He Said You Don’t Want Me To Be As Tall As You

But we just wanted him off the table.

Understand us?

He wasn’t able.

Like we could talk cat.

Wouldn’t that be phat?

Just say…

Ivan! Off the damn table!


Manufacturing Reality

Her hair was not that color

And she knew it.

She brunetted.

He had to write shit down or

He’d forget it.

Who’d forget it?

She knew that he was wrong but

She said she’d go along because

She was the partner strong

And man, he knew it.

He thought she likely bought

The fact she had never caught

Him in a lie cause he’s the guy

Who never lies.

It’s just a little game and things

Prolly’d come out the same even

If no liars came

To the party.


Stacked Yin. Stacked Yang.

It’s micro macro right across.

If you particle wave then

The old coin toss isn’t

Chance, it’s choice.

And they add up.

The Thick Tongued Athol

With a quick left march he ran his space.

Ran his mouth all over the place.

Ran his life like it did displace

The bad… his bad.

He could not face.

When You Change, The Universe Changes.

You ain’t been down this street.

Not if you changed your mind.

See, the street you left by

Not throwing that right.

Is a street now far behind.

Give yourself a new name.

And maybe a new haircut.

Cause the road less traveled

Is the one you’re on.

No if, ands, or buts.

Of Course It Repeats It Repeats It Repeats

There’s a one o’clock tomorrow.

And a Saturday next week.

The year after this has twelve more months.

And the shit’s gonna be as deep.

Tide goes out.

Tide comes in.

Who knows where the tide has been?

Ride the tide.

Do not hide

From the tide because

There is one.

The Whole Thing’s About To Go Nad

They waited four hours.

‘Til their phones went dead.

No one mentioned anything

Then one of the children said.

What are we having for supper?

And why is it so damn cold?!

People were shocked by the little girl’s mouth,

For which her mother scolded;

Dammit! Watch your pie hole!

Why don’t you go

Back to your room and play?

Then all the parents said yay!

Maybe one or two did pray

That the power comes back today.

They’ve got things to see, okay?

Like check their phones for the temperature.


No, THIS Dream Is Real!

Parallel puddles all got seas.

Parallel puddles in degrees.

Humans looking out.

Out there, please.

But their neighbors live beside them.

Just over the hill.

And if you invite them

Come over they will.

New guns.

New germs.

New steel.

Real Jobs, Real Cars, Real Stadiums. Fake Sports.

Auntie auntie eye over

Is a game.

Ya, it’s a real kid’s game.

Football is a game, ya.

Baseball is a game.

Racing is a game, ya.

And gaming is a game.

Lotsa big kids gaming doh.

Gaming is just gaming though but

Game makers put on quite a show.

They dont want your mind to go

To that place where we all know

In most games someone loses.



Fool Yerself

Fuck bias confirmation

And all of it’s sort.

Sonsabitches look this way.

Find themselves in court.

Who are they


No fuckingminds!

Get outta my way!



Clones Run The Circus

They started with three rings.

Twirling, burning things.

They had elephants walking like people!

They gave a lady a whip.

Made her nearly strip.

Surrounded by tigers and creeples.

They came and they went.

Once the money was spent.

They pulled up stakes and they left.

No faces were painted and

The lack of paint tainted

Morale, they returned to bereft.

Something was missing and

Missing was pissing the pops

Of the population off.

Soon a poster showed up.

Then stake-loads by the truck

My lord, they’re in luck…

The circus is so back in town!






Tastes Like Outer Space

Dude couldn’t lick an astro not.

Wouldn’t be caught

With his glass down.

He’d frown.

But no sound.

Would come.

He’d be done.

No more pay as a astro not.

And that life’s fraught

With Dee Saster.




When They Say Your Name Then Something

What did you mean by that?!

Sonofabitch, take that back!

You want another smack?!

Mister, you watch that yap!

Blah blah did this.

Ya ya said that.

Mama shoulda give him

Waay more slaps!

He sets traps yes.

Then collapses.

Into lapses.

Pretend craps his

School pants.

Too Much Laughing Hurts

Your fucking cheeks!

Like a kick to the gut.

Can’t catch your breath.

Stop it, please stop it!

Nose runs.

Eyes weep.

Uncle tickles like a creep.

Holy shit, the threes keep

Punchin and punching and


The Test For Witches

If you wear a pointy hat

You’re a witch.

A pointy hat and Roman nose

You’re a witch.

A broom that doesn’t sweep.

A cauldron three kids deep.

A clawed black cat asleep.

You’re a witch.

Prick you with a pin.

If you bleed, you sin.

Wrapped in rope now swim.

Fugitive witch begins

To reveal.




Where Money Goes To Disappear

You say you want something for nothing.

Get paid just sat in your chair.

You want to make a million dollars

By noon in your underwear.

You aren’t about providing value.

You’re about eating cake.

An you aren’t up for any baking.

You sir, are on the take.

You want your money multiplying.

Double maybe triple but moar!

Sucking up loot when you don’t earn shit.

Just an economic whore.





You’re Gonna Hafta Admit It – You’re Addicted To Pain.

You bitch.

You whine.

Romp in your suffering…

Go ahead, fine.

I’m not

On at ride.

Our paths

Shan’t collide.

You slip in.

I slide…


I can decipher you.

See where you’re headed to.

You are breaking through

Our bud pain barrier.


This Life’s A Bubble

Blow hard and long

Hope your lungs are strong

Cause this breath’s gone

It’s a new day’s dawn

What’s done is done and

Ain’t no one

Gonna change it.

Opinions reign and ya,

There’s pain but you

Must abstain.

You refrain from the

Vast complain and

Pull yourself out of distraction.

This good life needs action.

Hunker down to get traction.

Do it for you own benefaction and

Make up words as you need ’em.

This Thing Called Nice

You care.

And share and wonder

Where the rest of them

Gain compassion.

They seem inhuman and

Only you man can turn their

Hearts from stone.

Slowly grind ’em and while they’re

Blinded by your kindness

They will follow.

Love ain’t hollow.

It’s summer fallow.

Good ground to plant tomorrow!

Getout Miwaydad

Somebody blockin’ the isle, ya.

Somebody arsina way.

You pullin shit like a boss, ya.

Everything flowin’ today!

Don’t Say You’re Not Crazy

Crazy is as crazy does and

Boi, you do a lot.

You jumpin’ way too high

In a bouncy castle fraught

With bad intent and

Baddies bent on scraping

People’s knees.

Doing it with degrees.

Stuff they steal is seized.

They peppered and you sneezed.

Out of breath, you wheeze.

Get down on you knees.

They do what you please…




Reeko Shay

Ya, you got one shot and

You took it!

You’re scared now and

You look it!

The womb was free and

You shook it!

You’re shooting now

So lookit!

Aim again and


Will it!

Hit it or reeko shay!



The Octa-Puss And You

You are a germ on a piece of dirt.

Under the finger nail of a giant.

One finger can’t say what

The whole hand will do and

You’re on the ass wiping hand.

The Great Wall Of Great Wallas

For a long time they

Kept them out.

But they kept coming.

Charged them hard.

Shuffled them about.

But the tourists, they kept coming.

The Great Wallas Doing Bizness.

Name Things Backwards

The first world war was just

Another war until world war second.

Kennedy was gonna change the world

Until a Texas heaven beckoned.

Dot com before dah calm.

The wall was useless by

The time we saw it.

It was there now to

Keep us in.



You Don’t Have To Be A Victim Of Your Mind Control

Red means stop.

Red and blue – STOP NOW!

Stand for the anthem.

Sing out proud!

Keep on standing for

The next anthem too.

You wanna get stared at?!

You wanna get booed?!

And please,

When you’re singing proud,

Sing. In. Tune!

Toss Your Cookies, Heaven’s Here.

The little dog licked her on her lips.

A love lick! Love lick!

Primped little bitch’s name

Was MyC.

At’s right, MyC.

I thought that bitch at

Owned MyC was sick but

Life goes on in Bitch Heaven.

Yer Diamond Bird Drops Ninety-Nine Shits

You can move a human being

But still not move them.

They can feel all moved themselves

But not too far.

They won’t stay moved forever and

For some even the weather

Can move their we will

Be there to how could we not

Forsee their struggle clearly?

Mix, don’t change the pigments.

Colors are just figments

Of a mind plenty big enough

To move,

You go ahead…

You move around in.



Obviously A Major Malfunction

Just moved his eyes.

Kept his neck to himself.

Wouldn’t look up nor

Look down.


Couldn’t do them.

They hurt his back.

Couldn’t see depth and pally

When you miss that

You don’t see the below

Nor the above

At makes your middle.


Hell Has Angels That Look Like Angels

God, she was smart.

And responsible!

Did as expected and

What she was told.

Got a good job after

Lots of school.

Married a scientist.

She was no fool.

They joined a club that

Fucked and killed children.

Went to their meetings.

Tithed them at least ten.

Listened to lies and

Spread ’em like wildfire.

Can’t see what they do

Promoting club liar.

Now should be throwin’

Another Friar in the fire!