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You’ve Got The Whole World In Your Hand

She couldn’t go far. Strapped to the thing. Yapped to the ring. Ran to the thing. A leash let her roam but She couldn’t leave home. When they rang, They knew where they’d find her. Four things on the line And it worked for a time Day by day they’d unwind Take turns in kind. […]

Shit Just Got Shitty

Back in nineteen we was all the rage. You didn’t need a ration app And no damn cage. Faraday the rage. Finally came of age. Lighten up the page. Listen to the whispers. Friggin little crisprs. Wait until they disperse. We don’t wanna die. Can’t begin to try. Tell you maybe why. You are not […]

World War Bug

Once upon a time In a land A land quite close to you. There lived a little nom de plume With nothing left to do But sneak inside And there collide With all that makes up you. It knows just what to do. Separate. Hesitate. Stops all hands from shaking. Quietly it’s baking A brand […]