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Da Fuhrer Said

When I show my palm like this My dog sits down. When I make my palm a fist My good dog growls. Then I point to target The dog begins to bark at My pointing. Anointing. Another not yet bitten. But soon those teeth will get him. My dog will be forgiven He’s doing what […]

Stop Acting Human

Aliens were at the helm. Beggars were steering the ship. When and wherever love was noticed The aliens destroyed it. They hacked at hugs. Iksnayed kisses. Buddy, don’t show your face! Here, take a sharpie. Stab it deep and often. Then you regain your place. Here, in society. There you will quietly Join the non-human […]

The Ginormous Covid Wall

I will speak for you mom. I will tell what they have done. But I won’t tell them On the run Thankful that I have no one To blame but this great wall. The crash, I saw it all. The mindless, standing tall Of them, there is no call To hate the Germans. Seelmanns, Hermans. […]

If You Stay In Your Body

You’re not going to heaven. You won’t know dimension. You’ll come back again. And again and again. If you stay in that body.

Lying In Dishonor

Bitch’s lips were moving. She was grooving On the sympathy That only she Manufactured Cause she heard It’s a big thing If no thing Actually happened And she ends Trapped innit. Haha bitch.

Somewhere Time

Early or late, you could find this great And grateful man at play. He would play along all day. You would never hear him say That’s it, I’m done. No longer fun. No, I’m undone. No, on the run. Just nodding, plodding Knowing this and that. Knowing nothing’s right Til beheld by the beholder.

Stay At Homers

Oh, you people! Goddamn sheeple! You had to graze together! Do so-and-so whatever, You had to shop. You could not stop And think about the rest of us? Now no one here can ride a bus! There’s no more beaches! No more streets is Filled with people. Goddamn sheeple! Oh, you make me sick again!

World War Bug

Once upon a time In a land A land quite close to you. There lived a little nom de plume With nothing left to do But sneak inside And there collide With all that makes up you. It knows just what to do. Separate. Hesitate. Stops all hands from shaking. Quietly it’s baking A brand […]

Counting Criminals

Buddy kytes checks til the chickens Come home to roost. Buddy doubles down like the gamblin clown He buys cars to boost. They ain’t doing time because Boat dem on the juice. They go full on out on account of Nothin can get loose. They are not like youse. They above the muse. Stay out […]

How To Control Your Adolescent Child

Ain’t a gonna happen. Not today. Kid gonna do it anyway. Now they hate you. Off their Christmas list. Tried to help them. Now they’re pissed. You eff off. Stoo-pid you. Not gonna do it Like you do. You are wrong. Sing your sad song To someone else Because me… I’m out the choir.

When The Truth Comes Out

People are stupid. That’s what they think. Teatotalers pretending Like they never drink. They will raise a stink. If they’re on the brink. Of someone finding out What they really think. People are stupid. That median below. Where they gonna go? But up.

Nonsense Hiding

We don’t lie. Not this guy. Nor do I. And we don’t protest too much. We’re not out of touch. You can’t call our bluff. You two ain’t so tough. Silly Dunning and Kruger…

The Prisoner Of War Camp Looked Like Normal Houses

If you’re gonna have a battle Better choose sides because The long march will start and Nobody rides. Keep your head low. Take it nice and slow. Weapon up and go. Hide in the brushes. Hang up in the trees. Watchin’ all the soldiers Pillage as they please. Horror by decree. They won’t let us […]

You Just Won Six Hundred Thousand!

Off your neck. Off your neck. You could breathe much easier. If dude stepped off your neck. Off your back now. Off your back. You could walk much faster now. If dude gets off your back. Out your wallet and Out your bank. When four hundred bucks equals six hundred kay… You got lucky stars […]

Minutia On The Bounty

What matters more? Food or love…? Can you get either one from The Lord above? Does he smile on kindness? And frown on hate? Does God punish whiners? Can God relate? Does God say “Go in peace?” Will he force a body out? Can he summon up the wind To blow baddies about? Does he […]

Never Not Being Fooled

World War One wasn’t world war one. World War Two was War Two Thousand. Human noses used to plough sand. Sand that won’t even stay around ‘Til tomorrow. So save that sorrow and Look above the beach. Its within your reach. To see through their speech. When they lay their wreaths That they ain’t paid […]

Does Loser Give Off A Smell That Only Losers Can’t Smell?

Malodorous. He was one of us and He held a high position. Ranking. High ranking. You hadda have the Right disposition.    

When Our Side Rapes And Pillages, We Call It Liberation.

We beat them and FUCK THEM! We beat them, we did! Like old uncle Sid said, Fuck them, they wanna fight? They get what’s coming, right? Cause if they win, shit’s bad. They’ll fuck us, be glad. That we won Because son, They’re animals. So sad…  

Everyone Is Acting

Bitch was nice until familiar. She kinda lied alot and Could easily be caught Picking her nose. She was one of those Bitches I suppose Who could not close What she fucking knows Is a pie hole big enough to drown a horse. Which, of course She would do If it would put her through […]

The Whole Thing’s About To Go Nad

They waited four hours. ‘Til their phones went dead. No one mentioned anything Then one of the children said. What are we having for supper? And why is it so damn cold?! People were shocked by the little girl’s mouth, For which her mother scolded; Dammit! Watch your pie hole! Why don’t you go Back […]

Life Is 30% Showtime, 70% Advertisement.

Attention! Attention! Your attention please! Give it to us now, man. Keep nothing up your sleeves! You need none for yourself now. And none for your family. Give your attention All your attention… One hundred percent to me! I will set you free! From your attention.

Haunted Projects

This book’s writ but Ain’t writ right. Printed words need outa sight. Editor cannot smell the plight Of an author drowning in turmoil. Barry

Unmaking Mistakes

This thing bites. This thing sucks. Wait here to get crushed by mucks. Mucky-mucks who just say shucks. You boo-hoo there, take these bucks. Learn a lesson you Silly fucks! Barry  

Your Important Isn’t

  Joe woke up the other day. Woke right up and Joe did say I’m awake Holy Cow!  And that’s okay! But awake he was to what…? Awake is not enough! You gotta feel it in your gut! You’re kneeling pal, get up! See now up here. It’s three dee, hear? And now you see […]

Someone Is KILLED Every 12 Days In Saskatchewan By Cannabis… NOT!

  Sweet Jesus protect us! From this evil weed! Jesus, we need you To super-supercede. And inhale their exhale To free us from their deed. They want us. They need us. To c’mon, c’mon, BLEED! Barry Oh shit ya, weed is waaaaaaaay worse than working! Jeepers Man!! Mission Zero MY ASS! Source:   […]

Mama Fibs A Lot About The Ghostie Guys

She said be good now Barry ’cause Santa’s watching. I didn’t touch myself that night. Just the thought of me ‘n Santa alone in the bathroom Shit didn’t feel quite right. But mama said shit was real, so it was. How was I, a kid, to know? When mama said this or that was true […]

Mamma Lied To Me An I Lied To Mamma But The Guvment Lied To Boat Of Us

There’s only one way outa This wet paper bag and It ain’t a going through the top. You better like slivers and You better like cuts because Paper’s bringing that and bringing lots. Your mind is being made up. Who make up your mind? That’s the paper bag’s weak spot. Barry   SpaceX Lands Rockets […]

If I Should Die Before I Wake I Hope The Next World Ain’t As Fake

Perception is a thing. Things can be controlled. Things can be not as they seem. Fresh paint over old. Polished up then sold. Sellers acting bold. Buyers don’t behold Anything their told. Barry  

The Climate, She Changes And Santa’s Make Believe.

Don’t look into the sun today. Maybe tomorrow too. Cause the sun is hotter and bigger than eyes. And a whole lot bigger than you. Barry  

I Resist

You fuck, you say nothing! Money is all to you. Now you meet the real currency, I bet you stay true. Benjamin,  I do! Barry.