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I Sense Your Nonsense

Buddy was confused as fuck. Saw him waves of bad and luck. Hearda guys getting offed by truck Tires and drivers and tired drivers. Right time at the wrong place. Reality don’t play nice. No do overs, you plays The hand God dealt ya Cause if she felt that You should not be here. A […]

They’re ALIVE!

Count your lucky stars On your ten fingers. Cuzz that’s more lucky stars than exist. Put a little spin Bout where you bin Cause bin and where you are Might collide. It’s like you died. Died and went to heaven. Like I said, you have been. Everywhere there is. to. go. Everyplace there is. to. […]

When You Come Back As A Lucky Dawg

Jeepers, some folks Get a lucky rebound. They’re not a fly Or a beetle that found A little shit ball They could roll around. That son a bitch Is a dog now. Sleepin’ an shitting Like a hog now. Bad stuff all outside So great they collide Dawgs one place from human.

Biting Satan’s Ankles

High steppin’ in a fake heaven. Buddy is wearing white. Folks say he’s aight. But no. That mofo is a goddamn liar. Tongue like long as a telephone wire. Shit like his should be on fire. But still dude sucks. He don’t count no cards. Ain’t seeing Jesus in no damn curds. And Jesus, he’s […]

This One Has No Name

Death is what we call it When someone stops being here. And deaf is what we call it When someone can barely hear. But that’s not there or here. Time will make if clear. Not place nor race nor Speed of pace can Bend those graced With love so placed That all things are seen […]

Not What You Ordered

Spaggetti in a pizza pan. French fries on the barbie. Had they gone too far he, Mused out loud and heard him, too Was others like him, they’d been through This storm coming. No umbrellas. That’s because of That shit bends in a hurricane. Bit insane. And temperature bends to reason.

Welp, We Did It!

Pa sometimes thought He’s a fuckup. Pa was talking bout me But pops didn’t see That me set free Can do some shit. I can win a bit. When luck sees fit. A prepared man Who knows he can Read reality Knows for sure that he Creates with his mind. God’s hands shaping time. Then […]


Holy cow, it’s so easy When life is so breezy To see gain, avoid pain. Make off like a bandit. No wondering, stranded. Some station, no fuel. Feel like a fool. No friends in that pool That somebody now have to dive in. Where does humanity thrive then? We get so rich Doesn’t anyone bitch? […]

You’ve Got This

No problem, you say. And I say okay Then you go your way And I’m alone. Alone, like I should be. I guess, if it could be Different, it would be But God doesn’t know me And this shit’s gotta happen today!

Everyday Voting

The many me’s sat for a talk. We had to sit cause some can’t walk. Some are too damn young to talk. But they still come to the meeting. The young and old take their seating. We glance and nod our greeting. There is something so deceiving Forty Barry brings up. (He’s in his cups) […]

Tons Of China In A Bull Shop

Gums were flapping Like they might take flight. Didn’t really matter if they flapped Wrong or right. They just kept flapping Night after night. Until the real problem was So far outa sight. Flapping became the thing.

Yes I Stole From Thieves

The guy said hand it over So I did and over crushed him. Slow tilted and then it rushed him. Buddy glanced eyes skyward. Exclaimed, and then I swear I heard Sucker! I’ll show you punishment! Dude looked hard and then he went Work your damndest! Me?! I got this! And you shall have no […]

I Said Boy Don’t Hide Your Feelings Just Hide

Bout eleven pee em When the sireens rang Was an erie damn feelin’ Like the angels brang A hole new reality One that he Tested for resistance Against the best At their request Send the best available. We will then rail Reality So not that he Cut this big thing in to two tense?

If You Don’t Record Your Recollections

He did it one time. It were not no crime. To do things one time. Then draw no map. That’s where it’s at. You tell them no thing. Then compasses do ring A false direction And thru erection Of a fake flag We swear, from here, to drag The only kinda drag That brings ’em […]

The Bullshat Path To Success

You are afraid of the Boogeyman And the Boogeyman is you. Can’t escape your fear It’ll find you here. No matter what you do. What if you fuck up? What if you destroy? What if what you’re chasing Is a damn decoy? Would that be a ploy To bring out the boy In a game […]

Sorry Hard Workers

Fuck those dugouts. Goddamn trenches. Sleeping outside. Mother drenches You get in dry clothes! Wanna get sick?! Mother drench us in your love. Tell us all about great things to come. Tell us just ignore that bomb. That’s right now. You know how time works.

I Will Use The Un Door

Drink from my own damn fountain. Restroom just for me. I will drive by car boy You just wait and see. Get my food to the parking lot. Meals consumed in car. Pay at the pumps Take my lumps Shit ain’t going too far. See me a little standoffish. We are not good friends. Wait […]

You Don’t Need To Panic But It’s Helpful To Know How

What time is it Mister Wolf? There were no clocks. No hands to point. No days so one we could anoint. Rich is better. Poor be bad. And if you cannot sing, Be sad. Blame your dad. If he’s around. If not, blame the dad they found For you. Be true. Try to. See you […]

Oh, So Good At Confabulation!

Bovine skat flows from her mouth. Mincing words, whispers that shout. Not what she says but How she says it. You know, she knows She’s full of shit. Faking every bit of it. Verbal dodgeball. Hit when you fall. And buddy, she’ll trip you up.

The Neverending Competition

Navigate like you can’t wait To get to the finsh line. Wound up to unwind. Fed up, still, you dine. Not your way, you whine. You can’t find the time. To see the obvious sublime. Because it’s inside you. Works right through you. Loves it’s Voodoo. Sees that you do What it wants to. Otherwise, […]

Whom Thought It Was A Right Idea

You work too hard. You drink too much. You don’t do this Or such and such. You are an asshole. And you don’t know it. You squinting eyeballs And making moaning. They like, they hate you and Even mama Could not get you. On their good books With you-your looks, Shoulda died in prison…  

Respect For The Disrespected

Hand shook too damn long. Smiling big and strong. Like you don’t belong. It’s a movie. You’re an extra, see? You’re on Life TV. You ain’t pay no fee. You’re an actor. It’s all make believe. No one says decieve. Pretty much agreed It’s an act though. Don’t get all upset. Maybe make regrets. Based […]

From Yer Up Step You Step Down

You. Were fucked. You. Lucked out. When you met me bout That notty not and You. Are fraught with Don’t get caught With yer IQ down That brings you round To the fact that yer Fucked without me.

Learn To Talk With The Manimals

Buddy’s an asshole. Suzie’s a bitch. The guy at the gate is A son-of-a-bitch. Constant complaining Goodness draining. No refraining. You stay sane if You see the nail they lay on.

Nice Guys Finish

Don’t start shit. Don’t say shit You cain’t back up. Wartch your mouth. Warsh yer hands. Don’t flail about. You stink you think You don’t, but you do. Just start and don’t stop Until yer through. Make a plan. Break it up. Tiny bites swallow best. Get that dream out yer mind And off yer […]

You’re Not As Big As You Think

Step outside naked in minus thirty. You won’t last that long. Walk thru the wild with big, clenched fists. In no time you’ll be gone. Stroll one day with the hot, hot sun. With skin so crisp you could come undone. You can’t cry, there’s no tears to run. But buddy, you’re changing the weather! […]

Don’t Stop Wit Dem Baby Steps

Squeeze in a rep here. Don’t stop moving there. People can’t see you in your Underwear or it’s Not called underwear. But you maybe do not care. You sits dare and Oggles Cause your goggles Ain’t a tuned inta dare. But dare you. Push through. You will find out dare… That dare is no dare. […]

Molecules Of Piss

If you had a bright light At the base Of your personal gruntin’ throne. You would notice something that Few men consent to own. No diligence on how straight you pee Would let you see A sparkle free wee. Reality Is just like that. You swing that bat. You hear that crack! But don’t look […]

I Told You Five Seconds

Span’s gettin’ shorter. Old dude said. Climbin’ through yer winder. Organize yer head. Same damn messagez Still gettin’ in! Micro-burstin’ synapse routes Like at ain’t a sin…

Carving Out A Space For Yourself

Let’s say you’re nobody. That’s a start. Gives you some ‘in To pick apart. Cause if you don’t Those beggars will. Beat ’em to it. Better still. Remake yourself. Champagne from swill.