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Hide Yer Jews. Don’t Tell On Witches & Keep The Underground Railroad Movin’.

Most folks want to live in peace and harmony. They didn’t use to think that much about anyone else who may also want to live in peace but it’s time to. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Thar’s a war on drugs (among other thangs) and yer in it. Whars yer weapon soldier?  

Watch A Master Of Limitation Make A Big Deal Out Of Nada

Many folks know I am not playing with a full deck. They realize that I am vigorously representing whatever small amount of talent I have and that anyone in my shoes must do every thing they can to engage weak skills to bluff their way through until solid effort and a bit of tom foolery […]

This Here Stuff Is Fooky RAINiation And It Ain’t Hurtful, Promise.

Most folks are waay too busy to follow many disasters. They can keep tabs on a couple of economic crises and maybe an Arab spring or two but once they get to the point where they’ve got to watch the weather on account of it suddenly becoming deadly, that’s no longer an outside dawg. Thank […]

Mama, Run That Oral Lesson Thing. Dada Can Wait His Turn.

Most folks don’t think cursing is a big deal. They know that it is employed more now then when soap came in easily handled bars and sick people pooshed them into strange places but beyond that, what? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

I’m Not Trying To Prove I’m Real… I’m NOT!

Friends, this is me on September 22, 2012. (wine stains et al) Course, I had to retouch the photo with a button in Picasa 3 on account of adding a few daze growth of beard and not knowing how to operate fucking Picasa 3. I also want to point out that I took 12 shots […]

Life Only Sucks ‘Til Yer Filter’s Plugged And Then It Barely Sucks At All

Most folks don’t know that they don’t know. They had their curiosity yarded from its moorings by their parents who almost believed everything they were told and who wouldn’t ever think of venturing over yonder to take a gander at what in tarnation could be kickin’ up all that smoke? Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

We Television Babies Were Raised By Puppets Not The Puppet Masters, Oh No!

Most folks think they know what reality is. They watch and listen and once in a while even hear sounds like may be something heavy is being moved around backstage but it will be a cold day in hell before anyone gets up to peek behind the curtain. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Psst! Under […]

Would Zombies Gobble Every Chillens Who Happen Ta Git In Their Way?

Most folks know what they’re doing. They may not understand what their doing is doing but can you blame them when all they ever wanted was just the shite they wanted? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Dummying Up Is Waay More Serious Than A Wee Bit Of Dumbing Down

Most people would follow a wise leader. They might do so at their peril though once they catch on that people who seem extremely bright about one thing can be so far out to lunch on another and it is for that reason that everyone is so foolish for believing in lotsa very smart stupid […]

If We Can’t Perform Well Everyday We Can At Least Well, Perform

Most folks expect to have bad days. They don’t get all wound up about them when they do occur on account of the more shit we’re in now the less there is in storage. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I may not have my full back into the oar every shift but I never miss […]

Hey Psst! It`s Lucifer Calling And Dude Asked For You BY NAME!

Most folks think they’re fooling somebody. They underpaid their taxes or found a wallet that didn’t officially get found and they certainly didn’t take it up on themself to correct that stup id over-changing cashier with too many tats and a silly fucking lip-ring. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

And There I Was Strapped To This Sailor`s Behind

Many folks have wound up in the wrong place. They experienced first hand what it is like to suddenly `come to` and realize Oh My Fuck I don`t have any pants on and whomever`s underwear I`m wearing is shitty! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

I Love Saskatchewan And Dagnabbit, Saskatchewan Loves Me Rat Back

Many folks could care less where they live. They don’t spend a pile of time thinking about why their sorry arse is stuck to that location on the planet but they should because if they were some where else the earth would take on a slightly different wobble and none of us would wind up […]

I’ll Cut My Own Throat If That’s Okay With You

Many folks say stuff they don’t mean. They might even say it with mean ing which only makes it more difficult to unmean other shite that is undoubtedly gonna be said tonight. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I need to talk to you on the back step.

People Get Attached To Their Robots Just So You Know

Many folks have had their car broken into. They acted all nonchalant and all but still the feeling lingered that a part of them had been violated on account of someone getting them to own up fer a car loan, credit card debt and a mortgage that woulda made polite grandparents squint. Thank you, friend. […]

How Bout Yer Keedz? Is Dey Gotta Job?

Most folks want their kids to follow in their footsteps. They don’t usually say so but through a million nudges and here heres they impress upon those minds who will follow them that why don’t you just hammer metal like I do and become a wage earner for your own damned family? Thank you, friend. […]

Me Or The World Is For Sure Insane. Myself, I Choose The World.

Most folks get along quite well. They are not bothered by the utter mindlessness of what is happening in the world today and a couple of them are quite dismayed that I won’t pretend too. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I am a very happy camper but I’m a ways from satisfied.

Yer Most Recently Fed Don’t Notice The Restaurants

Most folks sort of understand satiation. They do know full well that if they’ve already got a job then why in the world would they be hunting for another & if that don’t apply to spouses then someone should let everyone know. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Wharever you spend yer awake time is where […]

Imaginary Addiction. The Plan To Subvert Real Is Nearly Complete.

Many folks cannot sit through movies. They find it difficult to suspend their disbelief for that length of time but plenty of people around the world find themselves enamored day in and day out with the fanciest representations of life. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When People Love Images More Than Humans We’re Way Off The Righteous Path

Many people know that a flag is a piece of cloth. They understand that it represents something for lots of people but they keep themselves reminded that this is a piece of cloth we are talking about and whatever ideas it conjures in a person’s mind is totally their responsibility and nothing anyone else can […]

When Things Get Too Good They Slowly Turn Ugly

Most folks get bored too easily. They crave fresh input even when the current outage is as good as it gets & with a wee bit ‘o gratitude they’d notice shit flipping. Thank you, friend. Barry out. And here, from planet Earth – Clap Clap Riot!

If You Don’t Have Too Much Respect For Yourself These People Will Treat You Fine

Many folks settle for second best. They don’t know it’s second best on account of being so satisfied to sit rat here on Mount SomeoneElse. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Young Adults Space Out Because Of More Space To Space Out In

Many folks expand their universe. They fill it up at the same time they grow it but young pups can throw a pile of rocks before they start making river banks to cross. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

No One Who Sweats As Much As This Guy Should Ever Bust Their Arse

Most folks know that the human body cools itself. They expect a bit of water to leak out of their hide if the exertion level surpasses some level dictated by age, desire and total amount of money due but some people drip so much that even dark colored shirts and not much moving around around […]

I Think A Wasp Says Thankyou

I was hallucinating away the other day and this fucking wasp starts buzzing around me. Mr. multiple stinger carrier wasped right into my outer ear, my eyes and my mouth. I had to close them or I would have been legally wasp raped by the little beggar but I went along with his trying to […]

And Moo Moo Bull, He Sees Red Cause He Don’t Like Getting Rubbed By The Fence

Most folks are unaware of the insanity of our culture. They pay almost as much for a stupid fucking fancy greeting card playing some whacked foreign rendition of “Happy hmm-day to youse” as they would for a decent T-shirt with the same shit written on it and in five daze this bull shit waste of […]

Ah, To Have The Desire AND A Thing To Shape, That Right There Is Sheer Bliss!

Many folks want to leave more than a headstone. They want a hydro electric dam or landmark building or maybe some mountain shaped  to reflect their presence and they want it to exist long after the tears which must flow to scratch out these masterpieces so these great creators first build purposeful great friendships and […]

Al C. Oholic, He Don’t Like It When No Money & Beer Daze Collide

Most folks miss the big picture by being very busy. They are so wrapped up in maintaining their own image of how shit must appear that they can’t pull their ear off’n the rail long enough to see that the gawd damn train is rat on ’em. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Yer best knowledge […]

When Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend We’re In Trouble

Most folks have no idea how much they are brainwashed. They don’t feel like their mind is being made up for them on account of all their ideas starting on the inside of their noggin right where the big boys leave off. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Greeting Cards are stupid too. Have You Ever […]

Lose The Support Of Tau Proteins And Yer Living In A New World Daily

Most folks use their mind as little as possible. They assume that as long as someone is rattling the reins to their thinking cap they must be manufacturing some thoughts but in order for it to count towards thinking the mind owner must be present. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Holy fuck biology is interesting. […]