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It’s Frightening Out

Buddy did rain. And snow and sleet. Buddy did hot but could not keep His mind screwed on straight But now of late To tough to take A breather. Reliever. Deceivers abound. They were all around. Ready to say no. Buddy, you can’t go Here, they don’t want you. Want to avoid blue? Buddy stay […]

Sorry Hard Workers

Fuck those dugouts. Goddamn trenches. Sleeping outside. Mother drenches You get in dry clothes! Wanna get sick?! Mother drench us in your love. Tell us all about great things to come. Tell us just ignore that bomb. That’s right now. You know how time works.

No Phone For Mauly

She grunts and groans Hates being alone Hates anything foam. Rips shit to threads That shit then dreads To release so easy Mauly, don’t you see? Why momma don’t feed you fabric? You’re in dog heaven. I know where you been You came from dog hell. Now you’re doing well. Sleep safe in this heaven. […]

Hell Is A Town In Heaven

You ain’t going anywhere. Here is where you stay. Call it heaven. Call it hell. You ain’t going away. Come back as a well fed cat. Come back as a frog. You come back how ever you want. Like choosing a different job. There’s a big cat heaven And a bigger cat hell. Frogs get […]

Please Bro Don’t B Rate Me!

The beast had a number. And the beast had his. He wondered ’bout his number And what his number is. The beast would never tell him. But diners, trains and shops, When they saw his number Mostly said they’d call the cops! If buddy didn’t vacate, And vacate pretty soon, When those whom bring their […]