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How They Shut You Up

You’re scared. Am I right? You don’t sleep good at night? You, you think they’re watchin’. No, but they sorta gotcha. Looking over your shoulder. Sayin’ ” Dammit! I fucking told ya!” Hands in ya pockets. Not your hands, all theirs. Fingers in your busy-ness. Fixin’ on your address. Nothin’ you own’s yours. You run […]

Reality As An Onion Where You’re Peeling The Inside Out

He could be artificially intelligent. He could walk and do that talking. He could observe without balking. He had a front and centre seat To the Shit Show. Ya, here in the front row, He could smell the shit. Got used to it Being on his clothes and Up his nose. From there he rose […]


You’ll get yours! He shook his fist. Eyes a bulgin’, dude was pissed. Life was upside down. Shit had come around. And that shit had just found Him.

No, You Ain’t Suffering Alone.

He was a thief all right. He worked both day and night. His tool was so uptight. You could have a stroke. Maybe be that bloke. Who one day wrote; “I’m gonna do what I wanna.” “If I am not hurtin’ no one.” “I’ma gonna hava some fun.” “Ain’t livin’ in fear.”

This Farmer Farms Crazy

You had to pay them for paying them. They charged you for nothing. Fines tripled and quadrupled. The cameras missed nothing. They charged you to use your money. Had to pay if you didn’t. Paid to tie your horse up. Got a fine if you didn’t. Charged you for the ground And the rain and […]

I Can Help You Here

He wanted help where he was but Help wasn’t where he was Just because Help was needed like a blanket Not a thread. You’re an ant. Sorry you’re dead. The blanket is all.

Outlying The Outliars

Psst! Ya wanna hear a story? Bout a guy that wasn’t sorry That he fibbed about tamorry? It wasn’t true. But what could he do? It was through and though! No really, what could he do?! Even facts not true. He said to you. Looked your TV in it’s eye. Said pally, I’m your guy. […]

The Doctor Said Drink Whiskey

She imagined him telling her She must be drunk. And whomever thinks otherwise Obviously thunk That they know much more than The whiskey presciber. He’s not just inside her. He’s a real man Who really can See the medicine in whiskey.

S’all Fixed

She colored her hair. He was really a she. And they invented a reality that Could never be Deciphered Cause they heard that Honesty sucked and They would beef hooked If they did so.