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The End Of The Second World War Was Not The End Of The Second World War

Jesus I wish you could see this Let’s remember the fallen. And what they fell for… Barry

Life Is A Ball Rolling Through This Dimension

  Oh, the things we must start and stop doing! Start feeding yourself and stop shitting your pants. Stop feeding the wildlife. Start feeding the man. Start feeding your mind. Stop feeding it shit. Stop getting angry, getting even and throwing fits. Stop needing gratitude and fairness and help. Start feeling synergy and belief in […]

No, I Ain’t Suffer From The Common Code.

If you can navigate the middle of a circus, And not become a clown. You might be a leader, Or already be a clown. Barry

No One Gives Two Shits About Your Diligence

Boo hoo for that lonely soldier. Marching there, on guard. She stands for loyalty, courage and country, Whom don’t know she works hard. Hard to please. Hard to free. Hard in degrees, Like her parents were before. Because hardness boy, tempered toy, useful goy. Two four urgent quiet, no assistance required. You know, let her […]

We WILL Be Fooled Again

  A new guy in the big house. This guy we can believe in. He acts the part. We know he’s part actor. And a damn hard act to follow… Barry

Somethin’ To Cry About

Drama. You need it. Watch your levels. Barry Decriminalization before legislation ‘a half measure’: Blair Published on Dec 18, 2016 MP Bill Blair says until legalization legislation is in place marijuana requires strict regulation and that current laws should be obeyed. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos:

For First Time Live-ers

Let’s say this is your first day on the job. How you know what to do? How many times you lived this life before? Same. Barry

Cakes Don’t Look Like Dat All Duh Way True

  See, Santa is real like Disney is real and Saskatchewan is real. Heaven is real, Allah is real and Orion is real. It’s real. All real. Now, you get real. Barry    

You Think You Know Me But Me, I Don’t.

Hey! Twenty pesos per photo! Julio get his wallet!   Oh, you knew me when I was twelve? How could you? I was never, ever twelve! I was fourteen and counting and growing so fast, the pressures were mounting mostly because Mama, she floundered and Dada, he pounded her, Pounded unsound to her, now Papa, […]

Don’t Forget Your Middle Name GENE

Dammit I wish I was too fat! You’re so tall. You’re so smart. Grew up from a little fart. Or maybe fart’s too vague. Too widespread ’cause Who you are and what you doz was In you long before you was. Barry

I Knew This Guy Who Married Stupid Bitches FOUR TIMES In A Row

Jesus Christ… That’s Arby’s! ARBY’S!!   Go ahead and treat me rude. I can take it. Rude is my middle name! I can fake it. I’ll treat you just the same. I’m a placator. Alligator. See you later. Barry  

Shit At The Bottom Is Chaos & Confusion But Everything Goes Through THE FUNNEL.

Hey! I think I’ll shit my sheet again!   You do as you want in the bathroom. In the car if there’s no one around. But sooner or later you’ll meet them. The ones who say that ain’t allowed. Barry

You Gotta Wait For Shit To Harden, ‘Til Then It Just Won’t Burn.

Praise a lord fer buffalo cheeps!   Life is crazy and if you ride it long enough, life will crazy you up. Life can chew you up and spit you out right now, you don’t have to treat it rough. Life’ll break your legs, bust your back and kill your eggs. It’ll cramp your goddamn […]

It’s Just Mantracker, His Sidekick & The Sound & Camera Guys. (& Director)

  What’s behind all this? No one ever asks… Is there anything behind the curtain? Are the stagehands wearing black so dammit you can’t even see them? Are those stagehands moving shit around and manufacturing settings? Is there a director for this real thing called life? Yes and yes! A thousand times YES! Your opinion […]

Arrg! Persistence!

Hello, my name is Barry and I am a quitter. Okay, I once was a quitter but now I have quit quitting. Yes, I complain and bitch and kick the dirt and cry. Sure, I whine and say why me lord? and try to blame someone else for my misfortunes. Of course I attempt to […]

The Real Power Rangers

Back in the day, I was a thermographer. At’s right, a thermographer. I took photos of heat patterns when there wasn’t much call for photos of heat patterns. “Thermography,” I said. “Infrared imaging,” I said just a wee bit louder – for effect… “You know, taking pictures of heat…” “Uh okay,” the tire shop assistant […]

Lazy You Must Be Or You Gonna Work Dee Mop

You wanna put a tag on every god damn pump. But there, where the pump plugs in, is another idea jump. You say see it by where it plugs in, Not underwater like yee. I’ll be a son-of-a-pupster… ya, You are smarter than me! Barry (wrote this about my wife who turned out to be […]

The Television “Program” Saturday Night Live Runs A Laugh-Track.

Why? Cause laughing people makes for people laughing! Hah! Barry

There Ain’t No Quitting

You can leave this floor. Close that door. Wind up poor. Your choice. Barry

Failure Comes In Particles Then Waves

The truth, she hurts when she bites. See, the truth is you ain’t been paying attention. Least, not to those moving reeds, Nor those cracking branches. The panting, that sneeze?! Sheesh! Open your eyes! And get up off your knees!! Barry

Lucifer Lives In The Details And Gratitude Visits Seldom

Do what you can pally. Do what you can. No one cares about the doer tho they care about what was done. Get all your fun from what you done. Be proud, act proud and not out loud. But inside yell and please, pray tell, Because the Devil does his work before you clock in. […]

Praise You, Constraint Theory.

If Jesus had a middle name, I bet that name was Harold. Jesus H. Christ! Gotta be, gotta be Harold… A name spoken far and wide. Sometimes muttered softly under dirty clothes in a closet and many times screamed madly from a bombed out, burning rooftop. “Harold!” whispered in disbelief. Jesus… H… Christ… “Har!” screamed […]

The Wondrous Hobby Of Hazard Assessing

  See, things aren’t as they seem. That thick slab of concrete wall section balanced on that truck that your 19 year old son is standing beside? It’s gonna slip off the truck and kill him in three, two, one… Your son. Your nineteen year old, beautiful, beloved son. Course he knew only for a […]