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Every Bloody Second Counts And Praise The Lawd Few Can Hear The Beggars

Tick talk get away from that clock. It’s not a toy to be played with, I warn you. Just lay down those second hands and the minute harms will be rat behind. Before anyone can say smash my wrist-watch the hours will be hoisting their white flag of surrender, too. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

A Course I Understand Moron. I’m Listening To You, Ain’t I?

Once we know where folks are coming from we can speak to them like we know where they are at which most of the time means keeping our pie hole shutty shut shut & a bit more time invested in hearing what’s meant. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Outside The Bag Dad

Some folks call them dimensions, others call them Here and There No matter though, either you’re WITH it or you ain’t because from what we’re told in-between is nowheresville so back and forth and to and fro its still not overly healthy for anyone to consider for a moment that they might be set here […]

Slow Talking Walter Hints At Multiple Reasons To Not Skin Cats

This guy walks up to a disc jockey who is providing music for a wedding. He expectantly and loudly asks whether the DJ has a specific tune he would like to hear. The disc jockey customer servicely asks “What song would you like to hear?” Dude says “Slow Talking Walter, that tune from Deep Purple…who […]

Once You’ve Clicked There Is No Stopping

Investing in paper books might not be your best bet. Folks getting lazier coupled with instruments which allow them to do so semi intelligently are being created daily and because more things to click on are being invented at this very moment click here that don’t automatically mean that anyone is actually wiser. Thank you, […]

If I Didn’t Drink The Whine It Would Spill All Over My School Clothes

How sick I feel at times. Was it something I ate or is something really rubbing me the wrong way? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Heroes Are More Plentiful Than People Who Say Sorry & Mean It

Some folks are able to sloop through life without employing any hint of sincere apology. They pay little heed to how they are unintentionally influencing others and the odd time when they do sense that a wet blanket may have been tossed onto someone’s parade they instantly begin smoothing things over in their own mind […]

less looking away in the past than now

distance is now manufactured through TV’s n such. no measurement will remain the same for long now that ginormous can fit inside a 52 inch screen along with all the outer space behind it. Of course, besides all this special effects stuff no other news could evr B made up because where is George Lucas? […]

teach submission because thats what folks are doing

Why not, dammit? Why not give in? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Chains. The Change Is Coming.

Its beyond individual votes now. Now its about hints and who don’t got some? Whats coming to youse? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Bend But Never Brake And At All Times Act Normal

as much air as there is for everyone to breathe we will come we’ll arrive and survive and not one section of this place will be undisturbed by us because no wear out exists and the zeal of discovery will direct our curiosity and we will dig, discover and implement doubt, we will change direction […]

Running Out Front Of Charging Cattle Is Plenty ‘O Fun Unless One Falls

Anyone who has ever been kicked by an animal dreads being trampled by them because if their hooves pain that much sideways how much agony can they bring to bear trouncing some sorry arse into the ground? Even modest numbers of cloven footed beasts heading toward them captures the full attention of those who are […]

And Some Humans Will Not Be Delighted Until Blah Blah Blah

Many folks entrust the of joy of life to chance and habit. They excitedly exclaim “Gawd, I’ll be happy when…” and then fill in the details for some required event or behavior upon which their appreciation of life automatically hangs. Verbalizing stalled satisfaction with consciousness becomes standard operating procedure for these people and before long […]

If Hypocrisy Becomes Fatal We’ll Need A Pile Of Caskets Fast

Moldy food can be whittled to remove the yucky part and most of the time the remainder can be eaten without worry. Fungus must surely be adhering to similar universal principles as people because citizens can also have their rotten parts scrubbed or lopped off in order to avoid scrapping the entire human. Even the […]

In Every Relationship Someone Is A Roman

No state has ever escaped gifting gold to the barbarians (inner and outer). Today is no different: both gold and barbarians exist in many forms and no matter how they shape or cloak themselves, the same forces continue as if nothing has changed but the number of the year. Thank you, friend. Barry out. DEVELOPMENT […]

Saving Money Is A Crazy Idea. How about increasing Your Value Instead?

Since hector was a pup folks have been taught to save loot. Perhaps we got this from squirrels but no matter where it originated this thinking is an extremely flawed concept which can only lead to the downfall of mankind. Under no circumstances should anyone consider themselves worth-less and to save even one dollar (that’s […]

Two People Meet In The Middle Of NowHere And Neither Says A Word

The pioneers who opened north america to light skinned folks would be blown away at how uncivilized we have become. After all, back then there were only two types of travelers: friendly and deadly and the friendly ones have worked diligently for centuries to wipe out the deadlies who are at the very same time […]

There’s Plenty ‘O Room For Lots More Austerities Under The Bus

Whatever is happening “over there” will not be visited upon us. That’s the thought slinking through most north american minds when and if they contemplate the rash of glowing haircuts being handed out overseas. Not here. Not me. Not now. The main thing being overlooked by these unfortunates is the big picture and how every […]

Would Ya Take One In The Noggin For The Old Gipper? How Bout a Richochet?

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has […]

Bankrobbers Always End Up Wanting Just A Nice Nite @ Home Wit Da Wife & Keeds

Study human nature very long and you’ll find that everyone is seeking the same thing. After all the striving, conniving and thriving they just want to be able to relax in front of some mind numbing visual or auditory projector with a few people whom they are familiar insulating them from terminal velocity and the […]

A Schlong Ain’t Much Good Unless Something Is Coming Out Of It

Relations between copulation starved men and anything sporting a constricted canal are legion. Whether that carnal contact produces an extremely supple marriage, genetic genocide via mass rape or a blurring of cultures through innocent cohabitation the fact remains that folks can be and are manipulated sexually and everyone who has experienced erotic desire knows how […]

Why Marching With Signs And Short Term Occupying Will Never Change Anything

Billboards, flashing neon signs and magazine / newspaper / television advertising all work. None of them achieve their goal each or all the time but over time they bring home the bacon more than other methods of influence. Like a big pot hole in any road they establish themselves and with each interaction get deeper […]

Few Folks Know Whom They’ve Sponsored And Those Sponsored Don’t Know Them

Not many moms and dads walk around buck naked or spend time showing off fancy new sexual positions for their kid-lings. Those same love professing ancestors can also be pretty hush hush about their peculiar Lives and don’t often consult offspring at all about mounting debts, personal Failings or broken dreams. Hail, they could be […]

The Pain Of No Gain Is Easy To Carry But Not Alone Or For Very Damn Far

Most folks have no idea how hazardous boredom can be. Because they’re mostly head down – arse up, Jo/sephine Average hums through life at a predictable pace, seldom contemplating their level of detachment from the very reality they have conjured to survive in. This precariously mundane approach to living sans full speed ahead leads to […]

Understanding Emotional Disparity Allows For Shitting Of Pants Without The Smell

Yeah, I heard growling too. There comes a time in each person’s life when they will need to act courageous while anxiously crapping their drawers. Fortunately, our maker has equipped every human with an awesome emotional control Mechanism which when engaged allows folks to appear exactly opposite to how They are actually feeling on the […]

When We Think Of Ourselves Is It Our Visual Self We Consider?

When it comes right down to it, not a lot needs to be said about being alive But what DOES need to be said is that life is definitely an opportunity and Taking full advantage of it does not have to include taking full Advantage of people or things. While its true that forests don’t […]

Good Luck Acting As An All Knowing Tentacle On The Great Big Octopus Of Life

“You really don’t have any friggin idea?!” is a query folks submit to each other and themselves nearly every day And as it turns out, they truly don’t have an accurate concept of reality because there is a ginormous overarching consideration setting the pace for almost everything in our lives. In an ironic twist of […]

The Inflation Rate Don’t Weigh All Fingers On Every Scale

The Powers That Be (TPTB) are continually adjusting revealed reality to avoid stampeding skittish herds of sheeple and most folks are unaware of let alone understand this process. Our handlers do this to manage unproductive fear and in most instances the diminished threat is worth the reality twist we know little about. Unfortunately, while this […]

Think Far Out

We’ll need stuff next year that don’t exist today So somebody has to be contemplating This new reality right this minute As if it were really real right Now otherwise the hard Part won’t show up When it needs to. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Five Year Plan: To build the world’s fastest computers. One […]

Cause Of Death For Everyone: OverDose

Ain’t no denying that something kills us. For most of us though, our demise is subliminal and hard to recognize on account of it being too slow for stuff to properly add up. But add up it does and we continue to O.D. on some pretty surprising things: More time than our futures have lines […]