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Due To The Lack Of Mask The Beggars Misread Dude’s Robber Type

Most folks have had something stolen from them. They may even have been hospitable to the culprit but because thieves can be so personable, they let their guard down and dude slid rat by. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Loss I Know

Many folks have lost a child. They completely understand that only so many things get through the net but why not their shat this time?! Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Voices Raised Are Chords Wasted

Most folks have lost their temper. They probably don’t realize that loss of temper means loss of strength and from that connection everything else is lacking too. Thank you, friend. Barry out. See?

Please Tell Me Ahm Funny, Not Crazy

Most folks get their accolades via paycheck. They don’t feel uncomfortable pats on their back because they don’t happen and most people around here are advised to stop thinking like humans and more like machines on account of this all being more productive, ol’rat? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Even If You Are Good Looking I Will Not Fuck You And Not Because I Can’t

Most folks have lines they will not cross. They usually don’t have them written in anything more permanent than beach but hey, who needs any more hassle than they all ready got especially with sand in their farce. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

No Shooting People Below The Radar

Many folks understand how auctions work. They realize that shite sold today for screw all might be worth ten times that amount tomorrow simply because no one show ed up and now we got one bidder on everything. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Five Seconds

For my masterclass friends: 1. This bullshite counts toward my total. 2. Google is reducing people’s attention spans to 5 secs by their click here skip ad youtube buddon. (the way my wife says it) 3. Your attention span is reduced because whatever the Gmeister is doing is NOT evil. 4. Everyone else’s attention span […]

I’m Not As Good At Sex As I Think I Am

Most folks have an imagination. They might not be the ones using it but nevertheless, its there and ripe for the picking, just waiting to be disengaged so we can see how shite’s really happening. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Know That Magicians Ply Tricks As Their Trade

Most people love to be spellbound by impossible feats. They watch shows about large projects failing or being completed and political theater until its coming out their ying yang but what they often forget is that the banquet was set up BEFORE they arrived. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

It Would Be Better If The Land Of The Rising Sun Was A Planet Not Our Neighbor

Many folks have no idea how bad shite is with our oriental friends. They assume that whatever problems occurred to Honshu were Honshu’s problems but that thinking only worked when there were few ways we could influence each other and today most people are on full global steam ahead. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Greedy […]

(Almost) ALL Of The People Can Be Fooled Some Of The Time

Many folks follow reality shows on television. They wonder as they watch why their life is not even remotely close as dramatic as those observed in reel time but hey, that’s life is it not? Thank you, friend. Barry out. Oh no, shite’s real alright.

Consider Using Your Users To Determine Who Is Really Being Used

Most folks have a limit to how much they can give. They unfortunately have little concept as to their propensity for receiving on account of not being practiced in requesting support from those supported. Thank you, friend. Barry out. She’s all rat here:

Yer Worst Situations Can Produce Yer Best Results (Not Counting Rat Now)

Many folks know that good shite can come from bad starts. They understand that relationships soured by different opinions at the outset can mature into deep, loving bonds which can withstand the incredible tests that lack of awareness unleashes upon the souls of the near sighted. Thank you, friend. Barry out. JC knows.  

When A Kid Peers Straight Into Our Peepers

Most folks are uncomfortable with direct eye contact. They are this way without even knowing about Rupert Sheldrake or his curious work on morphogenic energy which suggests that all of us have tiny hairs on the back of our necks so that we might feel other people’s sight leveled upon us and thereby comprehend that […]

Oh The Games We Played At The Food Bank

Most folks have never had to ask for charity. They may have received it, yes, but having to ask for it is a whole different ball game that requires anxious hanging in the dugout, swinging high and inside until you’re ruled foul and get ting benched with all the other playas who struck out. Thank […]

I Nominate Myself For Biggest Asshole Of The Year Award

Most folks have said things they wish they didn’t. They probably drank too much at a family barbeque and asked uncle Bad Breath if he just ate a shit sandwich and having one of his worst daze in some time as expected Stinky ‘ol Unc came unglued but that still ain’t as ignent as hollering […]

Anyone Reaching Their Limit Gets Dizzy And Even Stupid At Height

Most folks know their capabilities. They live well within what might be expected of them and their supporters without fully understanding that every idling suggests a full speed ahead. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Move that rock.

Don’t Say Shit. Keep It Inside Unless You Want To Lose Your Way.

Most folks know that whistle blowers aren’t hunting for dogs. They understand that these unfortunates are attempting to undo perceived wrongdoings and on account of running into resistance have chosen to take the more direct route of bringing bad news to the people who can hope fully fix all this shite. What they don’t know, […]

Boy, Am I Fucked!

Jeepers creepers. I have been through the wringer over the past few weeks. I’ve done shite I absolutely didn’t want to for reasons that made little sense. Near suicides occurred in my presence. Total breakdowns physically and mentally happened. (some of which were mine) Abilities were tested, stretched and broken. Epidermises were tested, stretched and […]

You Call Me Dis Name I Doan Know

Most folks recognize certain sounds. They hear monikers that describe probable things and from that they they assume they’re all in. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Let’s Say You Doan Geeve A Fuk But Den You Do, Do, Do

Most folks know about reciprocation. They understand that in order to get one should give but they also acknowledge that the number of people who actually give a fuck about giving to receive is small at best. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Fuck Off.

For Those Who Saw Shit

Most folks acknowledge their own point of view. They barely have enough where-with-all to admit what they observe let alone trying to figure out what anyone else might be experiencing. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Fucking back off.  

Too Long In The Sun Causes Something

Most folks know about baking. They understand that time and temp mean somepin and together they get shite done. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

A Blanket Apology To My Followers

Most folks admit that they make mistakes. They then go on to make the same mistakes over and over and fucking over again with out giving it a second thought. At ain’t me. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

What The World Needs Today Is The HayFlick Hoarder

Most folks have more control over their bladder than their wallet. They still don’t realize the pressure in their credit cards or debit cards and certainly not their customer points cards on account of when all that shite stops working dey still got ta. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shite’s real, y’all.

Grumpy Old Fucker 30 Day Experiment FINAL RESULTS

Thank gawd that stupid experiment is over! Boy, it’s difficult trying to be happy for thirty daze straight (ahem) but I somehow managed to pull it off. Here is what happened: Day 1-13 – no probs. Smiling all over the place (which means I wasn’t growling) Kept track of my happiness level on a 1-5 […]

Don’t Run Yourself Ragged But Frayed Is Okay

Most folks have never approached their potential. They stay well within the boundaries of what is possible for them and are dragged down by their excess capacity to the point where carting the unengaged competence starts chewing into today’s production. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Save Your Life Every Day Because It Will Not Stop Being Spent

Most folks don’t realize what alive costs. They misunderstand the toll that stress and anguish racks up & only when they check their balance do they comprehend that they paid too much. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How To Deal With Rude Fuckers

Don’t. They’re that way for a reason and you ain’t gonna find out what it is by yelling. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Spice Up Your Life By Talking With Pretty Soon Dead People

Most folks know about the rich and famous. They read about them daily in the paper and magazines built specially for that purpose and occasionally see the fortunate few strolling down red carpet blasted with camera flashes but they miss out big time by not contrasting their experience with terminal illness. Thank you, friend. Barry […]