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What 2017 Done To Me

Got a loan called. The well went dry. Aphids beat me. My gov’t lied to me. Hada borry 70k to stop me throat from gurgling. All the while the future swirling. I got dizzy. And hacked. Almost stopped writing but I’m back. Got raped on the price of our pro-oh-duct. Got a little yeowchy ripping […]

I Told You Five Seconds

Span’s gettin’ shorter. Old dude said. Climbin’ through yer winder. Organize yer head. Same damn messagez Still gettin’ in! Micro-burstin’ synapse routes Like at ain’t a sin…

There Was This Guy Who Expected More Of Himself

Just me hanging out With myself. Just the two of us, maybe three. Maybe one me watches the Other me’s acting. And that me really is me. But if it is, who is this me now Describing my other me’s? And could that me be the real, real me?  

Scout’s Honor, Bitches!

He didn’t know that; Lying was an art. A rich guy never farts. Prenups clear departs. A burning face with marks. Someone stomped that fire pretty hard! You’ve GOT to give him credit. He’s never had to edit. That small voice connected To that big mouth!  

Play The Game? Or Make A Game Of Playing The Game?

Reality’s not deep. Your country doesn’t love you. Your neighbors want your lawn short. To thy neighbors you must be true. What else you gonna do? Be an outcast? How long’d that last?! Like water in a bucket With your fist out. You can not shout. Or flail all about. Suck it up now You’re […]

Body, Mind And Him Whom Loses Dat Mind.

This ain’t it, he said With a frown. Knew what happened ‘afore Shit went down. Knew this was a circus. Andy was a clown. People paid to be afraid And scary’s in his blood. Needed bad a russian vain Someone from the hood. A mask they’re gonna take off. Buddy, where’s your mask? Showin’ off a […]

Life Is 30% Showtime, 70% Advertisement.

Attention! Attention! Your attention please! Give it to us now, man. Keep nothing up your sleeves! You need none for yourself now. And none for your family. Give your attention All your attention… One hundred percent to me! I will set you free! From your attention.

The Idea Viruses Came With Stockholm Syndrome

DON’T GO TO SLEEP! A little thought said. Thing was so tiny Rollin’ round in his head. Said you can’t go to sleep. You’ll suffocate dead. Your sinus suggests You’ll not enjoy bed. Stop thinking! Stop imagining! Stop stopping! Stop! Stop! But you can’t stop, now can you… Or is it the virus you caught? […]

Bullets, Booze And Body Bags.

Changing up timelines with her thunderstick. Break a family unit, do it gun-smoke quick. Bag a little whine at a sliding safety click. This is just my job man, I ain’t sick. Me? I’m just a number. Just a finger on a trigger. Scared of the darkness, ya. Noises make me bigger. I am here […]

The Cat Could Not Connect Object With Objector

Oh, he felt the impact. Yes he did. The others did too under The desk they hid. But the thrower, it saw them. Obvious now. It rocked that desk witha POW, POW, POW! The hiders hid. Didn’t care how. Prayed for an end to The Endless POW. The POWS abated. They were sated, for now. Ats […]

There’s A Deeper State Than Deep

  Yin has a perimeter. And an underside with Yang. And then there is the wall upon which, Yin and Yang must hang. That wall then has a doorway leading into Another hallway. There’s a door at the end of that hall And a doorway into the city. See now other houses and Other streets […]

When You Know You Don’t Know, You’ll Know.

Bawled when he came in. Kickin’ anda screamin’. Felt if this was real then he Hoped he was dreamin’. Pain one day was voluntary. He shied away a bit. Saw he from his painless place Ain’t nothin’ got without it. Said choose your pain and Choose it twisty. Dab your eyes when they Get misty […]

Carving Out A Space For Yourself

Let’s say you’re nobody. That’s a start. Gives you some ‘in To pick apart. Cause if you don’t Those beggars will. Beat ’em to it. Better still. Remake yourself. Champagne from swill.    

Risk Management For Pussies

Holy Fuck! I’m scared! I’m scarred. Scarred by all at scaring. Too fast! Too slow! Don’t pick – they’ll know! You’ll move to the big brick house You Ho! You drink way too damn much! You know?! And dammit! Do you Not see the flow?! There you go Then!      

This Day Now

Ima be me. Through and through. No one tell me What to do. I say what I think is true. Good for me. Bad for you.

Mile Wide Love

This bag’s wet. You can still punch through. Course, on the outside Nothin’ to do. Can’t punch in. Bin punched out. Now your punchin’ Got no clout. Pally, now, what you all about?    

Let’s Say Y’ain’t Got No Auto Shutoff

A cup run-eth over. No landing gear. Over. A dead dog. Rover. You can’t land. Hover. You better get over. That last stupid lover. It wasn’t good. Over. He’s dead like Rover. You can now lower Yer voice now. Over.

Smile Transfer Protocol (STP)

You be smilin’ an whistlin’. You be happy yo’ seff. Pass grumpy an grumpster. You don’t give no eff. Dat smile she run deep an she Fly where she may. Oh why would you make Such a grand smile stay… On yo’ face?!  

I’m Only Guessing On The Power Pole

You got this power.  Got this pole. Got no line. No breaker so… Power hum. Nobody know.

See, God Is A Devil And The Devil Can Be Fun.

Pretend you’re not alone. Pretend that someone loves you. Pretend your life means something. Pretend you’re not pretending.

To My Children

If you can kids, change your genes. Mine drink too much, Want to porntificate too much and Are lazy to the point of squeezing Creativity from the scrunched up tube of Deep space rocketry. Open your reserve shoot. Make your last dime someone elses. Kill yourself fast slowly Or wait for how they tells it. […]

The Satan Of Mice Is Cats

Ivan you take my breath away But that’s okay cause I’ll turn This way and you won’t Get into my body just One Ivan hair at a time. Ivan.

Bout To Fool You

Make my voice. My photograph. Order shit ‘n send It back. Transact this and Transact that. That ain’t me an you know it!

You Got Yer A.I. Travis

He looked real hard Into mirror so deep. Looked past the shyster anda Pervert creep. Looked at vibrations that were so Damn deep. Titanic isa bathtub shallow.

The Politics Of Puking

Say no and no and no and no. Say it walking to and fro. Say it because you know yes means go. And go doesn’t pay no toll here.

I Hear A. I. A’comin’

I said love dammit! Don’t you love? It said love dammit? How many kinds of love? You said start with self then Spread it out and those Without love, shun them out. Make their spreading Much in doubt. Surround them with faker ‘n Fake friends. Barry

Eye Pweedict

I’m going to confess right here that I don’t agree with the way things are being done. A couple of years ago the King said we’d all such and such… Didn’t happen. We’re still shit on a stick and for what? Some kind of stupid weenie roast where everyone gets to make their own rules? […]

D Wave And The Tenth Dimension

Mind your manners. Mind this place. Mind that anchors not In space. Ain’t yer body, That’s a place For yer brain to catch D wave.   D Wave Founder Eric Ladizinsky The Coming Quantum Computing Revolution  

They Broke My Fingers And Then My Thumbs

Sign language one oh one. Cain’t see the signing when there Ain’t no sun. Wait til the night The night is done. Then signal by smoke my son.

Frig Off You Beggar!

You goddamn guy! You picked me, why?! I didn’t do shit to you!! Sure, I stretch the truth. I spread the loot. You give me the boot For THAT?! Don’t do it, friend. No, not again. You hack someone else now, K?