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When Jones Fell

On the front lines There are those times Where the enemy is within. There’s no place to begin. So you buckle down Damn torpedoes frown On sites set too high You’re not that guy Don’t ask now why The sky, she falls And all cat calls Miss the mark cause You are them and they […]

The Last White Tea

Color doesn’t matter. It’s a measurement they’re after. When you compare this with that there. You’ll notice there’s no matter. Ain’t no matter.

God Shits

Heaven eats babies. Kids get rabies Ain’t no mabies. It’s real. Sleep on the sidewalk Walkers will shit talk They say it’s their block Ain’t no sleepin’ here. Here you be queer If you adhere To earthtime.

Sorry Ain’t An Asshole Licence

Moron is an adjective. Especially for you. Your shit’s so reactive. What? You got no clue?! You are what you do! You disturb shitter. Big misfitter. Constant quitter. And you hit her…! With a heartache. Her heart breaks. Her soul quakes. Her core shakes. Cause she takes You seriously. But not me. Mart, you are […]