

We’re going where the wind takes us.

God Doesn’t Laugh

Humor has a side effect.

It affects both top and bottom.

Causes wretching and end of speech.

So tell jokes if you got ’em.

God, he’s heard them.

Every joke.

So God ain’t laughing.

Poka yoke.

Now the joke’s

On you.

The Opportunity Man

Blind as a bat.

To risk and all that.

Buddy went head first.

Hard til his dreams burst.

Thought he was so cursed

But Buddy couldn’t see.

The key to to his freedom.

All good and then some

Thing would happen

Then Buddy scrappin’

Fears keep a lappin’

They want him bad.

Need Buddy sad.

Buddy too glad

Gotta bring him back

To reality

So he can see

Shit ain’t as sweet as he thinks.

Praise The Lord For Covid

I’d be so screwed.

More than I am.

If it wasn’t for this covid scam.

Thank you, man.

Please don’t be Satan.

But if you are, then you’ll be waiting

For payback, a long time.

Oh right… you don’t do time.

I Work For The Goddamn Man, Man!

On Monday he worked highways.

Tuesday… ? Entertainment.

Wednesday, like every other damn day.

Buddy worked in Containment.


Buddy worked hard for infrastructure.

Suit shilled for religion.

Buddy, he works whatever damn plan.

Thursday, it’s pill prevention.

Friday, flying high for airports.

Saturday, shushing kids at a busy daycare.

Sunday saving souls for collection.

Buddy says frig secession.

Buddy says frig election.

Buddy is a tool.

But he no fool.

Buddy is a tool of secession.

The Year Of The Vax

They were nice as hell but

I knew damn well

It wasn’t going to last.

Shit was changing fast.

It was all about my past

They said.

If I don’t listen up

I’m dead.

And I can’t wear a mask


And shit is bad, it’s now

Code red.

If you can feel, then

Feel the dread.

Keep that mask on

A level head.

Nodding slightly.

I politely

Sidestep the NPC’s.

I move when they yell freeze!

Gliding lightly through the darkness.

Stepping tranceless as to harness

Every sound of discontent.

Watching closely those hell bent

On my destruction.

I don’t give them.

This year of my permission.

The Knew Normal

Ten damned children

Playing in the park.

Know they are damned

Cause it’s so close to dark!

But there are the damned

Living like a lark.

Didn’t their moms and dads

Teach ’em ’bout the bads?

Tell the girls and lads

You’re attracting bad!

By staying out too late!

You’d all be acting great

If you all would wait

Til darkness passes

Then you may ask us

Can we go out and play?

And Please Pass A Stupid Test

Deep they peered into buddy’s eyes.

Asked him what wherefore and many whys.

Gave him the answers and too many tries.

Buddy couldn’t get shit straight.

Buddy’s pie was only half baked.

The curious couldn’t take it.

Gave him the bums rush.

Ya, made a big fuss.

Buddy spewed love like cupid.

Prosecutors saw stupid

Rear it’s ugly head.

Slipping up ahead.

A bumpy road.

An unsecure load…

Dumb dee dee dumb, dumb, dumb.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Dread

He was one foot tall

But not that small

When it came to his size of alive.

He lived large without any striving.

He thrived on the little things.

Watching and listening and

Seldom out loud.

His head he bowed

To a smaller god

A tiny god

He couldn’t gets his paws around him.

His god was that small!

Gof Aster

Five guys died on the Hoover Dam.

Then ten, then twenty and

Good goddamn!

A hundred damn men

In the Hoover Dam!

Believed in a dream that

Consumed alotta man.

Man after man after man after man!

Turn on your toaster cause

You damn well can.


A hundred more men,

Buried at a dam site

So we can live bright

As dimwits.

When Touche Shat My Pants

Touche was minding his bizness

When Bolt entered the room.

They hadn’t noticed each other

And when they did then BOOM!

Touche bolted and

Scared Bolt.

Bolt scared Mauly.

Mauly scared me and

Someone shat my pants.

The Zero Dilemma Prisoner

He was right as rain.

He was in no pain.

He was ready to make them squeal.

They were ready to make a deal.

He was going to make them feel

Skins of an onion.

Pears that are no fun.

Good that comes undone

No one wants a bite.

Some are fulla fright.

They come out at night.

Something isn’t right.

And they know it.

The Bullshat Path To Success

You are afraid of the Boogeyman

And the Boogeyman is you.

Can’t escape your fear

It’ll find you here.

No matter what you do.

What if you fuck up?

What if you destroy?

What if what you’re chasing

Is a damn decoy?

Would that be a ploy

To bring out the boy

In a game with rules of men?