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Humans Throw Stones. SMART. Monkeys Throw Stones. STUPID.

Our evolution is showing. The gap is fast closing between us and the chimps. How I wish it was because they were getting smarter. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Of course animals plan ahead. Name a chicken who don’t want to work for KFC. Some folks throw stones for free. Others, you’ve got to […]

Da Sheep Is a-Leaving. Are You On or Off Pal?

There was talk of hush money. I need money. A LOT of money. Millions. How much money are we talking, I asked. Dude says two million. To do NOTHING. And maybe more to keep it that way. Finally! A solid official job. Gee, dad would sure be proud of me now… Two mil for nada. […]

Hey DAD! I Think I Finally Figured Out How We Live / Die / Live!

Brett, Barry & Garry Williams May 2011 Holy Schmoly. Maybe I should wait for the pot to wear off but right now I think I figured out how to easily imagine string theory. The way I see it, we move through our lives in the exact same way a coin spirals down and around a […]

DEATH: The Only Freedom For Sad Saps Skinned By Marriage and Regular Drink

Sure as Hell You Girls Look Dis Like Lawyers Jermaine is a recovering alcoholic. And a former jehovah’s witness. Susan is a divorced cougar. Each of them in their own special way will dutifully slide into the harnesses slipped onto them by their friends, co-workers and acquaintances and will prove themselves hardy stock by pulling […]

Birthday Suited Mohandas Gandhi JUST SLEPT With His Nude Nieces. SLEPT.

Yukiya Amano. Yukiya Amano, Yukiya Amano, Yukiya Amano. I like the way this dude’s name sounds and hopefully you do too because you’re going to be hearing it a lot more. In his previous role as Japan’s foreign minister he would have gotten to know a lot of shakers and movers from many countries and […]

Flame Throwers Are Passé

Now, right about here is where your complaints & feedback overriding collide Zero folks torched Captain! I don’t think this kind of report is provided anymore. Nope, modern commanders receive a comprehensive battle activity summary illuminating all manner of carpets and the shite load of items begging to be swept under them. And jeepers, these […]

Shit’s Stopping. Has To.

Who makes / moves stuff? Regular people. Who is now (and have always been) getting the shaft?! The same folks. And now in a million ways they resist. To get respect. Go figure. Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

From Now On We Invest In People ONLY

No more hiding behind companies or laws. No more federal or any one else’s reserve. Just notes by you. Who want some? Thank you, friend. Barry out. This new loot is scary stuff on account of having so much to Look At.  

And So This Ten Year Old Girl Sells Me A Four Pack Of Beer

Get your chunk of Sympathy Rage Cake. The middle of nowhere. This is the destination I had been traveling toward for three Broken Pavement Ahead hours. Now, through terrible weather and Red River Cart hacked up roads, I had finally arrived! The place was comprised of barely enough houses to mark a map and a […]

Death By Radiation Can Be Kinda Fun

Yes, there’s a spot for you, too. You’re OUT! No… SAFE! OUT! Am NOT! I’m SAFE! Every neighborhood baseball game inevitably contains similar negotiations as the players strive to fulfill the duties of a vacant impartial umpire. Never-the-less, even with the arguing and occasional play stoppages, the overall result is the same. Nobody gets smacked […]

The Ghost In Our Machine Is Us

Drool: Day thirty-seven so sweet & cute and Day twenty nine thousand you disgusting old beggar What matters most – the message or it’s delivery system? Marshall McLuhan said the medium WAS the message and yep, I agree with him in the same fashion that hopping into a car or boarding a train actually means […]

We Are WAAAY More Screwed Than You Think But You Didn’t Hear It From Me

Fukushima + 98  (June 16, 2011) Yeah, that’s her, officers… “Now SHUT UP about that stuff, you hear?!” “I don’t want to listen to one more thing to do with that GARBAGE!” My wife Kathy was right pissed and I could see her point(s). It was Fukushima plus 94 (June 12, 2011) and for three […]

Can The Mind’s Eye Be Opened Without Punching People In The Head?

A message Sire… Tried to get it to you asap but the pen arrows & gut razor slowed me up a tad, ughh. What does it take for people to change? Who invests time to scratch beneath the effects of life to mayhaps discover motives or some of the deeper causes of the situations we […]

The Will To Power Has a Strange Way of Capturing People

Jeffrey Immelt Down and before him: Neutron Jack. Everyone at some level wants to be top dog. And some of the folks vying for said position do weird shite to be there. Really weird. The highest blow job in the highest oval office. Barry Sealed cases of cash and white powder. And emailed photos of […]

A Person Can Only Eat So Much Gold

The wealthier a person is, the more they seem to value precious metals and money. Poor people, on the other hand, think the important things in life are food, family and a warm place to shit . Our planet, living in the same neighborhood as us, also hasn’t benefited so well from all the “wealth” […]

Are Family “Curses” Real? I Bet They Are.

I would be quite relieved to find out that I was actually cursed. That would really explain a lot. Please let this be true. 😎 Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Why Am I So Aghast At My Own AssHolishness?

Constantly berating myself for screwing up is getting old. Why the hell do I feel so terrible about falling down when proven shysters like Bill Clinton and Brian Mulroney feel good enough about themselves to charge fortunate saps $300 a pop just to have supper with them? Yeah, it’s time for me to start practicing […]

Lying Can Be A Thing Of The Past With This Data Suppression Procedure

Did you or did you knot just shite your pants? We ARE being fooled & mostly by ourselves. Yep, there’s some significant Tom Foolery occurring which we should probably take a look at. Little white lies of omission regarding cell phones, packaged meats, the economy and jeepers, even the future of our planet. Yes ma’am, […]

HogWash Is Easily Spotted From A Distance

Fukushima plus so and so. Probably eighty-something. While this is quite the load of gibberish now, later on, if there is a back, looking upon it will make sense. F 83. Like the day before Nagasaki, we will recall this time with relish. Cause we’ll all be hot dogs then. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]