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No Perky Girls Or Swollen Packages And No Damn Light In The Loafers

Buddy didn’t believe the Earth was turning At one thousand miles an hour. And Buddy never thought he’d see the day Where idiots had the power To alter his reality Something he had thought to be A making made by him. But chances now were slim. To exist as he wanted. The future, undaunted, Forced […]

Please Bitch, Please!

You’ve got no right Just out of spite To say I am no fixer. I work these hands ’til blister. My friends, they call me mister. But you misread me. Bitch, belead me… This shit here don’t fly. You are not my guy. We ain’t buds and just because You wear a ring I gave […]

God Had No Backs

This house is your castle. Lord help those who hassle A man in his castle but One day you sold it and Wouldn’t you know it That home went away. Like, castles don’t stay In awareness any more Than the fashion you wore Last decade adorned you Now closeted, warn you Don’t throw me away! […]

God Doesn’t Laugh

Humor has a side effect. It affects both top and bottom. Causes wretching and end of speech. So tell jokes if you got ’em. God, he’s heard them. Every joke. So God ain’t laughing. Poka yoke. Now the joke’s On you.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Dread

He was one foot tall But not that small When it came to his size of alive. He lived large without any striving. He thrived on the little things. Watching and listening and Seldom out loud. His head he bowed To a smaller god A tiny god He couldn’t gets his paws around him. His […]

So Invisibly Huge It’s There!

God doesn’t sell shit on his own. God stays put while you leave home. You on a bench while god does thrones. Buddy don’t rep himself. That shit’s off the shelf. He won’t even help Promote him. With proof so thin One can’t begin To sell it. To hell it Goes then comes back again. […]

Watchman On The Titanic

Oh, the wind came up. Whipped the sea like a horse. Galloped on it’s last legs Blew us off course. The sails tried to drown us. The sharks on land below. Circled like they knew we’d sink. Somehow they seemed to know. We fell and whirled and flailed about. Sharks and sailors in this rout. […]

Believe In Things Not People

A car is worth money. A house is too. Those two things are Worth more than you. You are just a person. Persons need to eat. Persons cost money And you can’t beat Money out of persons. They have no value. Maybe sell their car Or their house, what have you. But people, on their […]

Don’t Plead Guilty If You Ain’t

They ask. Are you guilty? You say no. You say yes then There you go. On a new path. You don’t know. You’ve never been there Deep breaths, slow. Slow your breathing. Now, start seeing They hurt guilty. One and all. Plead you guilty You will fall Into a grinder You won’t find there Mixtures […]

God Save Us Alcoholics

Jesus knew how to use a drink. He didn’t think that men would sink To the lowest low. Jesus didn’t know. He was here to sew Good not evil and Jesus wasn’t feeble. Handle his booze. Jesus didn’t choose To act the loser. Watch a box, ahh… Gotcha gotcha! Jesus ain’t hangin’ around!

God Wouldn’t Get Five Stars

Nope. Didn’t come to work. Too many times. God is good not great.

Yesterday Exists Next Door, Next Door.

You won’t like where you have been. Boredom bile burns acidic sting. You’re fed up with everything. And murder’s on the rise. You are not surprised. For if you could, you’d turn back time. But that time is not this time line. That time is next door…

Red Letter Days Can Begin Blue

The shit can hit the absolutely shitiest fan. You can lose it all on an also ran. The worst can detonate your bullet proof master plan. And it can still be a damn good day. You have learned that was the price you paid. To be here right now and you think Holy cow! Today […]

The Power Of No Thing

Underarms don’t stink because The owners of them think About today, who maybe drinks From the dankest, hairy sink? And then they drop a little color In the water. The table’s set for someone, Perhaps you. The clerk waits to serve someone, Could be you. The lottery spoiled someone. The gunman shot at someone. The […]

Only You Can Prevent Random

When this light flashed two times, He touched that. When that bar spun like this, He tapped that. Then a chime would sound and He’d turn around and There he found a young man Had brought cashola. It was time for holy moly! Now he was in casholi! But feed the lights he must. Feed […]


Today ain’t good and Tamorry ain’t no better. But what’s a couple changes to An old go getter? Go get this. Go get that. Hurry up man! Get on back! Changed our mind. You change yours. Get back down On all fours. You stand tall. Only if you wobble. No stead fast. That breeds trouble. […]

Lucky Is A Double Edge Sword

Make it. Push it. Gobble yours up. Hard to get a handle on Bad ‘ol luck. Gotta make a place to park it. Or it will never ever darken The doorway To you way And how you get to it. It’s a stranger. Hint ‘o danger. Re-arranger of life. Luck doesn’t play nice. It’s fire […]

Momma Mouse, It Wasn’t Me. Or Was It?

We strolled through the evergreen grove. Little Touche and I. He’s a good cat and I’m a good guy. Neither cat nor guy that curious, just meandering side by side. Came upon an innocent baby mouse and that innocent beggar died. Squeaking… so sad, I had to walk away. But Touche and his unfortunate prey, […]

In This Body-Bag You’re The Zipper

They think you’re dead. Gurgle if you’re not. Cause if you don’t The beggars won’t Do shit. They’ll leave you zipped up tight.

This Next Letter Will Change My World

Virtual is as virtual does and ya Cannot stop just because The guy in front of you Hogan dos. If you do not know what Hogan dos den stand Aside as Hogan does cause Hogan dos an dos.

God Could Love You

Look into the mirror. That spot there in your eye. You look and look and the time it took, Don’t u wonder why? You took that time or The time took you? Don’t you wanna whisper, Who baby, who?

God Will Kill You

Some people try to bite god once. God swats ’em outa the sky. Other folks nibble at god’s big feet. They try to bite god, they try. Stomp! Goes god and they go away. Giving other non-biters the chance to prey, They say… God will help you! God’s your friend! Y’ain’t meeting god tho’ Until […]

Muscle Cramp Is Your Not There State

Hello rigor mortis! Got life force to support us. See, life completely forces Us up and all around these courses and We must bow before it Let’s us stand up while ignoring Arthur unrigging our mooring Set these bones a’ slightly drifting ‘Pon a sand ever a sifting out The bad man, siftin’ Out the […]

You’re Made Of Straw Man

They said the bank account was his. Then they took it. They said he should mind his biz. Then they took it. They made the world turn. They made the climate burn. They made the people yearn For More man! Mormon! Gives us some chore man! So we get to heaven cause This. Ain’t. It. […]

He Saw These Timelines

Wanna start fresh. New Davey Koresh. But without his mesh wit Authority. Be da Davey, see. That goes freely. Maybe no kids shot. ATF not bought by Cristy Anne. With Her new plan To lengthen The span of control. That’s how we roll.  

You Walk With The Devil Not Run From Him

Oh Satan, damn you! Playing all these tricks. Giving me these kicks… Did you think I thought this was free?! Hell no man, hell no man! I’m here for the show man! A show man? It’s Beelzebub, see?! But don’t walk in front of him He’ll trip you… He will! And he’ll cackle and shackle […]

Satan Admires Persistence If It Drives You To Drink

You should stop already. There’s bad ahead of you. It’s on you like shit to a blanket. No need for you to crank it. Just thank it and move aside. Don’t you and it collide. It brings the great divide. Builds crevace twice as wide. Makes folks wish they died. Then they do it – […]

Words Or Swords, What’s It Gonna Be?

You runnin’ off at the mouth Or your fists? Are you puttin’ up or down a fight? Do you spread darkness? Makin’ up some bad? Dontcha ever think of flight? Make a gangland symbol. Spread your shit around. Tell a little story by the Color of the ground. They might get the picture. They might […]

Of Course It Repeats It Repeats It Repeats

There’s a one o’clock tomorrow. And a Saturday next week. The year after this has twelve more months. And the shit’s gonna be as deep. Tide goes out. Tide comes in. Who knows where the tide has been? Ride the tide. Do not hide From the tide because There is one.

Body, Mind And Him Whom Loses Dat Mind.

This ain’t it, he said With a frown. Knew what happened ‘afore Shit went down. Knew this was a circus. Andy was a clown. People paid to be afraid And scary’s in his blood. Needed bad a russian vain Someone from the hood. A mask they’re gonna take off. Buddy, where’s your mask? Showin’ off a […]