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Stay Human. Stay!

The aliens are a tricky bunch. They work facts and we work hunches. They love loosh, live it a bunch. Want a little war with your pain? Doesn’t it seem insane? Connect the dots and See just how they got us. Baby it’s reining pain!


Holy cow, it’s so easy When life is so breezy To see gain, avoid pain. Make off like a bandit. No wondering, stranded. Some station, no fuel. Feel like a fool. No friends in that pool That somebody now have to dive in. Where does humanity thrive then? We get so rich Doesn’t anyone bitch? […]

You’ve Got This

No problem, you say. And I say okay Then you go your way And I’m alone. Alone, like I should be. I guess, if it could be Different, it would be But God doesn’t know me And this shit’s gotta happen today!

Dude Said Magic But I Saw Tricks

It was a bait the switch thing. See what for brings. Pappa gonna make them dance. Shit is so good, there’s no chance. They will ever find out This is a huge rout. Distraction the caption On all interaction Directing reaction So you’ve got the facts then Now you make a fool of yourself.

Whisper This

He said I don’t know if I should tell you this. You might dismiss it As fantasy But can you see I am a serious man. I have a serious plan. You are in it so Do not spin it. The plan won’t turn Try and you’ll burn Precious energy Exausted, you will see. I […]

Handbaskets In Hell

They were looking for treasure To bring back the pleasure Of searching and finding To replace this grinding Of tissue and bone They were all on their own Standing shoulder to shoulder And no one was bolder than His shoulder comrade. And tho they were sad They smiled through their sorrow There was always tomorrow […]

Know Both Sides

The circle has an outside And an inside, too. Choose one side and you can do Anything there, on that side. But the circle knows You won’t collide With the other side. Cold air in the atmosphere Thin skin ‘tween you and pain. You are safe on the inside. That skin is on a plane. […]

Yer Not Like Me

Yes, I brought you into this town. But you’re a clown. And no circus. Think we are here to just jerk us?! From one reality to the next? You bin hexed. An tryin’ to put the spell on us!

You Got To

Say what you have to. Even if you don’t like it. Say what you have to Even if they could give a shit. Get it out your system. It will cause you grief. Tumble up your tummy ya, You will get no sleep. Leave it, believe that, It will go away. Let it go today […]

I Lend Myself To You

Respect, I can give without losing a bit. Some left over What to do with it? Same with love And God above. There’s alot. Alot to give.

Sure, Take The Emotion From Life.

Buddy was a robot. He got Into no trouble. He had a double. Every robot was the same. Learn the game. And act artificially intelligent.

Raising Cain

Would not listen and would not Would not. We caught Shit from the get-go. Even though We were simply bystanders. Outlanders In this stream of reason. In this hurtful season. We suffer quietly Even tho he Mutters to us. Urging us To think like him. Without a whim To buddy’s absent knowledge.

De Anger Director

Holy shit, he could choke the shit Out of that fucking twit. That twit who gives a shit Bout those who care. And then how dare You say you care When you were never there! But you were everywhere Else. You selfish goddamn prick! You’re in the thick of it And I hope that growing […]

That’s Good And Bad

The cows didn’t know that The pigs didn’t know that The chickens didn’t know that The farmer didn’t know that The banker didn’t know that The mayor didn’t know that The king didn’t know that God doesn’t run this show.

Ignore The Unconvinced

He was Yep I know that. Smarter than shit. Whatever you had, he Could deal with it. But life, don’t ask him. Cause Buddy don’t know. Buddy just drivin’ dat Limo doh.

The Almost

They were gonna do this and Gonna do that but This and that fell in a trap. A trap so nefarious It wouldn’t carry us One step closer to home. This trap was made of bone. A leg and foot and head bone. Gonna wait til dark and we’re alone. Then a truth arrives and […]

Just A Hankering To Change The Internet

Jesus, the float did not work And dude was that jerk That would let things be as they were. Dude didn’t care. He said you must beware. When you don’t care, I can’t and I won’t.

Not The Same Mad Guy

Holy flew off the handle. Every time time got close. Never felt akin to the time doh. Holy wasn’t one of those. Fly by knighters. Did you get yours? Or is you knighthood In the male?

Don’t Get Bowled Over By The Rolling Heads

Listen before you cross rock canyon. The boulders whisper softly. At times they seem so awfully Nice but they ask twice And then the beggars will roll on you. There won’t be time for you to do Shit, and you won’t want to… You’ll be all washed up Like a sailer in his cups While […]

When You Wake Up Moving Forward

The car beside him Reversed fast. Buddy thought he hit the gas. But in park, he’s still, alas, Buddy ain’t going nowhere. No sense, already bin there. It’s a bad moo-vie Anyone can see All you do is don’t move Stay there…

Everyday Voting

The many me’s sat for a talk. We had to sit cause some can’t walk. Some are too damn young to talk. But they still come to the meeting. The young and old take their seating. We glance and nod our greeting. There is something so deceiving Forty Barry brings up. (He’s in his cups) […]

Pen Pals

They were trapped alright. And they were packed in tight. They fought a growing fright Until the fading light Was all but gone. Now even dawn Brought so non-reprieve That it was hard to breathe And some would love to leave But they could not. See, they were caught In the oldest bind That bind […]

Your Arms Remember

Huffing on a gas bag. Like it was the last ride Leaving Hell at eleven. Leaving Hell going to Heaven. All abored now! Inhale deep, wow! This train leaving the station. Taking a sweet vacation. Out of the drudgery. Into the snuggly Arms of a vapor. Vapor and savior. Hitch-hiking straight 😉 to Heaven.