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Buddy Gets Infected

Shit! He thought. He’d been caught. Infected. Now, he must reject it. Just to be subjective. It’s fair now, like holy cow… One could spill their beans here. Regardless of queer. One could spill their shit right here. (release their format)

Old Unvaxxed

Buddy was an idiot, retarded, a lunatic. Couldn’t go to rest-a-rants. No line up for lottery. No food not made by yourself. Less it’s take out. You not author of new shout. Hey! You bring that shit to me!

No Skipping Grade Death

Buddy was a good cadiver man. Saw him in half, see what you can. Where his heart should be… Cast iron pan. No wonder the blades of Departed are dull! Grinding a heart that hard is hell! Even to people that knew him well. Said Buddy had a heavy heart. Said Buddy just played the […]

Deeze Old Hands

Buddy’s fingers were not his. They had biz Of their own. And while he’d grown Quite at home Working those fingers Doubt now lingers Who runs them. Sometimes not him. They’d hurt him for no reason And there seemed to be a season When they wouldn’t work at all. When Buddy sent the call Pick […]

De Struggle

Buddy was a striver, a diver of the deep. Buddy dive so deep, bugger up his sleep. What have I done now? he’d say. So much easier to pray. Pray that someone helps him out. And shit’s so bad his help needs clout. Problem solver extraordinaire. Buddy shrugs like he don’t care. He knows problems […]

When Your Own Teeth Bite You

Buddy hadda sore spot. Right about here. Catch a little grumble, Person come near. People lika toothache Thinkin’ not clear. Rumble in the younger and Gettaway from here. Less a tippa spear, More like de hando.

I Sense Your Nonsense

Buddy was confused as fuck. Saw him waves of bad and luck. Hearda guys getting offed by truck Tires and drivers and tired drivers. Right time at the wrong place. Reality don’t play nice. No do overs, you plays The hand God dealt ya Cause if she felt that You should not be here. A […]

Getting Down To Biz-iness

Buddy ain’t punch no goddamn clock. That shit rocks The normal. Buddy just half smart Makes for a plain smart Don’t hafta then cart Some unproven opinion. Buddy just some damn minion. Don’t look at that bitch. Cause you will soon wish You didn’t see them snakes. See it just once, it takes The wind […]

No Perky Girls Or Swollen Packages And No Damn Light In The Loafers

Buddy didn’t believe the Earth was turning At one thousand miles an hour. And Buddy never thought he’d see the day Where idiots had the power To alter his reality Something he had thought to be A making made by him. But chances now were slim. To exist as he wanted. The future, undaunted, Forced […]

Debit Down But No War Yet

Buddy’s gonna buy gas but He must pass cause Now, at last… He is fucked. No damn gas for those who pass Their currency Their hurrency Shall be reduced So them less juiced Can catch up. That’s enough To make a kid ask for no raisez.

When Someone Kicks You In The Cpanel

Not your car. Not your home. No money in any bank. You are not in Rome. You? You are alone. Alone with your devices, Where asking to be nice is Kinda self defeating. Those dee-vices be bleeding Their “own-ers” kinda dry. The owners don’t think why. Cause tattlers give no shits. Tattlers just spy.