Anything But Golden

A little strip of paper.

And elastic bands.

Closed so many mouths

And tied so many hands.

Emptied out a billion heads

Kicked out common sense.

Neighbor hated neighbor

Bitches got all bent

So outa shape

You could not tell

From hell or heaven sent.

They would not relent.

Tiny strips of paper.

Stole their mind away.

Saw a smile

Uncovered lips

You’d hear the beggars say

Where’s your strip of paper?

You’re not welcome here!

Just a strip of paper

Will assuage all our fear.

Without that strip of paper

You can’t see me here.

I had no strip of paper.

Or elastic on my ears.

But now the mindless minions

Were changing all the gears.

And silly is as silly does.

Lord we’re wasting years.

For a goddamn strip of paper.

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