Please Mind Don’t Leave Me

I know you slip away

When my eyes are closed.

And sometimes you return so slow

When I think I have arose.

Desert me in mid sentence

Blank my meeting eyes.

Make them ask me questions

Then allow me no replies.

You scatter brain me

Can’t retrain me

You see I see

You are gone.

My very fond

And faithful engineer.

You stay here.

Stick with me.

Where Stupid Winds Prevail

Oh there ain’t no need

For you to heed

The whispering breeze’s suggestion.

Buddy, you don’t even question

Is it right?

Is it fright?

Is it your damn plight?

Or are they trying to undermine you?

If they can’t then will they fine you?

Is the system breaking down?

If you take a look around

Is there carnage?


Are they getting goats?

Persisting with their votes?

While slowly digging moats

Around their castles?

The assholes.

Screwing all the vassels.

With barbarians so invisible

They can instill

Great fear bolted to nada.

T’was The Night Before Hellness

You mask up and

Task up and

You keep your distance.

Please no resistance

Your pain is an instance

Of how you insist that

Freedom is better than

Living forever

Just under the boot of some Jack?

Buddy, that’s whacked and

You better get back

To the place where your grace was

Measured by yeses.

Forget all these guesses

And lay down when they tell you

Lay down.

Of Masks And Hats And Walls To Outer Space

Oh, they were going to divide us.

By color or height or weight.

They pinned on our badges.

All we did was wait.

Their bait set in.

It was a sin

To go or go without it.

Bottom of a rock filled pit for you, boi!

That won’t do!

Take that goddamn hat off!

The Future Comes From Somewhere

Glitches are real and

You can feel your

Heart skip a beat

When you meet

Someone could be

Your maker.

Lying In Dishonor

Bitch’s lips were moving.

She was grooving

On the sympathy

That only she


Cause she heard

It’s a big thing

If no thing

Actually happened

And she ends

Trapped innit.

Haha bitch.

Demented Friend

I know the fellow who casually writes

Claims this blog is his.

I know he sleeps

And I know where

He sleeps

I know where it is.

Not here

But oh, so close!

I know where it is!

Being nowhere.

Not a place.

No time, degrees.


What of degrees?

No Captain this!

No Doctor that!

Shine the light where they be at!

There be nothing!

Nothing but hear at zooming…

Lord I’m Not Asking For Your Help

Fuck you, if you don’t help me!

All that I have done!

You don’t keep a boi a’guessin!

Keep ‘im onna run!

It’s tit for tat you goddamn rat!

I ask you for goddamn nuthin!

For all the help that you bin!

You’re nowhere anywhere.

Was, you wouldn’t dare.

Fuck you are a hypocrite!

Lian fuck!

Accepting praise then do not raise

A fucking finger fuck.

You bring her memory back!

There Was A Flaw In The Caw Of The Cat Crow

Nothing was as it seemed.

As if the world careened.

In a ditch boi

Where their joy

Will employ

Guns and knives and waspy hives

No, get away from me now.

Legs, get moving and how

Do we jump this shark?

In the thick, thick dark.

From a place where dark lives matter.

Instead Of Someone More

Don’t stop me man.

Because i can

Not be stopped.

If You Find This Bottle

We were dazed by the flashes

Of bright moon light

And the waves crashed all around us.

Brought ’em in by bus, they did

And their waves crashed all around us.

Blinded by moon light,

Splashed upon those shores.

It was land not yet explored.

Saler gainst saler.

Discount city.

Wasn’t so pretty after eighty percent.

All of whom went

Out with the ocean

Sure, some of them swam

But only for a minute.

Soon as they were in it

All were doomed.

Wasn’t no room

At the inn.

We were in

And they were out.

Fogs Dighting

Everything is backwards

And nothing goes ahead.

We will all be dead.

It will not be said.

We knew what we did here.

Out of thought in to fear.

No reason now for rhyme.

We are outa time.

The chickens have come home.

My Dog Walker

I said “Get down, girl!”

When she walked up on me.

Bitch was tall as I was!

Ain’t no if, or, and buts,

She had the guts

To sit and stand right up to me.

Like she was free

And I was in no way her master.

Terror Fried

His arse didn’t feel them.

The kicks kept coming.

He slept right through

A major thumping.

The blood

She clots

A major lumping.

Hey no stumping!

You can’t trade booze for votes!

You know they will cross moats!

The drawbridge down

And still you clown

Baptism needs some water!

If there was time you oughta…

But you don’t today

The urge fades away

Killing time’s just as good now.

They Reconsumed The Surface

Brother, I eat thou.

Thou eats me.

If I ask

Please let me be.

Can’t you see?

You won’t free

Your mind

To find

To truly see.

You are blind

Mostly to me.


Buddy felt stupid.

Acted stupid too.

Maybe wasn’t stupid compared to you

But stupid he felt.

Right to his core.

Couldn’t shoo stupid out smarten up door.

So here to fore.


Stupid is as stupid is.

Nothing more.

2020 Foresight

There’s fear in the air.

It’ll get in your lungs.

Sneaks in through your mouth and nose.

You don’t wanna be one of those.

Living like only you knows.

The shit’s hit the fan now.

It’s all over and how

Deep does this shit get?

Who takes the first bet

It gets so thick

Forms like bricks

Build a shit house, do the trick.

Let the wolves do their’s with it.

Let ’em huff and puff

Get Billy Goat Gruff.

When they’ve had enough.

The brick shit house comes down.

Karma Please Be Real

You are going to hell!

Brother, you’d do well

To turn yourself in.

Cause where you bin

Brother, ain’t allowed.

You’re bad.

So sad.

You won’t make the playoffs.

Buddy, this is all you got.

Here and now.

Holy cow.

You gonna ride dem rails.

The Rat Watchers

They see you moving in your house.

Sneaky, slippery, stinking louse.

Threatening all and lady how’s

This helping anyone?

Look what you’ve done!

Hada have your fun.

But not at their expense!

Lady, you’ve no defense!

Put that mask on!

Soon it will dawn

That you must change your thinking.

Lady, you start drinking…

The koolaid.

And be afraid

For those who do not drink it.

Just A Little Cracking Skull

They were close.

Too close.

They must be stopped.

Someone oughta call a cop.

Tackle boy and punch him down.

Stop him acting like a clown.

Drag him into court in town.

Judge address him with a frown.

Keep it up boy going down.

Slap kid into solitary.

Sheeple watching oh so wary.

This mine doesn’t need canary.

We all sleep as one now.

They All Did The High Jump

When dude said shit

They went with it and

Everyone held their breath.

They strapped shit on

And missing songs

Whistling was verboten.

See now they had forgotten.

What a smile looked like

And one long night

Bare faces were indecent.

Let Shit Be

Disturbed, he was and

Just because

He hit the kill switch hard.

It was a place too far.

He was lost inside

Where life had died

But he could not bury life.

The shovel handle bites.

Bitch will not cut

Stuck in this rut

They hafta dig the hole themselves.

Somewhere Time

Early or late, you could find this great

And grateful man at play.

He would play along all day.

You would never hear him say

That’s it, I’m done.

No longer fun.

No, I’m undone.

No, on the run.

Just nodding, plodding

Knowing this and that.

Knowing nothing’s right

Til beheld by the beholder.

Oh The Stuff He Don’t Know!

Magic works because slight jerks

Make for empty hands

Bird filled cans

He dead pans…

The audience

For anyone paying attention.

Don’t think he would mention

The ever building tension

Where did they go?

Could it be so?

Votes vaneesh like magic!

Ya The Future’s Right Here

The earth looks flat, but it’s not.

The game seems rigged, but it’s not.

The bastards smile when they’re caught

Living in the cookie jar.

They go so very far

To prove to you.

It ain’t what they do.

They will pooh pooh pooh.

Any light shone.

Where they’ve gone.

To the bathroom right in front of you.

Lookit that poo on your shoe!

You Shoulda Learned Bat Shit Crazy

When the world is silly

And acting willy nilly

Do you head for the hilly?

Do you face down Billy?

Cause Billy got a billy club

That he’d love

To hard shove

Hand in glove

From above

The orders come

Shut them down!

Knock them down!

Put them down!

Or they’ll bunch up

Scrunch up

Their noses, they’re growling!

Ho dammit now they’re howling!

Man, they’re out for blood!

It’s their blood they’re after…

They want it back.

Yo Broadcast

Urine trouble mister fox.

You do this only if you dox.

You’re not giving any fucks.

And its big time in the big house.

Take it, take a bigass dose.

Plunge, you sinner.

No beginner.

Has a right to.

What you do.

It’s a sad day

In every way.

Take a shark dank

Anda pounda dank.

Sit away some

As you come undone

Take a big drag

Off your fag

Did the ground shake?

Did your house take

A tumble, a rumble?

Who’s at the front door?

Buddy could go for

A splitski.

To be free.

Like a moment.

Lucifer I Commend Thee

Ain’t no fight in Beelzebub.

Guy’s all shits and giggles.

She ain’t blow jobs but

Knows who does.

Slewfoot’s eyebrow squishy squiggles.

Smile there man! Ain’t this fun?

You so lucky son of a gun!

Look at what your goood frien done!

You goan straight to heaven…

Here, get in.

The Exit Had A Pile That The Entrance Didn’t Have

They all showed up for the party.

Indignant and foolhardy.

Danced with the music.

Then, just when they think

Shit’s done hitting the fan.

Cracks show there was no plan.

Blood in the harbor.

That’s just where they were!

Lookit me close now.

We’re in a bind.

Someone must find

The courage we lack.

We ain’t going back.

Welcome to it ain’t normal.

His Name Was Lick And He Got Hit Alot

They were short on the float

Money was missing.

Which meant they’d be kissing

This job goodbye.

It’s do or die.

We all will fry

Cept for one guy…

He getting licked to death.