The Great Wall Of Great Wallas

For a long time they

Kept them out.

But they kept coming.

Charged them hard.

Shuffled them about.

But the tourists, they kept coming.

The Great Wallas Doing Bizness.

Name Things Backwards

The first world war was just

Another war until world war second.

Kennedy was gonna change the world

Until a Texas heaven beckoned.

Dot com before dah calm.

The wall was useless by

The time we saw it.

It was there now to

Keep us in.



You Don’t Have To Be A Victim Of Your Mind Control

Red means stop.

Red and blue – STOP NOW!

Stand for the anthem.

Sing out proud!

Keep on standing for

The next anthem too.

You wanna get stared at?!

You wanna get booed?!

And please,

When you’re singing proud,

Sing. In. Tune!

Toss Your Cookies, Heaven’s Here.

The little dog licked her on her lips.

A love lick! Love lick!

Primped little bitch’s name

Was MyC.

At’s right, MyC.

I thought that bitch at

Owned MyC was sick but

Life goes on in Bitch Heaven.

Yer Diamond Bird Drops Ninety-Nine Shits

You can move a human being

But still not move them.

They can feel all moved themselves

But not too far.

They won’t stay moved forever and

For some even the weather

Can move their we will

Be there to how could we not

Forsee their struggle clearly?

Mix, don’t change the pigments.

Colors are just figments

Of a mind plenty big enough

To move,

You go ahead…

You move around in.



Obviously A Major Malfunction

Just moved his eyes.

Kept his neck to himself.

Wouldn’t look up nor

Look down.


Couldn’t do them.

They hurt his back.

Couldn’t see depth and pally

When you miss that

You don’t see the below

Nor the above

At makes your middle.


Hell Has Angels That Look Like Angels

God, she was smart.

And responsible!

Did as expected and

What she was told.

Got a good job after

Lots of school.

Married a scientist.

She was no fool.

They joined a club that

Fucked and killed children.

Went to their meetings.

Tithed them at least ten.

Listened to lies and

Spread ’em like wildfire.

Can’t see what they do

Promoting club liar.

Now should be throwin’

Another Friar in the fire!


Okay But

She wasn’t his wife.

This wasn’t his car.

That wasn’t real money

Cleared the tab at the bar.

Didn’t get his number.

No, she got more.

Butch blue tatoo swore


Didn’t know where they were going.

Or where this lead.

Both of them lying

In a messed up bed.

So they were headed

They headed nowhere fast.

Could the pain stab deeper…?

Or would it pass?

Maybe the hurting lingers?

Hopefully, yes…



One Trillion Languages

Joe conversin’ with his new wife Pam.

Pam was livid with Joe and Sam.

Doin’ that man thing, understand?

Forgot about Pam.

Pam done slam

Another door off it’s hinges.

Pam’s on one of her binges.

She swings wide an’ Sam flinches.

Who can figure out these bitches?!

Joe hollers let’s go!

Sam an’ his buddy show

Their asses haulin’ south

Ofa Pam-wreck.




The Theory Of Stinks

I’m tossing cat shit around.

Old diaperz on the ground.

A slop pail tipward bound.

Smear myself with goatshit.

Cover my wife in batshit.

Stay away – stay away badness!

Just stay away now, you hear?!

The Mind Comes From Yang. A.I. Comes From Yin.

Ats why A.I. will never be conscious.

But it’ll come dang close doh!

The Future Must Be Held Fast

I’m older.




Too agreeable.

Too foreseeable.

Too many times I’ve been there.

Too far to reach.

Too far to go.

Too many words and

Too much show.

Too many people that

Just don’t know.

They’re sewing, sewing, sewing.


They Once Asked What Got Into Him But They Should Have Been Asking Who


I Was Just Thinking

You know you own the

Present and you own yesterday.

But that ain’t even half enough to get

You through today.

You need tomorrow and

Tomorrow, it needs you.

You ain’t seeing no future ’til

Today’s ideas come true.

Bless yourself by making

A promise worth taking

To the grave.

You started.

You finish.


Circumstances. They Change.

See this ditch

It’s beside the road.

Here you’re headed like

You’ve been told cause

You do shit everyday

The same.

You keep score but

Fix the game.

We’re not playing.

You’re to blame.

Impotence We Don’t Talk About

Billy had a limber timber.

Caused Billy hoot and hinder.

Could want that taste that maybe

Cry that’s rat, cake be

Icing side down.

Shit’s Not Real

Do people that wear a toup.

Not understand to dupe?

Have their senses flown the coop?

They once had hair but shoot.

Now they don’t.

So they go a head and fake it.


Call Things By Their Right Name

Joey was an ass.

He was an asshole.

Debbie was a bitch.

A fucking bitch!

Murry was a cop.

Who became a politician.

Murry was a liar.

And a thief.

Ats whut he was…

Life Can Pile Up Around You Or It Can Add Up

You there in the middle.

Making miles from muddle.

You see things from the inside

Looking out.

You could be the outside.

Running through the muddles.

You could really enjoy

Splashing about.

Run through the sprinkler screaming.

Stay up all night scheming.

Understand you’re dreaming.

It’s a ride you’re on.

In the middle – no dizzy.

On the outside – so whizzy.

You choose, strait water or fizzy?


The Never Ending Show Has No Audience

The world on the other side

Of this door

Is still there.

I don’t see it.

I can’t hear it but

I know that world is there.

On the other side of this wall

There’s a world.

On the other side of this book

There’s a world.

If I stub my toe and break my foot.

Welcome to this brand new world!

Love Is…

An invention to

Make tension and

They don’t mention

At the convention

That this love-in

Has been shovin’ people

Off the friggin edge!

There’s a bad side

To the mad side

And it’s inside

Your love.

It’s got talons.

And salons and it

Feeds on dead love.

It eats flowers and it’s powers

When push comes to shove.

Aren’t pretty.

They’re sketchy.

And they’ll wipe you out!


Sir Downsalot

You’re no good

You’re no good.

You’re no good with rules, ya.

Make your own.

Live at home.

On the fly.

You’re that guy.

Lives just by

The seat of his pants.

Always grants

A ton a slack

So’s he come back

He got some slack to slather.


When It’s Yer Time, It’s Yer Time.

Guy was born tall and

Gill was born short.

Guy on the fifth and

Gil on the fourth.

Guy was born to a rich family.

Gil’s mama tried to abort.

Guy got bit by the travel bug.

Gil’s dawg bit him through his shorts.

Gil has hate for every damn dawg.

Guy loves his hunting dog Sport.

Life takes one.

Death takes all.

Life throws the chips up.

Loves ’em where they fall.

Loser pull yer pants up, winner takes all!




Know You Don’t Know Shit


Say it. Say it lots.

Maybe humbo will be

Your thoughts.

Maybe you smile more.

And nod to another.

You treat every person as

A father or mother.

A sister. A brother.

Like you, the other.

And there you’ll discover


What 2017 Done To Me

Got a loan called.

The well went dry.

Aphids beat me.

My gov’t lied to me.

Hada borry 70k to stop me throat from gurgling.

All the while the future swirling.

I got dizzy.

And hacked.

Almost stopped writing but

I’m back.

Got raped on the price of our pro-oh-duct.

Got a little yeowchy ripping rotator cuffs.

Tried a few dozen things that didnt work.

But Kaizen. I worked Kaizen.

Greg man. I worked Greg.

Contrast. He gave me contrast.

But now I see a light in the tunnel.

No longer drinking via funnel.

Saved my daughter and two sons.

My author mother mom.

It was a good time to have a year but hear this!

Twenty-Eighteen is the year we can’t miss!



I Told You Five Seconds

Span’s gettin’ shorter.

Old dude said.

Climbin’ through yer winder.

Organize yer head.

Same damn messagez

Still gettin’ in!

Micro-burstin’ synapse routes

Like at ain’t a sin…

There Was This Guy Who Expected More Of Himself

Just me hanging out

With myself.

Just the two of us, maybe three.

Maybe one me watches the

Other me’s acting.

And that me really is me.

But if it is, who is this me now

Describing my other me’s?

And could that me be the real, real me?


Scout’s Honor, Bitches!

He didn’t know that;

Lying was an art.

A rich guy never farts.

Prenups clear departs.

A burning face with marks.

Someone stomped that fire pretty hard!

You’ve GOT to give him credit.

He’s never had to edit.

That small voice connected

To that big mouth!


Play The Game? Or Make A Game Of Playing The Game?

Reality’s not deep.

Your country doesn’t love you.

Your neighbors want your lawn short.

To thy neighbors you must be true.

What else you gonna do?

Be an outcast?

How long’d that last?!

Like water in a bucket

With your fist out.

You can not shout.

Or flail all about.

Suck it up now

You’re an adult.

Body, Mind And Him Whom Loses Dat Mind.

This ain’t it, he said

With a frown.

Knew what happened ‘afore

Shit went down.

Knew this was a circus.

Andy was a clown.

People paid to be afraid

And scary’s in his blood.

Needed bad a russian vain

Someone from the hood.

A mask they’re gonna take off.

Buddy, where’s your mask?

Showin’ off a real face?

That shit doesn’t last!