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The Saints Aren’t Marching In

Ya, the trumpets blared like Someone cared but Few folks cared at all. None would heed the call. Law and order While the border Fell for one and all. Another day at the mall. Raped and pillaged Every village That dare fall in their way. A few come every day. They don’t come to play. […]

The Bad Good Boy Haters

The dogs knew he was nervous. The animals felt his fear. And he was alone in his feelings. Didn’t know they were here. In between in-between and So unseen. No one notices their making. Like, Santa Clause loves your baking. Set it out for his taking. Now, is it the earth that’s shaking? Or is […]

Kindly Fuck Off Loosh

Asymptomatic carrier. Buddy, you got that smell. Maybe you look like I’m okay But Buddy, you look like hell. Listen to loosh, talkin bout loosh. Buddy, you looshing your mind. Leavin those gifts so fine. Neggatves you lay, Looshers, they prey. Buddy, keep layin dem ayegs… You’ll see.

God, I Love You!

Believers, you are. And that goes so very far, To begin that far, far, far… away? Trek to the motherland. See if you really can, Care for another. Sister and brother. You are, an also can, Maybe, just maybe, then… They do this good thing. That thing will bring Closure and holy, sure Another tomorrow […]

Don’t Make Me Word You

Do you know the word of the lord? Then hesitate please God says you’re in the game now.

The ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Loosh Buffet

Oh, it was NICE! Have a lip smacking slice Piece of cake don’t think twice Just fill your plate. Oooh, the hate! Pain so great! They took the bait and Look, they made some anger and guilt! The sores that they built! Sorrow heavenly high And praise to that pie! Brimming with Oh God Why?! […]

And Please Pass A Stupid Test

Deep they peered into buddy’s eyes. Asked him what wherefore and many whys. Gave him the answers and too many tries. Buddy couldn’t get shit straight. Buddy’s pie was only half baked. The curious couldn’t take it. Gave him the bums rush. Ya, made a big fuss. Buddy spewed love like cupid. Prosecutors saw stupid […]

They Torture

A ten o’clock meeting. And one fifteen. Stick a little lunch meet in between. You record the minutes. Be the president. Authorize a budget, get the money spent. Track your inventory. Pay outlandish rent. Wear a suit and tie. You’re the only guy Can make this time bomb tick. Shakin’ hands and winding watches. Make […]

They Took The Smartest Ones First

They grabbed him by his Ipad. Dashed his brains out on a website. He’d sleep the sleep of the undead. And he starts this big sleep tonight. He got a rupture in his noggin. He clapped when the others clapped. He’d repeat way to go bud! And he too, slapped their backs. Flew that flag […]

If I Don’t Feed This Thing

He wasn’t from here and He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t stay here and He couldn’t leave. No one saw him choking. He spat privately. The atmosphere weighed heavy and He could scarcely believe His lungs went to manual. He had to beat his own damn heart. And yet, some crazies wondered Was he doing his […]

Smarm Smarm Smarmy

He was sincerely not interested. Smiled that fake smile. And man he could praise til That praise rose your bile. He was an itch in your Trigger finger. Waitin’ to be scratched. And the plans he was planning Couldn’t wait to be hatched. Infection. Dejection. If they aren’t unveiled. Misery. You will see. Who will […]

The Thick Tongued Athol

With a quick left march he ran his space. Ran his mouth all over the place. Ran his life like it did displace The bad… his bad. He could not face.

The Cat Could Not Connect Object With Objector

Oh, he felt the impact. Yes he did. The others did too under The desk they hid. But the thrower, it saw them. Obvious now. It rocked that desk witha POW, POW, POW! The hiders hid. Didn’t care how. Prayed for an end to The Endless POW. The POWS abated. They were sated, for now. Ats […]

Mom And Dad Said They Didn’t Lie But They Didn’t Know The Truth

  When I say Halt! You halt. If I ask who you are You say. If I rest my hand on my gun like this That is when you pay. With your life? You ask. Good question, dude! Read my lips, it helps me resist rude. Yes! With your life! What else you got? Disappear […]

Only Nine Times!

A guy wants to end his life, ya? The cops are trigger happy to oblige him. They shoot him nine bloody times! Barry