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Add Yourself

There was no point. No point to start from and No point to reward A listener for their Wee bitta tension. See, tension has its place In wires and tents. But present tense, no.


Oh, you better not pout. You better not shout. You’ve gotta look out For your neighbor. But you alone cannot save her. That will take millions With paper face still on You’ll know if they’re trying to kill you. They will bare their teeth. With perlies indiscreet They will try to sweep You right off […]

The Lone Ranger Wore A Breathing Mask

Tonto spoke when spoken to. Not before. And he and El Arr Both had horses. And of course They both had guns. No one fucked with El Arr. Or Tonto. Same, same… same.

They Made A Secret Secret Country

Two hundred million people strong. Had no flag or national song. But everyone there felt the longing The call from humanity. The sound of being free. Whom care about the other. See sister and too brother. Chasing that freedom. Rising above them. Fools selling tyranny.

No Sign Of Heaven

Hell has signs. Lots of signs. Hell has signs to make up minds. Hey NO ENTRY! YOU STAND HERE! Hell has signs about drinking beer. NOT TOO EARLY! NOT TOO LATE! Hell has signs like CLOSE THIS GATE! TOO FAST! TOO SLOW! Hell says STOP! And when to GO! Ya, you’ll know. If you’re so […]

Shit Eaters

Maybe you live More than once. Maybe you died Thanks to cunts Taking your life Against your will. Maybe you’ll come back Many times still If you come back As a fly You’ll eat shit And you won’t ask why.

That Feeling Of Throwing Out

Welled up inside him Could not stop it. Swallowing won’t work Air has no profit. Listen, just drop it! Stop it From coming up Coming out Don’t say today please Don’t tease me with pleasantries Hit me with the question Have I learned my lesson? Or is sombody taking my space?

Believe In Things Not People

A car is worth money. A house is too. Those two things are Worth more than you. You are just a person. Persons need to eat. Persons cost money And you can’t beat Money out of persons. They have no value. Maybe sell their car Or their house, what have you. But people, on their […]

Just A Side Note To My Captors

John Mcafee killed himself. Tattooed himself to death. Touted concepts so outrageous Caused them much regret. We shall avenge no debt. It’s all even. John be leavin’ His mark on this game. Shit is not the same. And like John said. If he winds up dead. John Mcafee killed himself.

Hiding Like A Citizen

I know we don’t stop At Stop Signs no more. No need to see ahead So boring! Maybe a minute wait Go touring. A tour you don’t want to be on. Baby it’s about our freedom. The best come down from the blasted sky. We all get burned but none ask why. Baby, we all […]

The Ginormous Covid Wall

I will speak for you mom. I will tell what they have done. But I won’t tell them On the run Thankful that I have no one To blame but this great wall. The crash, I saw it all. The mindless, standing tall Of them, there is no call To hate the Germans. Seelmanns, Hermans. […]

Anything But Golden

A little strip of paper. And elastic bands. Closed so many mouths And tied so many hands. Emptied out a billion heads Kicked out common sense. Neighbor hated neighbor Bitches got all bent So outa shape You could not tell From hell or heaven sent. They would not relent. Tiny strips of paper. Stole their […]

Dreaming At Nightmare Ridge

Oh, they started so early. Demanding and standing Ground, with no ground To stand on. Flailing about with all of that clout Chopping off most hands at random. Lord, we could barely stand them! But, there were too many And if he had a penny For every son a bitch he knew. His boat, she’d […]