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Hells Angels Have Crew Sluts And Their Nemeses Do Too

Many folks comprehend the idea of yin and yang. They understand that these concepts are two sides of the same ball and a quick survey confirms that besides being different colors, in all other aspects they are comparable. Thank you, friend. Barry out. At the 179 and 358 degree mark these boyz clubs are all […]

No Opting Out Of The Circle Jerk

Most folks are unaware that they are running a cycle. They ain’t the ones listening to the same fucking stories over and fucking over but neverthe less their life is pretty much the same today as it was yesterday so if dat ain’t a broken record what is? Thank you, friend. Barry out. You’re IN.

For You Sir Protector (and only you) Two Peeps For The Price Of None

Many folks now understand justice due to former RCMP Officer Monty Robinson. They originally remember Corporal Robinson from his 2007 involvement in the unjustified death of a disturbed office stapler wielding traveler at Vancouver Airport and more recently from his 2008 vamoosing from a fatal, booze fueled traffic fatality which saw Officer R slip home […]

Alcohol Rents Rooms To Many Spirits As Different As Night And Daze

Many folks have experienced the effects of booze. They either laughed or watched people laughing and then saw those same happy-go-luckiers start sobbing and maybe even get super grumpy all because their souls were soaked in a mighty powerful fluid. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I’m getting real sick of being normal.

A Lovely Bowl Of Schadenfreude Topped With Two Big Scoops Of Ass Gravy

Many folks understand that the Financial Hindenburg is about to dock. They watch with baited breath as the huge craft buoyed with copious amounts of hopium ever so slowly approaches its mooring mast to allow its riders to disembark but the winds of change are picking up and it is beginning to look like the […]

The Line ‘Tween Tinking & Doing Is Tin And Your Car Keys Are In The Fridge

Most folks occasionally lose their train of thought. They pause for a moment on what turns into a momentous search for some connection between passing concepts and that special spot they were heading. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Looking At Shit From One Angle Only Is A Recipe For Dee Sasstoy

Most folks verbalize their own opinion eloquently. They forget for a moment that there are many roads leading to heaven, only one of which is getting t-boned by that Ford four-by-four at the next intersection. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Everybody Experiences Mind Control But By Whom And To What Degree When?

Most folks understand where thoughts come from. They know quite well that their ear is firmly planted against the wall of what every body else is doing but then there’s also dat unwanted and not re quested tinking initiated by so called parents, school teachers and the moron known as uncle Joe as well as […]

Something Stanky This Way Rolls And It Ain’t Giving Much More Notice

Most folks have no idea how close they are to a financial shit kicking. They meander through life as if today is the same as every other day and their slow, steady gait illuminates the fact that few of them recognize our entrance into the Dire Straits of Get Real Bay because most everybody’s below […]

No One Should Lak Whar They Are

Many folks have thought less of themselves. They screwed up big time or made up some shit existence but then BAM! rat out of nowhere comes this idea that some how, someway, someone’s gonna make things better. (ah wunder who?) Thank you, friend. Barry out.–finance.html  

He Swallered Effexor, Zoloft, Wellbutrin And Paxil. Dude Was Very Happy. (not)

Many folks are well acquainted with how teeny pills can influence their life. They, or someone they know, was emotionally low on one too many occasions within a certain time frame so the consensus was that person X should start taking peews that would cheery cheer their daze and when one color don’t work most […]

When People Can Do Anything They Want They Better Know What They Want

Many folks are willing to tackle whatever comes their way. They might be Silent Sams for the better part of their lives then all of a sudden these beggars start applying what they have learned and BINGO! before you know it there’s another row too good not to hoe. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Want Some Real Big Pain Or A Bit Every Day? (I Need Your Decision Rat Now)

Most folks choose credit over saving loot upfront. They understand the buy now pay later plan but what doesn’t strike the majority of these same borrowers is that gain without pain might be gain disguised as indebtedness and that chain makes a rattling sound that keeps lotsa people awake at night. Thank you, friend. Barry […]

Lawdy, Lawdy I Missed My Stop. See That Corner Back Dere…?

Most folks realize that they are operating in a state of confusion. They don’t expect themselves to be able to see every thing that comes down the pike but then BAM! something comes out of nowhere and throws a wet blanket on the whole shindig causing some partiers to ask if there wasn’t any hint […]

The Arrogant Bastard Bernie Bendig Taught Some Good Long Lessons

Many folks have learned the importance of stuff after the fact. They either didn’t have the time or the inclination to invest a wee bit ‘o thought into what was actually transpiring in their lives and as a result some excellent teachers slipped through their fingers but fortunately not rat through their mind. Thank you, […]

I Don’t Know Why I Got Fired. I Was Just Standing There. Wasn’t Doing Nothin’!

Most folks can’t tell that shit is hitting the fan. They don’t understand that when too many rats are packed into a cage something weird happens due to the constant overcrowding and whatever it is that snaps goes mostly unheard on account of the damage being hidden inside some mild mannered skull. Thank you, friend. […]

When Anyone Could Write Their Thoughts On The Sky, That Changed Everything

Most folks have seen shapes in clouds. They knew that that elephant wasn’t really there above their house  & not because they had no idea about cloud computing, pareidoila or how real time ideas work. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shite’s real, y’all. Lawdy, plee gee us youse hep.

You Are NOT Addicted To Shortness Pal Ats Just Who You Are

Many folks acknowledge their fondness for sports or vacation. They admit that their propensity to purchase certain con sumer items might be a bit large but what about so-in -so with the big truck and fifth wheel trailer and where in the shit is dude crazy gonna store that stupid big boat we told him […]

Anyone Can Be A PissTank As Well As Something Else & Stupid Works Lak Dat 2

Most folks are working with an impediment. They realize that everything ain’t perfect but nevertheless, these dishes, floors, and winders still need cleaning and that engine ain’t going together by itself nor will that story be writ by anyone but you so stop all thinking about what a fuck-up you are and git to woik. […]

If That’s What It Takes To Be Like Ish Let More Heads Get Smacked By Trains

Many folks are fortunate enough to have a friend worth emulating. They understand how lucky they are to be intrigued with their comrade’s ability to take a shit kicking and keep on ticking with style, compassion and a type of level headedness that may only be born of horrific circumstances turned upside down. Thank you, […]

Now Is A Good Time To Bail

Many folks know about Libor-gate. They understand that a few banksters fucked with the system in order to ensure that their horse came in eight times out of ten and pally, that there is a system fixed. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Acorns Can’t Fall Far From Their Tree But Banks Have Some Far Flung Branches

Many folks know that one bad apple don’t mean the entire barrel is rotten. They inspect the deficient fruit to see how it differs from the rest of the bunch and if there ain’t much to set the bad apart from the good, one may rest assured that getting them to bite again is gonna […]

When People Can Have Anything They Want, They Usually Want To Think About It

Most folks don’t understand the value of scarcity. They miss the point that if love or trust were ubiquitous it would soon become standard and normal usually means squat until things ain’t. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shh. What’s that rumblin sound …?

I Saw An Alien In My Yard And I’m Certain That The Crow Saw Me Too

Many folks are unaware of the plethora of foreign lifeforms on Earth. They assume that we humans are at the top of our planetary hierarchy but just like the monkeys, cats and dogs think they are at the top of the chain, we might be mistaken about our position in the whole scheme of things. […]

Without Me, Alcohol Is Fucking Nothing! NO-THING!! (hey, an echo…)

Many folks have a litany of things which are mandatory to live the good life. They absolutely must live in this neighborhood, must be seen in these hot spots and this is the only class of car they can be caught riding. Gawd forbid they have to knock themselves down a peg or two because […]

Being Certain Ain’t Necessarily Being Right

Many folks comprehend that might makes right. They understand that the big guyz make the rules and what choice do we have so we just muddle along until someone needs their lawn cut or maybe their hedge is a growing a leetle too high. Thank you, friend. Barry out. First keep your lawn short. Then […]

Two Big Eyes Meet In An Alley And Three Beginnings Leave Alone

Most folks know when to say when. They have some line which they can pass but because their folks didn’t they don’t want to but now it seems someone’s missing over dare. Thank you, friend. Barry out. No, up there on the ridge! Do you see it!?

This Couldn’t Possibly Be The Way We Remember It

Most folks have been traumatized. They were surprised to see that they had shit their pants with out feeling that end of life feeling that most soon to be dead people feel just before they shit dey pants. Thank you, friend. Barry out. WILLL-MAA!    

Say A Couple Of Wrong Things To Throw ‘Em Off Yer Track

Most folks can’t tell shit from shinola. They seldom apply anything discovered on their own so now even the care and concern of toe and finger nails not to mention fake body tan has been left to harvest by mindless magazines and their advertisers. Thank you, friend. Barry out. This bullshites gotta stop. Maybe next […]

C’mon Bitch Build Up My Resistance Muscle!

Many folks know when they’ve hit even. They realize there is no point in going further because from here on in everything just gets more wacky. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Snake dish! Snake dish! Don’t nobody know about snake deeshes!? Sheeit, pal.