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Letters Of Accreditation AND Redemption – All@OneLowPrice!

Many folks are trying to buy their way into the hereafter. They don’t realize that if it is possible to pull that trick off then lots of near tricksters would emulate and if that worked then a good portion of any effort in vested into attaining some higher life in the future would be better […]

Talking Heads Can Say What They Want Till The King Aloot Owns Their Noggin

Many folks think we are free to speak as we please. They forget that if someone in power don’t appreciate their yippy-yap then freedom really does become a word for nothing left to lose because around here, we watch our mouths. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Only Pain That Can’t Be Ignored Is A Great Big Pain In The Yarse

Many folks yearn to understand themselves. They employ mirrors of all kinds to reflect their livelihood and hopefully illuminate that place where they supposedly fit in but shortness of breath and the noise time makes running out constantly reminds them that this is a group hunt. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Excuse me.

Then The Marked Child Got Thrashed In The World For Now He Was A Marked Man

Many folks had wonderful childhood experiences. They remember playing and hanging out with their friends and everything seemed kind of idyllic because people got along so well that avoiding was avoided and few dared broach the awful truth that nearly everyone was pretending. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Sit down!  

Horrible Or Horrific, Pick Your Word… That’s The Kind Of Day We Can Have

Most folks experience times when things don’t work out. They try to take it in stride and let bygones be bygones but holy Jesus when mistakes and oversights start piling up like they are wont to then having a few problems turns out to be secondary because this here is a full blown shit storm. […]

We Finally Collared Rabid Lassie When She Knew She Had Us Licked

Most folks know a boat can’t leak forever without bailing. They understand that at some point the water pressure outside matches the water pressure inside the vessel and that stops the process of sinking because the sheep is now sunk and drifting towards deep. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Sensible BC Public Forum on Cannabis […]

So Their Dog Stomped Around The House Until Someone Let Him Have His Way

Many folks have children. They understand that there needs to be ways for kids to express disapproval that doesn’t involve shouting. Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

Detesting Is Good. Protesting Bad. Shunning Is Good. Destroying Bad.

Many people are upset with things as they are. They imagine that if they just bust a few aggressive moves (and some think windows) or carry signs and toss back tear gas that’ll change shit but these beggars only respond to zero fodder. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Bring yer biggest guy & we’ll try […]

I’m Totally Serious. Until Someone Says Go No One Is Moving A Fucking Inch.

Most folks live by other people’s rules first. They think if Joe or Sabrina is content then there’s a good chance that they might enjoy a bit of peace and some fair share of the action on account of aren’t happy people more juh-renerous? Thank you, friend. Barry out. They know.

Alcoholics Hold Yer Head Up. There’s No More Money On The Ground.

Many folks have experienced poverty. They realized their choices were limited but nevertheless, they had choices and that was a good thing to remember when nothing had the power to swamp them. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Be thankful for being thankful. At’s a big stage y’all.

The Thread Bearing Now Is Better Off Twisted To Handle The Weight Of The Past

Most folks understand fibbing. They had to stretch the truth once and nobody died so it seems silly not to smooth reality over with a wee bit of honey and what, they’re the only one doing it?! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean And Don’t Say Mean Shit

Most folks watch what they say. They avoid speaking about subjects that go too deep thereby nimbly jumping life’s big thinking candle stick. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Howard Stern, Bill Hicks and George Carlin. Three dudes roasting or uh, gonna be roasting, in hail.

When “Games” Are Worth Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Those Aren’t Games

Many folks follow sports. They take it so seriously that when their team loses they lose & sometimes its their money and sometimes they lose their mind. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Vegas oddsmakers say $300 million changed hands with last-second NFL call Joshua Morgan unfazed by threats NFL players get death threats after […]

Yah We Are In The Same Boat Madam, But You Ma’am, You’re On Deck

Most folks have no exit plan. They don’t have an emergency plan either because aren’t the two of them connected and if the shit hits the fan won’t we all be coated? Thank you , friend. Barry out. Over there…

Whisper, Disper. Spch Spch Spch.

Most folks keep secrets. They don’t realize that the more stuff there is that can’t be said the less everyone says about stuff that can be. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Or maybe they do…

Any Alcoholic With The Net & A Working Wife Can Do What I Have Done And More

Many folks are acquainted with doing fuck all. They screwed the pooch on more than one occasion some time in the past but saying anything about it is verbotten and might even get some of the mucky-mucks in to trouble so let’s all hold hands & get this street crossed okay? Thank you, friend. Barry […]

Real Cancer Okay. Fake Cancer Uhh, No.

Most folks know about fatal diseases. They have been told about them every which way from Sunday but they’d really like to avoid the beggars themselves on account of a 40% man overboard rate. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Don’t pretend. Wait yer turn… Woman who took in alleged cancer fraudster Kristopher Cook didn’t know […]

Tomorrow Is A Full On Project Day

Many folks practice procrastination. They seldom perform it enough to actually master it but most can belt out a few hollow promises if need be. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

With A Small Sense Of Graphs The Future Is Semi-Predictable

Many people know when they’re fucked. They get that ‘look’ that this here’s a dead end and they doan wanta turn back but turn back they must on account of this here end is daid. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Dear Coostermer: On the night stand you find a bible. Don’t open it unless you […]

Being “Tamed” Sure Ain’t Normal And It Don’t Always Last Forever

Most folks know about circuses. They understand that animals are snatched from the wild and brought into these cages to have their spirits broken just enough that a helpless kid could pet a tiger. Thank you, friend. Barry out. In the real world, sonny would be daid so shhh… Mauled man jumped into tiger den […]

Day Two Of Dodgeball Don’t Have The Same Feeling

Most folks know about competition. They understand the dog eat dog thang and know without a doubt that it applies to themselves & their cohorts and a playa has to know that scarcity is the name of this game and is also why there can’t be enough to take turns. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

When Playing Is More Important Than Winning

Most folks are right into sports. They play for exercise and the comrade-re of team mates but for someone to say they want to win all the games they play … yer point is what…?! Thank you, friend. Barry out. Competition starts out so innocently and can be gently morphed into ferocity. Hip hip hooray […]

Yes This Message Is Channeled. Straight From The BullShit Channel.

Most folks are hoodwinking themselves. They don’t really want to be pulling their toques on backwards but if everyone around them prefers invisibility then quite likely eye contact matters too so just stay low and for lawd’s sake don’t speak to anyone becausa ouzo. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Okay, I want to wake up […]

Country Bumpkins Deserve A Wee Bit ‘O Slack, Wouldn’t Y’all Agree?

Most folks want to prove how smart they are. They don’t realize that gods give the biggest loads to the biggest horses because it’d be insane to ask that pony to pull a cart and drag it’s little stick along, too. C’mon now. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Oh uh, the stick…? Funny you should […]

Measure The Trouble That Never Happened And It Will illuminate

Most folks have almost knocked something over. They came so close to causing grief that they could taste it but immediately after their near catastrophe relief takes hold and before they can say “Whew! Son-of- a-bitch that was close!” they start sublimating all the bad crap that might have but didn’t occur & that shit’s […]

Life Don’t Have “Days Off”

Many folks work for the weekend. They do what they do to live not to LIVE and that’s very unfortunate because any one here on purpose has waay more fun. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

A Good War Needs Organized Forces And Plenty Of Smoke And Mirrors

Most folks only consider their side in a battle. They don’t think about whether their opponents are working some game plan that entails doing their damnedest to ensure their beliefs trump our belief system or exactly how many of these battles have been won or lost up to this point because what time is coffee […]

The War On Drugs Is Lost, Lost, Lost But The War On Freedom Is OH EN BAY BEE!

Most folks do not do drugs. They might drink a little booze and pailfuls of caffeine but they wouldn’t be caught dead injecting hopium. Thank you, friend. Barry out. THE WAY GAMES WORK: When the ball crosses this line, its OUT! Fascinating images here:

Most Prices Double Every 10 Years. Just How Is That Low Inflation?

Many folks know about Kraft Dinner. They first purchased it because it was orange and cheap but now to get that same fix a hungry person has to fork over a lot more loot for the same amount of golden gobblygook. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Try this experiment: find the price of something from […]

Then Everyone Was Punished Cause One Of Them Done Wrong

Most folks guess at parenting. They have to learn the hard way that spanking every one because someone screwed up isn’t just silly, it disturbs shit that ought not ta be. Thank you, friend. Barry out. What?! What’d you jis say?! Lessee: Boat sinks. Boat is insured. Customers of insurance company and customers of […]