The Throwers Of Quill

Shit came out her eyes and nose.

Tiny veins wrapped with pantyhose

Couldn’t contain the poison, so…

She hissed instead of speaking.

You couldn’t help but see her tweaking.

Even though she seemed so freaking






Beat Yourself


The landlord says the rent is due.

You don’t pay no rent.

The lottery dude says tickets here!

But the lottery loot bin spent.

You don’t know no god of luck.

Only luck you got is you.

Someone gonna better the best you got

At someone sure as hail be you!


The Purpose Of Life

If you ask what is the purpose of life

You’re already on it.


Visit Your Past Like A Personal Cemetery


Please be a fucking idiot.

A retard and a sloth.

Be the worst of the worst.

A stink-bomb with shoes.

From there you shouldn’t get lost.

Grunt when you think about old you.

Cringe when you re-live that stank.

Savor the fact that you washed off that shit.

Think of someone you must thank.




Mom And Dad Said They Didn’t Lie But They Didn’t Know The Truth


When I say Halt!

You halt.

If I ask who you are

You say.

If I rest my hand on my gun like this

That is when you pay.

With your life? You ask.

Good question, dude!

Read my lips, it helps me resist rude.

Yes! With your life!

What else you got?

Disappear the whole works with

One good shot.

What you got ain’t enough

That’s true.

But it’ll do.






If You Ain’t Infected With Kaizen, Don’t Get In The Game.

Collaboration met competition and

The two of them arm-wrestled.

They each stood on the greenest grass

And in each other’s sights, they fessed up.

Rested untested like spilling the beans.

No barred holds, no barriers.

No stupid damn meetings.

Sure, they damned the torpedoes and

Then they took to the air.

Dragged the future to the present like

They didn’t even care about


There’s no time.

No time to compare.

Just engage yourself and

Re-engage yourself and

Beware, beware, beware!

Collaborative competition.

Good shit out of thin air…




A Rising Tide Sinks Many Ships


The barnacles, Bill.

The barnacles will

Carve us a hole.

A hole that will

Hit us in our gullets and

Our gullets will

bend us and

Our unbendables.

Our unbendables, Bill!



I Know You Fucking Told Me So


Life has a boot.

A great, big boot.

And life will walk right on ya.

Now, if you scoot and

Give a hoot then

The boot might loop on by ya.

But it’s still there.

Don’t you fear.

If your soul separates

Boot’ll find ya.



Your Sense Of Urgency Left Through The Porthole Called Boredom

You say you’re the boss, but you’re not.

You say you gave up but were caught.

You say you’re relaxed but are fraught with

Lies man. Lies man.

Who ya lyan to man?

Why your lies are true man.

Through man.

Think your lying through man.



Prayers Are Wasted On Mister Brown

Mister Brown ain’t down for the count.

No sir!

Mister Brown is down for the fount.

Oh ya!

He’ll take a little sip.

Maybe look around a bit…

Mister Brown will then yawn and remount.


Unmaking Mistakes

This thing bites.

This thing sucks.

Wait here to get crushed by mucks.

Mucky-mucks who just say shucks.

You boo-hoo there, take these bucks.

Learn a lesson you

Silly fucks!



Nothing Was What He Listened To And From Nowhere He Listened Well

When I look like this keep

Your pie hole closed.

Silence is what I need.

I’ll break the silence when

It’s time to be broken.

Then you heed my lead.

Talk about stuff I want to hear.

Watch my frown

Is it happy or sad?

Don’t cross the line into

Your inter-rests or

I’ll be a bored up lad.

Okay friend?




When Your Bank And Mail And Your Phone Go Missing


Someone ain’t eating out tonight.

Or driving, right?

Peed off? Quite!

Their damn doors are app-ed up tight.

Cards ona phone now outa sight.

Kinda feeling stunned and not that bright.

See, they’re no longer a person.



Poor People Watchin’ The Rich People Prey Thought “It Gotta Be Workin’ For Them”


Bow your head for a moment afore you eat that meal.

Shit’s mighty hot and the younguns squeal

If we feeds it too fast

It’ll burn yer mouth

Then you soon forget what

Eatin’s about.


When You Blindly Reach Around Gonna Grab The Sparkplug

Oh, you’re gonna get a shock!

A shock that stops all talk.

And hold it long enough, your clock.

Blindfolded, why you walk

That unnecessary plank?


Sublimate Yourself By Choice Only

That dude makes you sick.

That dude is a prick.

Why you gonna stick

When that dude makes you sick?


When The Knives In Your Back Get Too Heavy


Your hand went over your heart during anthems.

You marched everywhere you went.

Our rules twisted with twisty beer caps.

Your rules would not be bent.

You toed the straight line, the tough and the narrow.

Corruption splashed over you but you didn’t care oh,

You saw it and nod to it, you stepped away.

But tell me man, honestly, how did that pay?

Did they berate you, dismiss you and hang you to dry?

Did those bastards way-lay you and spit in your eye?

Did they promise the right thing then secretly lie?

So now you, you soldier.

You citizen, you.

Now that they’ve used you

What will your heart hand do?



(Photo credit FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)





Coming Full Circle You Goddamn Square?


Man, you learn fast!

Too fast to note.

Future gonna get your bloody goat.

Watch where you step.

Don’t step out.

Every damn swing lose a little clout.

You no lout.

Gitcha shit together and go about

Your business. Business.

Go about your business.


Until Death Do Ye Part Wit Problems

Blessed be those little squeaks.

Little freaks.

They not weak.

They will never taste defeat.

Nor get beat.



It’s A Bounce Then, Not A Crash.



You don’t say…

Just a tap and walk away.

Make the gap toward Norse Frey.

Enter they not injured, nay.

Shaken, they awake.


Oh My God Entanglement!


Trip you, the bastard.

The bastard will.

Slip you on a step and

Spill your swill.

Catch your hole on a handle knob.

Drop shit on you ’til you sob

Why me bitch?! Let me be!

Let me live entanglement free!

Then you’d touch nada.

Nada touch you.

You go back to sleeping soon.


Hah Hah! THEY Own The TV But YOU Choose The Channel!


You watch whatever damn show you want.

A mystery, a thriller, a drama.

Is this show a winner or does it bomb?

The script, is it short or is it long?

Can each scene start with music and a song?

Should this part be serious or maybe fun?

C’mon, touch that dial and let ‘er run!



You Don’t Have To Be Seen To Be Known

There’s a track in the dirt

And it’s not from you.

It’s a paw print and

Your paws have shoes.

Heading this way.

That way, too.

What’s this paw print

Trying to do?


If Yer Gonna Hit The Ditch, Slow Down.


There’s a rule and it’s made of gold.

It’s a hellova thing to behold.

Once it’s gotya

Don’t get caughtya

Striking off on your own.


Without Gods


Billions of books with empty pages.

A million halls with empty stages.

Miles of cloth and cardboard, not on heads.

People resting on Sunday instead

Of wearing Kirpans and shiny crosses.

No congregations or sharp dressed bosses.

Collection plate bizness in the dumper.

No bedside prayers or Latin muttered.

No smoking balls on silver chains.

No souls ransomed for financial gain.

No pews or mats from which to prey.

No hate, no love nor need to say

You choose my god or go to hell!

No Someday chants and clanging bells.

No us and them and tithing, well…

There’d be no more and no up sell

To enter Heaven in all it’s names.

Perhaps we’d stop these silly games.

Lord willing, we’d return to sane.



Three Daze

Oh you can’t be nice forever.

Ain’t enough slack to cut.

That smile kinda hurts on the second day

When everyone’s had enough.

But you, you tough it out.

Close your nearly full ears.

Maybe you say you’re laughing

To explain those burning tears.

As shit piles up.

Six feet high.

You wonder if you really could

Kill and lie.

You could say they left.

Like your mind has too.

Do ya hafta snuff the captured

In the whole damn zoo?

Maybe not. Calm down.

You’re a visitor, you.





The Rogue Tiger

There are people in this world

Who are nicer than nice.

With mouths not full of shit

And hearts not filled with ice.

They speak words of kindness

Safety and concern.

They live by their golden rule

To never gouge or burn

Their customers, whom love them back

And promise to return.



You’ve been told

How things are.

Now you know they’ve

Gone too far.


I Gotta Showya

How many times?


Your Important Isn’t


Joe woke up the other day.

Woke right up and Joe did say

I’m awake Holy Cow! 

And that’s okay!

But awake he was to what…?

Awake is not enough!

You gotta feel it in your gut!

You’re kneeling pal, get up!

See now up here.

It’s three dee, hear?

And now you see the crow fly.