About Face

Hey, that name?


And that home?


And that truth?


And you seem…


You don’t dream?


But you scheme…


Do you breathe?


Oh, now I see…

(i am unseeable)


You do everything yourself.

You don’t need nobody.

We don’t visit and you’re alone.

Your son is bad and god he

Ignores your pleas for pain relief

The whiskey doesn’t touch it.

And it sure ain’t a crutch it

Is a pain relief.

A strain relief.

But it can’t keep

A lid on it.

Cops And Dodgers

Old Frank Knox was a cop.

An old cop who knocked off blocks.

Frank didn’t spare the rod.

And everywhere he trod

Tho’ now it seems quite odd,

If Frank gave you a nod

You nodded back.

There was no lack of self respect.

You got all that and heck…

Old Frank would kinda hug you.

Tho’ his hugs, he kinda mugged you.

You didn’t fuck around

In yours and Frank’s home town

Cause he’d know it was you

Like when his window blew

In a million pieces and

Old Frank, he says

You’re cleaning that up!

And I know it’s tough

But you’re weeding my garden for a month.

Life Ain’t Big

A spark.

A flash.

A cymbal smash.

A slug that turns your lights off.

That shot that knocks your block off.

You were just so slightly here.

When Mama Turns

I love you, you bastard!

You’re a tough guy to love!

You lie and you cheat and you think you’re above

Judgement or criticism or just common sense.

And you bend with the liquor cloaked thick in defense.

There’s a monster inside you.

With claws made of guilt

Rips relationships holy

And all that you’ve built

Comes tumbling down in flashes of anger

The survivors run out for the good hats don’t hang here.

And you cry and you bluster

But you cannot muster

An apology

Cause all of thee

Sails the bad ship dementia.

How To Win The Lottery Without A Ticket

Mister Ponzi was a nice man.

Carry your momma’s bags.

And if she bitch ’bout bein’ ripped off?

Bitch is just one a dem hags.

Mister don’t care.

Mister, he square.

And he got de tabs to prove it!

Doan belead me? Den screw it!

He goan show he can do it!

You goan see you done blew it!

You be undone.

Cat gotcha tongue.

Now, it’s no fun.

You plain crazy in da midow.

Dawgs Without Attention Equals Tension

Jesus you rip shit up.

You toss it around.

You bastard up the whole fair ground.

And shit wherever you like.

But the shit you like ain’t right.

Falling forward.

But falling, still.

Do what you want.

Do what you will.

But buddy stay off dat pony.

God Save The Angry

SNAP! Went the lady.

Who weren’t no lady at all.

That bitch would scratch your eyes out.

Kick your feet out as you fall.

Then she’d yell at you.

Call you out.

Bitch would cry and holler and shout.

Complaints would gouge like hidden knives.

Guilt icing chocolate cake.

Pile on pity til the horse grunts.

Fillin’ up Hot Tears Lake.

Late night long texts.

Spittin them regrets.

Sounds like all bets

Are off.

My Friend I Need Burned Me Sof Ucking Bad

Holy shit!

When will I learn?!

That the very reason you exist

Is to nuture and to burn me?

To throat lean hard’n learn me?

To paper my walls.

Praise up cat calls.

Blindness befalls

The many worshippers of you.

You’re gonna burn them.

Jesus Was Adopted

Buddy loved meth.

All he could get.

Get it in ‘im.

Get him in it.

S’all the same

In this minute.

Round and round on the inside.

Lookit him spin on the out.

It really don’t matter.

Stare right at ‘er.

Eyes burning into the sun.

Recognize the glue she’s undone.

Now you know why there’s no fun.

And possibly the reason you run.

Right into danger.

Left you’re no stranger.

Sir, you’re all smoke and no traction.

Oh Mife Uck Did I Stop Myself

He was going to come unglued.

A state they were accustomed too.

Because Buddy did.

Like a little kid.

Sniffled and whined.

Toked and dined.

On the People’s dime.

Sorry, little fuck.

Your jig is up anda

Takes great luck

Which you don’t have.

Lova bitter salve.

Gimme tasta half…

Don’t believe in karma?

That is gonna harm ya.

In ways you cannot fathom.

The Unbelievable Life

You got Nixon, Dick.

On your back.

Got a whole facade.

Full of cracks.

Got a nod from the top.

We don’t talk.

Bout that crock.

Makin’ shit up.

Fuckin’, and rough.

Puttin’ on a bull mask.

Better you don’t ask

Or ol’ Dick Nixon gonna get you.

The Nose Have It

She stuck it in.

Pulled it out.

Nostrils with a pile of clout.

Furious blows without a doubt.

She won’t need a hanky.

She sees hanky panky.

All around and she does hound

All who would not thank thee.

No hesitation to spank thee.

Maybe house arrest.

Maybe try her best

To curb your appeal.

Deaf to your squeal.

Say, is this real?

Through a mask they scold

Buddy, you’ve been told.

Cover up or wrath be with you.

Life Lived Forward. Lessons Learned Backwards.

History happens.

Then we look at it.

Shit happens.

Then we smell it.

You get burned.

Then you feel it.

If you’re stuck in the happening.

You will continue crapping in

The same damn place you eat.

Four By Four Missing

No nail. No hammer. No toolbelt too.

No saw. No sawhorse. No carpenter too.

No wire. No fuse. No soldering too.

No music. No lightshow. No happiness boo!

No courage. No strength. No fortitude you.

No matter. No worry. We know what to do…

No crying. No swearing. No struggling you.

You sit down.

You lay down.

You stand down.

You do.

When You Whip Your Head Around, The Sound It Makes.

Oh happy day at the circus!

Got clowns and clowns and clowns.

Take you for some scary rides.

Giggle if you sick.

Frightened you maybe too many times

Come to think of it.

They could give a shit.

Feed them drama.

Give ’em all they want.

They take it until you’re gaunt

You’re a bystander to their grand show

And though you should, you kinda know

Shit’s real head turner and

Your neck says Whoa!

Worry Wart Stew

Oh my guts!

My guts! My guts! My guts!

All twisted in knots

Fulla if, ands and buts.

Hope the whiskey mighta caught it

But no, no, no…

Arms wrapped tigher than punching dough.

God please help me!

What’d I do?

Spear to the bread basket

Through and through.

Wiggle on the line like you want to be free.

Jump like they want you to

Cant you see?

Fishing is a sport, sport.

Your job is to report

Schools ripe for their plunder.

You don’t take no number.

Go to the front line.

You’ll do just fine.

Is that your tummy rumbling?

Hillbillies And Halfwits

Nobody took you to the cleaners.

You went by yo’ seff.

Zero percent.

Givin’ money away.

You just step off de shelf?

It’s deep out here man.

Swim if you can

But me…?

I’d stay out de water.

Unless you tink ya gotta

Sink or swim

If shit’s so dim

Shoulda stayed on land

But that’s too bland

And looks outlandish.

To you in that life preserver.

Real Is As Real Does

You are an ass.

Argue if you want.

That’s what asses do.

Arguing asses flaunt

Their zest for life.

Their endless fright.

Need to be right.

So sweet right, right?

In this world sir, I reign.

Bow to my way for gain.

Through contrast you stay sane.

But give no quarter,

Here is not for you.

You are but a minor spice.

In this people stew.

Verbotenly Hot

Don’t sweat it the border.

Or the hospital or a port.

Don’t sweat it at the mag lev train

Or you won’t get aboard.

Prices got you out of sorts?

Has your temper and funding grown short?

It will be noted on your wreck-ord.

That you are a little hottie.

Go sideways with that naughty.

It’s a damn good thing they spot yee.

But you ain’t see no oven.

Sleep As Long As You Can Then Relax

Waking up is hard to do.

Especially if that other room

Is booming with a view.

I mean, what’s a chile to do?


Or sneak out the back way

So you wake nobody up?

Real Time Mandala

Ran as slow as he could he did

And the past fell apart behind him.

In the present they would not find him.

Always fought the good fight.

Fought like hell then took flight.

Saw that something wasn’t right

But slowed down a little too fast.

Took everything off the gas.

And when time came to pass

It wrecked on the outside.

You. Now. Don’t. Drive.

You ride the hole ride.

Stick to the water side.

That net will take your head off!

Noti Me

I’m going into space now.

I’m going into space.

First the air won’t fly anymore.

Then flying isn’t flying.

Then I can’t recall if the stars came out.

And neither can the other guys.

We were lost, no up or down.

No protective layer of lies.

The homesickness! Homesickness!

Homesickness struck and we had yet to leave the earth!

Sope… we couldn’t chance it.

Santa and chimney, silly suited elves

They couldn’t chance it may not work.

Like touch the face of God and maybe hurt her.

Nope. They couldn’t chance it.

Like Doh See Doh they had ’em dancing.

Everything and how enhanced it was!

Nothing was real but how did it feel?

Like it was real. It was real! It was real!

And yes sir, it is…

Now here, sip a fizzy.

It is sir, it is real!

You can feel it…

Interdimensional Morse Code

I felt you tapping my forearm.

Flexing my bicept.

Cramped my calf you fuck!

Spazzed my lungs, locked my hamstring.

Ankes, I couldn’t get up!

The messege was loud and clear…

I don’t own me. I’m for rent.

I’m the renter so hellbent.

On living life like this was me

when interdimensionally

You could tug my umbilical cord

And in No Time there I’d be.

Hola Dementia!

You called me up and called me down.

Said you’d prefer it if I found

Another place to hang my hat.

With no discussion, that was that.

But only you were angry.

I hid a tiny smirk.

You wagged your finger.

Said you’re a ringer

For a jerk. You’re a jerk. A jerk!

I saw your lips move

But that did not prove

To me that you were speaking.

It wasn’t my mom freaking

Out about nothing.

Was not her thing

She loved and lived and raised five kids.

She loved a monster and monsters give

Two shits about nothing and she got lots

She suffered in silence and for it got

To forget her life

And the wonder she wrought.

The Love Demander

You growl and snarl and gnash your teeth.

You scratch, you bite. Refuse to eat.

Denied? There’s no denying.

If you could, you would be crying.

But you can’t.

So you whine.

You say that love’s mine!

And you take it from anyone.

Anyone at all

And if they answer

And heed your call

You’ll take their love

You’ll take it all.


When the food bank bounces

Your ass out the door

And the shelves are all empty

Cause you’re broke and so poor

That the holes in your clothes

And in your story of life

Begin to join up

And block in any light

That might brighten your path

Or illuminate holes.

Cause once you goes through one

You just go ’til you goes.

Deep Shit

I saw the crap around the sphincter muscle of the belly of the beast.

I saw good men go bad.

I saw greed deny safety, hurt people and beat down moral.

I saw murder in my brother’s eyes and he was looking at me, his disagreer.

My god, I saw waste.


Saw lying and politics like disagreeing just because.

I saw plans that would never work because they were not working.

I saw asses full of kisses and a pile of brown noses.

I saw good people jump ship while pirates clambered aboard.

Disrespect and suspicion became the language of choice.

Cannibalism. I saw people eating themselves alive.

My god, I saw this and more and…

That was on the good ship Heaven and today we’re on a cruise from Hell.

When All Your Shit Adds Up

Looking the other way.

How is that okay?

You swear an oath.

You speak in code.

The bad man rode beside you.

Was blue but not the true blue.

It’s not a color but a cover

For some.

The badge as a power for good

Is done.

The people don’t believe they’re here to serve,

No one.

Rent yourself your own cop.

For your neighborhood.

Rent the best damn cops you can.

Pay ’em to do good.

Ruff Sets

He looked McDoglass in the eye

And barked McDoglass!

Why Dawg?! Why?!

McDoglass sighs a little sigh

Then turns them big eyes skyward.

Could no more be a lie herd

For tunderin’ jesus…

Dare, he dare was!

By gosh it’s dah manna de hour!