Eye Pweedict

I’m going to confess right here that I don’t agree with the way things are being done.

A couple of years ago the King said we’d all such and such…

Didn’t happen.

We’re still shit on a stick and for what?

Some kind of stupid weenie roast where everyone gets to make their own rules?

Play their own game?

Pee wherever?

Poop without paying?!

Take a look a Syria if you want to see where pooping and peeing whenever and wherever you want gets you.

Or one of those face covering places over there.

It’s not nice.

It doesn’t work.

You need rules and people to enforce them.


For safeties sake, those people need weapons.

To enforce your not wanting total poop and pee chaos, if

If that’s what you want.



D Wave And The Tenth Dimension

Mind your manners.

Mind this place.

Mind that anchors not

In space.

Ain’t yer body,

That’s a place

For yer brain to catch D wave.


D Wave Founder Eric Ladizinsky The Coming Quantum Computing Revolution


They Broke My Fingers And Then My Thumbs

Sign language one oh one.

Cain’t see the signing when there

Ain’t no sun.

Wait til the night

The night is done.

Then signal by smoke my son.

Frig Off You Beggar!

You goddamn guy!

You picked me, why?!

I didn’t do shit to you!!

Sure, I stretch the truth.

I spread the loot.

You give me the boot

For THAT?!

Don’t do it, friend.

No, not again.

You hack someone else now, K?


Persistance Is The Key But You Better Know To What

You can hurt your back.

Look into the sun.

You could piss the bed afore your

Day’s begun.

You could slam the door upon your

Own damn thumb.

Eat a slice of bread but only

Taste the hidden scum.

Where you goin’ to pal ‘n

Where ya coming from?




Growing Hurts More Than Not

I fucking hate that you’re so stupid.

Fucking Cupid.

Look what you did.

You said love is blind.

So unkind.

You will find

Your heart beating on your chest.

Cause it’s been ripped out

No doubt

This gonna hurt in the morning.

If you wake up.

Buck up.

Scars now be your warning.


Yardpost Russel

You were better than me.

Earned more.

Smoked more.

Drank more.

I helped you, though.

You took my help and

It helped you not.

For you were caught

In the pattern Russel.




You Tough Bastard Aphid

You suckle me to death, you bastard!

You soft, smooth, little beggar, you…

You will not leave!

You like it sooo much!

You’re ugly tho’.

I dislike you a bunch!

Forming a grudge.

I want you as sludge.

Stay there, don’t you budge!

Aye-pal, You make me a killer.


Bool Shat

One hundred people

Can’t be wrong so they choose one

To sing their song and that

Song singer must be so strong

Cause they will fake sing

Certain songs.

They know the tune but

The song belongs to yesterday,

Before the throng.


Big Man. Small World.

Holy shit there’s nothing out here!

No one! Nada! Noot!

We will rail a road into this place.

We’ll make passengers and loot!

Shit has hit the fan now.

It’s the god of luck or fry.

We’ll run the rapids with a mighty YA!

Navigate the drowners or die.

Made it now you lucky bastard!

Got a horseshoe up your ass.

And you squeak humbly,

Nada, you know, as the

Big world dishes class.




Are You Fuckin’ Wit Me Correlation?!

He said I hate to swear but

That bitch there tried to

Steer me wrong.

Her dance and song before

Too long had me looking

Wrong and I wasted

Plenty ‘o time there.

I looked around and you know,

Found, some upside down which

Prior to now brought full stop

Round duly blocking any

Holy cow.


Then The Lord Spoke And He Used My Mouth

God don’t own no car.

He needs yours.

God ain’t drankin’ beers

Less you pour.

God ain’t make no babies

No procreatin’ with the ladies

No if, ands, buts or maybe’s

Less through your.

Existence is the proof.

The only proof you need.

Listen through the noise for love and

God’s words you will heed.






One Shadow Weren’t Enough, The Beggar Cast Three.

He spoke from both sides his mouth.

The truth he wouldn’t spit out.

Yelled at his lack of clout.

What’s this shit about?!

He would ask

Himself at night.

Knew in his heart shit

Wasn’t right but his

Words would not stay outa sight.

Bit him in the arse again.


Jesus I Don’t Want To Be A Fucking Retard

No offense, he said, but you stink!

And I don’t like how you think!

You wear skin that’s brown, it ain’t pink.

Your koolaid’s bad, I won’t drink.

Your hearing’s gone and you blink.

You ain’t sol-id, you’re a fink!

Time will see that you sink.

You’ll wind up in the klink.

You’ll think more about sphinct







When The Future Comes In Chunks Almost Too Big To Swallow

Momma read a story because Billy couldn’t read.

Showed him how to bathroom so his jammies wasn’t peed.

Taught Bill how to wipe his arse without even looking.

Told him to attract a wife or he’d do all the cooking.

Got Bill up to attend school cause Billy didn’t wanna.

Said Billy get a paycheck now and pile a debt upon ya.

Get a house and pay it down until you’re only renting.

Drink a bit, talk to yourself and claim you’re only venting.

Cut your lawn at 6 A.M cause you can’t stand your neighbors.

Camrify your roundabouts and finger feed the haters.

Ya, Billy caught on real quick that

Few folks will catch on.



Looking Up Is Not Advised During Shitstorms

You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

You don’t skin your knee and flail about.

You don’t holla Wolf Sir!

Looking like ya know sir.

You don’t fake it all and still have clout.

You… you must know betta.

You… don’t a getta upsetta.

You… gotta be a gogetta.

You… you will see betta.

Then a betta gogetta!



The Fear Man

The NSA is watching me.

Po po on my tail.

Minister warns about Lucifer

Says Jesus don’t do bail.

Neighborhood watch is watching me.

Tax man hinting jail.

Confidant got shit to leak.

My ship came in then sailed.

Took a boat load of upsets with it.

And endings that never end.

So there it goes over the horizon.

And me around the bend.





Pioneerish Arrows In Your Back

Can ya take a good punch?

Eat shit for lunch?

Will a chest burner work

For a handshake?

Will ya crawl on skinned knee?

Can ya cry like hee hee?

Any know on how much you can take?

Cause here you be tested.

Bested. Redressed and

Comeuppance is a smoke whiff away.

You better make certain.

You’re here for the learnin’

The teachin’ spot’s filled.

So they say.




Mister Brown’s Shadow

There’s a dent in the earth

Wherever we walk and the

Silence only breaks when

Somebody talks and our mother

Might warn us that slippery rocks

But it don’t rock forever and

Damn those rocks make for hard building.


This Day Happens But One Time Only. Don’t Press Repeat M’Kay?

The circus is not on next week and

You won’t jump again like that.

Maybe you might be stuck right now but

You ain’t going back.

Look real hard at your ugly self

You’ve never looked so good.

Smile like you like to like yourself because

When do you think you should?

Give two shits re: number of year.

Right now in this second here

Gather up the kindling cheer…

Torch it, roasting every fear and

Chow the worst of the worst for breakfast!



Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice


I Got Insurance Sucker! What I Need You?!


One good idea at a time.

Hyper loop.



The Temptations – Ball of Confusion

When God Comes Back, If God Comes Back.

Jeepers, I’m gonna have a long talk to god.

If god ever comes about.

I’ll say who in the hell is running this place?

But I’d say hell soft, not shout.

And god, being god, will probably just smile

Thinking I will figure it out.

I might ask how, before I think

But I wouldn’t ask how out loud.

And who knows, god might not stop to talk.

Maybe god’s got crap to do.

And if god walks past and don’t say shit.

Might have to deal with that too.



Ten Years After – I’ d Love To Change The World






Assuaging Guiltski

Phone your mom.

Wave at the neighbor.

Send a goddamn greeting card.

Give a buck to the thirsty homeless.

Don’t honk at an asshole.

Smile at another stupid yarn.

Slow that foot afore you kick the cat.

Brush by it like it’s just a step.

By the end of day that shit adds up

Ain’t a need for feelin’ guilty yet.




Fourteen Hour Workday Still Leave Ten A Do Nuttin’

Don’t know what you complainin’ ’bout.

Sleeping ain’t alive.

You got nuthin’ else a do

Give a man yer life.

You ain’t a usin’ it.

Nothin’s what you’ll do.

You ain’t toilin’ fer da man.

Ain’t nuthin’ happen, true?



You Say You’re Sorry Like Sorrys Add Up


How you manage such cynicism in your voice!

Ya, you sound noice when

We’ve got no choice

We got to listen to your apology.

But like, holy gee

You cannot see

That big pile ‘o bovine scat?


When Everyone Is Your Enemy

You’re a witch, man!

You’re a witch!

You’re a bitch, man!

You’re a bitch!

You black!

On crack!

You lack

The funds

For even this little ‘ol

Check to clear!


When People Fake Quality, They Create Authentic Evil.

Good exits.

Better exists.

Best exists.

Right now.

Tomorrow best must change,

Good and Better may remain but

Pretend to any one of them and

Painful will be thy gain.


Ain’t No One Judges Me Harsh Like You Lawd

He carried his personal hell right with him.

And heaven in his right front pocket.

One lid heavy from the genes of burden.

One wide eye bursting from it’s socket.

Curious. why. no. one’s. curious.

Wondering why no one’s wondering.

History don’t repeat but they sure do and

No. one. sees. the. blundering.

He did, and he did naught

About it cause, he was

Hired. to. clean.

And he was.




One Man Cuts A Swath

Another man swaths a path.

The next person uses that path to cart

All path dwellers have.

A fellow fixing wheels.

Another man selling oil.

A waitress moving keg to table

All manufacturing toil.

Because one person cut a swath

And shared it.


Ignore You The Excipients, Pee Off The Whole Entourage.

You know what dogs do to big wheels? he asked.

I didn’t, I must confess.

Dogs wash ’em with piss, and not just once.

He said like piss was blessed.

It is!

He heard me!

What the hell…?

Bastard can read my thoughts?!

Then my mind flashed back

To all those times in

Piss I had been washed.

If piss be blessed

Then count me in!

Hand paddlin’ piss river

Since time begin.