The Balance Sheet Of Love

Love IN and

Love OUT.

Love IN first before

Love OUT.

Too much love IN,

Get low love OUT.

Low love left IN

From too much OUT,

Leave little love

To thrash about.

And thrash it does.

It screams and shouts.

Put more love IN!

And less love OUT.




LSMA – Less Say More Action

A closed pie hole saves

Itself for pie.

It doesn’t interfere.

It doesn’t ask why.

Changes what it can.

Mostly changes pie.

Doesn’t pick up all the chunks

Of a still not falling sky.

Here to watch the show.

Guess a plot unfolds like so.

You don’t make it go.

You’re just an actor.


Lucky Is A Double Edge Sword

Make it.

Push it.

Gobble yours up.

Hard to get a handle on

Bad ‘ol luck.

Gotta make a place to park it.

Or it will never ever darken

The doorway

To you way

And how you get to it.

It’s a stranger.

Hint ‘o danger.

Re-arranger of life.

Luck doesn’t play nice.

It’s fire on ice.

Luck wouldn’t think twice

Let you cut your own throat.

Then it unties your goat.

So luck can get it.

If you don’t get it.

Luck will sink your damn boat.

Worst enemy.

Acts friendly.

As it sneaks your wallet out.

Loses car keys.

Whatever luck pleases.

It don’t muck about.

If you don’t give it clout

Ho boy, you look out…





There Is Ex Amount Of People And Less Amount Of Confidence

You are.

Pissed off.







Get ahead now.

Or dead how?

It’s all the same.

A bloody game.

Wild then tame.

Yourself to blame

Even if you don’t acknowledge it.

Get Yer Whirlwind On

You’re a sucker for punishment.

A sucker for love.

You have sucked from below.

Want to try from above.

It keeps coming around.

And going ’round without asking.

No one to ask it…

No taskers have tasked it.

Is it torn aye doh or

Torn ahh doh…?

Matters not ’cause where you go

Also goes a torn ahh doh.

Like chi, yin and yang.

Your whirlwind gang

Sucks or blows as you say.

You make it calm or wind day.

Torn aye doh, you say?

Ya, you say.






They’re Not Days, They’re New Dimensions.

Man, you’ve got to work hard.

On full re-tard.

If you want to keep things the same.

You have to clear the room every game.

And the clearing, it gets lame.

Then who will take the blame?

This lameness,

Acquaints us,

With ain’t us,

Each day.

Says this ain’t the way.

It’s double you pay.

Hurts them some and you sum

It adds up each day.

Totals in ways,

So damn foolish to say,

I don’t care about Karma!

No shit’s adding up!

Oughtn’t handle sharp objects…

Nor scoot’n front of big trucks.

Cause if something runs out,

It shouldn’t oughta be luck.


Stereophonics – Caught By The Wind (Official Video)


If Yer Piss Is Toxic, Don’t Drink It.

Watch that bullshat coming out of your mouth.

Some of it gets in your ears.

To get that bullshat cleaned back out,

Can take years and years and years.

Eat your words slowly and swallow them well.

Spit ’em out curiously in the stories you tell.

Tell the same stories over and over but

Call a dog Chichi, not always Rover.

Expand your narrative and

Join fables together.

Make the odd rhyme

Be the best fable setter.

Cast the longest shadows.

Tell ’em bigger and better.

The Revivalists – Criminal (official music video)

Just Know When You Enter The Spell Zone

Wait, there’s no one coming.

Stop and go and stop.

Not slow enough past a school.

Withdrawal by the camera cop.

People are tired.

Some are wired.

One bin fired.

Better warn ’em before you do.

They’ll shake fists and firearms too.

Maybe phone to put the screws to you.

At’s what they do…

Whenever you go to…

That mappy, dappy place of spells.

Now, slow down thru here…


The Nth Power – “Thank You” Echo Sessions


Jesus, The World You Made For Me Is So Fucked Up.

Lawd… I pray…

Please Lawdy hep me!

I beg of you, get me through,

Just this day and night!

Please help me fight!

Throw more wet on this bag!

Could you push, pull or drag

Another puncher.

Hep me puncture

This yuge paper bag?


I need a savior!

I am your slave here and

I need some hep!

I bin wartchin’ my step,

Buildin’ my rep,

Buttonin’ my lip.

So please, Lawdy, please!

Show me my savior!

PSST! Maybe look under this video…

Paranoid Android (Radiohead)-Jools Holland-1997

Momma Mouse, It Wasn’t Me. Or Was It?

We strolled through the evergreen grove.

Little Touche and I.

He’s a good cat and I’m a good guy.

Neither cat nor guy that curious, just meandering side by side.

Came upon an innocent baby mouse and that innocent beggar died.

Squeaking… so sad, I had to walk away.

But Touche and his unfortunate prey,

Those two entangled parties played…

They played their part and

Did I play mine?

Is everything cool and everything fine?

I didn’t have time to ponder that,

I was strollin’ once more with killer Touche, the cat.


Seven Mary Three – Cumbersome (Official Video)


Zero Regretsville If Only You Get It

“If only.”

Those were the words of wisdom my father passed on to me from his deathbed.

Wha…? I remember thinking.

Dad just gazed blankly from his hospital type living bunk into the nothing-to-see-here, you-better-be-sixty-plus-and-no-working-on-cars trailer park.

If only…

At first I was pissed that he passed so little on to me but still, I told everyone in our family what Dad said.

If only…

They all said huh? too but after a couple of years it dawned on me that those words really meant something.

If only…

They were a warning.

If only…

Don’t follow my footsteps, follow your path and follow it to the end.

If only I could would have, I bet he might have added.

There, fixed it for you Dad.

If only.


Stereophonics – C’est La Vie


No Effen Cats On Counters!

Everyone has a station in life.

Some people live underground and toil their entire lives in tunnels.

Other folks survive day in and day out, living and working under water.

Sailors live on the ocean. Farmers live on the land.

A few people love to live in the air.

But politicians live on cloud nine and most of their loyal constituents do too.

Those indentured don’t contemplate the tunnels, submarines, the sailors, farmers or flyers because cloud nine is a place of grand refinement.

And refinement has a goal – make certain the populace knows;

Everyone has a station in life.



Asshole As A First Language

Tons of people are tough talkers.

They’re all about competition and getting theirs first.

Ain’t enough for everyone and why not pile a million potatoes up?

Who gives a rat’s petunia if the spuds rot under their own weight.

Screw collaboration. To hell with synergy.

Fuck the long view.

Standing on the shoulders of clients… stupid.

Yep, tons of people are tough talkers…

Respect For The Disrespected

Hand shook too damn long.

Smiling big and strong.

Like you don’t belong.

It’s a movie.

You’re an extra, see?

You’re on Life TV.

You ain’t pay no fee.

You’re an actor.

It’s all make believe.

No one says decieve.

Pretty much agreed

It’s an act though.

Don’t get all upset.

Maybe make regrets.

Based on what you bet

Is reality.


The InEquality Law Of Price

A few folks invent everything.

Take a look around your room. What there did you invent?

Think about the inventions within inventions all around you and you, you didn’t invent shit!


Price’s Law is what the fuck.

A few folks invent everything…

Price’s Law

It’s Nineteen Eighty Four Every Year

They said they’d change our names.

They said they’d play no games.

They said they’d do the same

To protect the innocent.

Then they said we were not them.

And there would be, ahem…

An investigation into our intent.

They were hell bent.

To collect the rent.

On a place they all knew very well

Did not exist.


When The King Changes His Name

His annointing through pointing

Was not to be questioned and

No body mentioned that

He was fat.

And a slow turd.

Never was that ever heard cause

They were blinded by gold.

And those not beholding it

All took their shifts ’til

They worked round the clock.

And most of them thought

That working hard

Off the lard

For a shard of mirror.

What could be clearer?


Say you can.

Take my hand.

Lead these sheep to the shearer.

Murder By Suicide

It was a one person show.

With nowhere to go

Said look out below

And wouldn’t ya know

Before they said slow

Slow it all down

Or you will be found

Tethered to a rod

So far from God and

You wouldn’t have trodden

This far on your own.

You must have been shown

This only way

Lonely way

Out of existence.

In This Body-Bag You’re The Zipper

They think you’re dead.

Gurgle if you’re not.

Cause if you don’t

The beggars won’t

Do shit.

They’ll leave you zipped up tight.

The Fucking Disgusting Catholic Church

Oh, you better have a favorite color.

You better like a certain dee-sign-or.

You better take whatever you can

Cause you ain’t a’gettin’ anymore.

Wear some shiny robes.

Drink from shiny globes.

Put ’em on their knees.

Read ’em your decrees.

Give ’em justa bitta hope.

Get too much, you show ’em nope!

Sing and chant and smokey balls.

Mesmerizing ornate halls.

Hanging coach upon their walls.

Who could ever have the balls

To fool so many so enthralled?

And fuck the very people called

To make the world a more loving place?


Love As An Invention

Love, you can make up.

But try it,

You cannot make up luck.

You can’t build steam.

You shan’t force dreams.

Can’t stop schemes.

Nor hold main beams.

Nor end all screams

For justice.

No, love, you must invent.



Set Yer Automaton To Eighty Percent

You shake when you see them cops boy.

Cramp when a muscle says cramp.

Sweat like it’s raining if somebody

Mention work.

Stop lifting shit cause you can’t.

Grunt when you need to,

With a pie hole shut.

Make a clasp of hands

So you don’t tut tut.

Leave all robots running

Just tune ’em down a notch.

Ride up in the viewing car.

See what Santa broughtcha.

Yo Painshun Ain’t No Fun

Brother, you on the big slide.

You denied

That you fried

Yo chances

Like ants in

Yo pants an

Dey bite man!

You run man

But de ants, man, dey stay.

Dey say okay.

It’s a brand new day.

Let’s walk this way.

To which you say

Okay. Let’s play!


Come In Small. Go Out Big.

You were a thought,

Then an action.

That action got traction,

You came through this tunnel

And crept toward the light.

You gave them a fright and

You squealed with delight.

You had made it alright!

Now for the plight of

Living so right that

That righteousness rubs off.

And you’re always getting caught

With your plans down

But you’ve found

That downed plans don’t matter.

Just gotta stay at her.

It’s good guessing that counts.

The rest of it amounts

To a walk in the park

Where you do your part

And throw away all the shit you pick up.




Upon Realizing Your Trap, Stay Calm, Relax.

You went for the easy food!

Stepped on that switch.

Life came on in on you.


You hurt your snout a bit.

Tryin’ to break free.

But you are not snarling now.

Lease not at me.

I got your back boy.

When I need to, I carry.

You along for the ride but

Do you stop? No worries!

No grunting, just pulling, you.

A bit at a time.

Yard the outside in by your teeth.

If you need to… that’s fine.

I’ll pull your inside out.

Into the hallway with me.

Ima open up your world.

Ima set you mostly free.


Petting Sharks

A memory is fine.

It can help you unwind

The troubles encountered yesterday.

The good stuff,

You can add to.

But when you add up the bad, too.

The total

Will no doubt

Change how you feel about

Adding more good or bad

To your pile.


Not Bad Is Not Good

There were parallel universes.

Side by each.

One be the road.

One be the deetch.

One take you somewhere.

One hit approach.

One lead to many roads.

One lead to ouch.

One is okay.

One is not bad.

‘Til aye hit approach.

Aye runnin’ side by sad.


They Turned Unengaged Potential Into Sickness

These motherfuckers were smart.

They got it right from the start.

They say you boy, you need makeup.

And your armpits really stink!

You are not so good or

Not as good as you might think.

Lookit that wasted talent!

You were born that fat?!

Embarrassment to your parents.

You ever thinka that?

Take that drink.

And doncha think

One more second about it!

Maybe climb a mountain and

Shout it!

Pop the pill FughGet about it!

Those nasty not yet duns

They’re an illness…

You must surely know this.

But They’ll NEVER Find The Soul Of Marijuana!

They found our THC.

Found them some CBD.

Then they went cray aye zee.

They wore hairnets galore.

They dressed to thrill doc-tor.

They card swiped every door.

They had gone mad now.

They grew pay-per,

Not pot.

And the guys who talked


They knew investors got

All hot and bothered.

When they thought they fathered.

Something they’d not heard

Is a Ponzi scheme.







Bitch Boy Karma

There is a richochet.

No matter what you say.

Maybe not today,

But it’s coming.

If I were you,

I’d start running.

Not off from your mouth which

Brought you so far south.

Your north star can’t be seen.

But see your tail now,

Where have you been?

And who in the hail has been screening

Your dreams and their understanding?

‘Bout this at hand…

Ya, it will be so grand

When you learn that, you…?

Are making you pay.