Game Fucking ON You Idiots

On second thought Ima do my own thang.

Just like before you scooped it.

You just went all damn stupid.

And I don’t think you know what you’ve done…

You smacked a hornet’s nest.

Now it’ll take your best

Efforts to not get stung.

You don’t know what you’ve begun.

Herds ‘o purple cows in every meadow.

Oh. My. Fuck… Intent Matters.

Jesus woke up on the wrong

Side of his bed.

Pissed at bed and

Wore a skid mark two days old.

Jesus hit the hard streets hard

And what did Jesus behold?

Fuck ups.

Half wits.

Assholes by the bushel.

They all lied and Jesus tried

To lie and out lie all them.

The devil was in the details but

They said Jesus, he hails

From waay on high he said

Jesus, guys…

Would ya let a po’ boy getta little sleep?



Interpreting Boolshat

Yesterday, you fell flat on your face.

Today you’re stinking up the place.

Tomorrow’s filled with big disgrace.

What’s a po’ boi to do?

Maybe you’re all through…

But no.

You forge ahead even though you read

All the signs that say road closed.

Cause you’re the guy who knows.

That ill wind always blows.

Keeps your bad eye closed.

So you don’t see

You could be free

If you weren’t such a goddamn retard.

God Licks The Nape Of Yer Neck

Brrr! Said god but

No one answered back.

They were stuck in the moment.

Held by great green krack.

They were feeling felt

As if they just got back

From a journey only given to

Those great green krackers.

See? Feel your face?

That mask upon your face?

Feel your bones as reminders that

They’ll hold you in place.

Command not.

Demand not.

Threaten via your presence.

Just listen, focus, peace.

Luck comes to the repaired, man.


As Fast As The Pony Express

Nobody gonna pay a dollar for

No goddamn greeting card!

Ain’t gonna give up hard earned dough

For anything so retarded!

Never gonna pay no five damn bucks

For a coffee just like at home!

Sure as hell won’t pay an arm and leg

Just for a goddamn phone!

Shit don’t creep up on me, on me.

Shit don’t creep up on me!

God Could Love You

Look into the mirror.

That spot there in your eye.

You look and look and the time it took,

Don’t u wonder why?

You took that time or

The time took you?

Don’t you wanna whisper,

Who baby, who?

When Fucking People Works

Fuck being nice.

Shit on who needs it.

Screw people twice.

First one’s on me.

Next one’s on you.

Please come on back.

So I can rip you…

A new asshole cause


You need one.

You’re so full of shit that

One asshole can’t handle it.

Tomorrow ain’t real for

You fuckers who reel

In people like fish…

So goddamn selfish

You are the best warning.

I get up each morning

Saying fuck I will not be like you!

Nice Guys Finish

Don’t start shit.

Don’t say shit

You cain’t back up.

Wartch your mouth.

Warsh yer hands.

Don’t flail about.

You stink you think

You don’t, but you do.

Just start and don’t stop

Until yer through.

Make a plan.

Break it up.

Tiny bites swallow best.

Get that dream out yer mind

And off yer damn chest.

Action gains traction puts

You on your way.

This ain’t about tomorrow

She’s all about today.




You Sheeft?

Circumstances change.

You change.

They do, you don’t.

Be rearranged &

Rash ready.

Y’All Feel


You are one.

You think you’re someone.

And you think you’re just one.



Preciate This Pain Sweet Jesus

I know you might leave tomorrow.

Maybe you’ll leave tonight.

Let’s say you sneak out on bare feet.

Maybe scoot away by bike.

I know, just know you’ll leave me.

You will not stay.

Even if you want to…

Go away!

Bribes Work Because The Bribed Won’t

Ain’t no sum-in fer nuthin’.

Even nothin’ coss sum-in

If ya gotta pick it up.

Or point it out.

No, that ain’t free.

Takes energy.

An energy don’t come from me

It’s a thing I bring from outside.

Where me and it, we collide.

And we make sum-in.

And maybe do sum-in.

And whatever that is, it ain’t free.


God Will Kill You

Some people try to bite god once.

God swats ’em outa the sky.

Other folks nibble at god’s big feet.

They try to bite god, they try.

Stomp! Goes god and they go away.

Giving other non-biters the chance to prey,

They say…

God will help you!

God’s your friend!

Y’ain’t meeting god tho’

Until you send

Some blood.

Some cud.

Give us something to chew on!

And if you do we’ll let you in on

The the fact that god cares about you not.

Sink your teeth into that and show us what you got.

Cause god ain’t givin’ you shit.

What you came with, you leaving with.

And in between…

Stay the hell outa god’s way!

And no biting!



Waay More Than One Hallway

Sure, you lookin’ inna winder.

This winda, trute be tole.

This winda only, all udders, nah.

My as well beon hole.

Waitin’ fer a time what

Never gonna come.

But waitin’ lak waitin’s

Ackchly gettin’ sumin’ dun.

Watchin’ from duh hallway lak

Dis hallway’s zonely one!



Wind Up Less Often

Fast or slow.

You’ll get there.

Happy or sad.

Life don’t care.

You pay your toll

But beware…

You can pay too much.

Doing Hard Time

It was a bad situation.

All of creation

Had stymied elation and

Led to tough shit piling up.

She had had enough.

The going was rough.

She was calling life’s bluff and

Life hollered back.

Life pleaded.

She needed to be

Heeding the pleading but

Complaints filled her ears and

Year after years she

Moved bad shit from this pile

To that pile and

All the while

Nothing added up.

Still shit in her cup.

It ran over and over.

Stunk up tomorrow

Complaints couldn’t stop it.

Her shit storm would profit

As it flowed from underneath

Her umbrella.

Do You Pick Your Nose Or Does Your Nose Pick You?

Zero sum game.

Running then lame.

It’s the same.

Hidden vision.

Circumstancial collision.

Viewing that once hidden.

By being smitten.

With not here and now.

It’s the why and how.

Tomorrow happens.

The Incorruptably Corrupt

An oath was taken.

The ground was shakin’.

The best, they makin’

A promise to truth.

Evil was shook cause

The best, they took

That oath for better or worse.

Now worse had come

And they were run

Offa high road

In the ditch.

Ain’t life a son-of-a-bitch?!



The Yapping Of Cal

Maybe a feeding frenzy with

Objectors plenty who

Could not share and

Would not dare stop their

Howling near the

Carcass where the

Hubbub now created

A circumstance unstated.

Cal, he held fast to a

Distant past and described it

To extreme.

He worded it up.

It over ran our cups

And once we had enough

He brought more.


Hand Me The Keys Lord

Yes, shit can change.

And you can change shit.

You avoid a hit then

Crack a big hit.

Throw a big fit.

Work a big snit.

Wallow in it.

Maybe you slit

Your own wrist first.

Maybe quench that thirst.

For safety hearse.

Maybe do a meeting

Where you’ll be greeting

The lost and the losing.

Maybe help ’em choosing

Their grand ‘ol time in their hearse.


Sorry Ain’t An Asshole Licence

Moron is an adjective.

Especially for you.

Your shit’s so reactive.

What? You got no clue?!

You are what you do!

You disturb shitter.

Big misfitter.

Constant quitter.

And you hit her…!

With a heartache.

Her heart breaks.

Her soul quakes.

Her core shakes.

Cause she takes

You seriously.

But not me.

Mart, you are an asshole.


The Change, She Is Not Coming.

In a town where everyone limps

No one thinks they’re limping.

No one calls out Gimpy!

Everyone has a cane.

Everyone limps the same.

Waddling is respected.

Stumbling is expected.


Nobody wants ’em.


Nobody gets ’em.

Everybody’s shoes wear out the same.

Draggin’ at foot lak dey was lame.

Man ‘o man, please see the game.

Limpin’ ain’t have to be!



Ruder And Abuser

Holy shit Mart, ya ignent.

You’re rude.

You’re crude.

You’re full wazooed.

Shoulda bin tatooed.

Get a big middle finger on ya forehead.

Sayin’ back here’s nothing but brain dead.

Cause ya pay no mind to they said.

You falling in holes

Thenya climb outa those

But like a casket ya goes

Inna nother hole.

So there ya go.

They tole ya so.

But you don’t know…

Ya ignent.

South Heading Shit

Let’s say you’re unaware.

Because you are.

Say the universe is big

And you’re a star.

Stars burn out and

Stars collide.

This shit tastes bad but

Open wide.

You have lived and

You have died.

Dead are the stars who

Fear collide so ya,

Take it in,

Take it all in stride.




You Got My Back Boi

Ya born all together and

All that shit.

I don’t make that much

Of it but, mom…

Jesus, mom, she says you call

You brudder.

He could call me.

But he don’t cause mom’s the

Glue for our family.

Once she’s gone, so is he.


Manufacturing Gratitude

Get a life, my friend.

Then almost lose it.

Have some pain, my friend.

Then slowly lose it.

Work your fingers to the bone then

Before you get home,

Have some joker say “you’re gone!”

And friend, you’re fired.

Lose your job and then your house.

Feel like a teeny mouse

In a trap that you have made

All by yourself.

Now struggle to get up.

Go and find that old, cracked cup.

Dust it off and take a sup

Let it run over.

Then, no matter where you are

You must find your lucky star cause

That star will guide you far

On the path of pain.



You Fucking Fuck With Me Fucker And Fuck Boi You Be Fucked!

When you sleep with dogs,

Ats ruff.

When you grit your teeth.


When you look too screen.

With no in between.

Maybe inside scream


Take me to the bathroom!

Answer me making love.

Look me in the camera.

I’m every face you made.

I know your voice and

How you write.

When you wake up and

If you snore, aight?

Ya, you were you…

Before me.



Personal Message To My Reader

I know who you are.

Who you are.

Who you are.

I know you know I know

Who you are.

Who you are.

But that don’t get us both

Very far.

Very far.

I know you can’t reveal.

Cause you wan make me squeal.

Like airyday christmas.

It’s open present time.


Babble Head

You talk in jerkles.

You makin’ hurdles.

Your dreams a’curdle

The sickest cream.

You makin’ problems.

You know we got ’em.

But you still brought sum.

Doh, lak we need?

Where are your thoughts, man?

Your thinkin’s fraught ya.

With gettin’ caught, hah!

Nightmare conundrum.

Your thinkin’ stinks son.

We haven’t begun.

To address the shit, um,

That seems to come from

Your hole for pie.

You Guessed Wrong

You can’t estimate.

You’re guessing tube’s plugged.

Once you could guesstimate.

Now you bin drugged

By red light, green light,

Yellow light fine!

Didn’t know you broke a law

Photo got ya cryin’.

And they got cha buyin’.

You bin caught a tryin’.

To make time!

That’s why the fine!

You bad, old time maker!