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This Ladder Won’t Be Climbed Via Rungs

It’s easy to get down. You can jump. Tougher to get up. You can grunt. Cause the ladder of life Is bound by steps That ain’t right. None are straight or narrow. Some look like a barrel For shootin’ fish. Or going splish! Now hold your breath! For there be death! Swim hard both right […]

They Got You By The Points!

She traded phones. Married a data hog. Not paying forty for three gigs Cause the fucking nig nog Can’t see that Wi-Fi hasn’t con Ected his phone. And now he’s slurping up Data that dadda don’t own. And he’s not alone! People have no home! But dey got dat phone… Dat dey own. Dats dey […]

You Walk With The Devil Not Run From Him

Oh Satan, damn you! Playing all these tricks. Giving me these kicks… Did you think I thought this was free?! Hell no man, hell no man! I’m here for the show man! A show man? It’s Beelzebub, see?! But don’t walk in front of him He’ll trip you… He will! And he’ll cackle and shackle […]

Satan Admires Persistence If It Drives You To Drink

You should stop already. There’s bad ahead of you. It’s on you like shit to a blanket. No need for you to crank it. Just thank it and move aside. Don’t you and it collide. It brings the great divide. Builds crevace twice as wide. Makes folks wish they died. Then they do it – […]

When You Start Thinking About Microbes

God ain’t give a hoot about what you think. God’s okay with you still being a fink. She could give two shits if you drink. Screw around on your husband. Beat the hell out yo’ wife. God don’t even think twice. Ain’t saying naughty or nice. God ain’t naming no price. Give ’em shit, it’s […]

Lucifer In My Genes

He had a devil of time getting Into those pants. See, she was married, Living with her parents. And mom and dad had a different way. Wanted the chance to say okay or No, if they had to, but she Wouldn’t listen. She was Nice on the outside but lay barely hidden was A monster […]

Beware The Witch Spotters

If your nose is hooked, You’re a witch. If you have a broom and an Un-swept room, You’re a witch. Say you own a cauldron And your hat’s an odd one, You likely boil children and You’re a witch. You like to bake cookies? Get kids to play hookies? Then sneakily cook these? You’re a […]

First You Buy The Product, Then You Buy The Woman.

When salt breaks up It’s a killer. When mates collide It’s a thriller. But after that high. When push leads to why? Neither are drinking the water.  

Attraction, Affection, Attachment: Call It Love!

She was angry. Disgusted. Wanted him busted in a Thousand million pieces as Hostilities increase he says All this money on lawyers Drawn out and quartered They’re winning our fight but Love turned to spite doesn’t care Wrong from right. It’s attracted, affected and attached To it’s plight.  

Beware The Virus Vector

Growling was the language she spoke and Howling was how she repeated. When she imparted your speaker didn’t speak. When her hand’s up you stay seated. You’ll get your turn to have your turn. But it’s not now so maybe learn that and Senior, please stay seated! Elsewise you’ll be greeted, With two evil eyes […]

Some Actors Do More Than Break A Leg

Luke, I am yer fahdah! You can go to the movies or The movies can come to you. The movies don’t care which road they take They just want to climb inside you. They laugh. You laugh. They cry. You cry. They lie. You buy. Yay! You’re going to the movies…!   JFK – The […]

No Shit Sherlock

Wiss out De Edge Put this in the back of your mind. If you have one… Not a mind but a front or back. Up or down. White or black. How you gonna tell where the truth is at? Fiction or fact? Round earth or flat? And what do you say when she says okay… […]

You Have No Idea What You Don’t Care About

  Who gives a shit about baby turtles? Stupid little shells litter the beach… Who gives two shits about a wee bitta graft? And all of the oaths those freaks breach? Who cares if voting’s fixed? The lottery’s a sham? Let ’em program me, I don’t give a damn! What if diamonds and oil and […]

Another’s Dimension Ain’t My Dimension

  Who pissed on the floor?! Yelled the janitor. Goddamn bastard’s are rude! Yelled the manager. Budget’s toast, you’re the cleaner now. Whispered the owner in the manager’s ear. Tell the janitor that we wish him well but Still, say he’s outa here. Well, mister manager fumed. He’d been himself corn broomed. Now he had […]

There’s A Show

You be watching the janitor. The hat check girl. The ork-est-tree. You are missing the moo, ooh, vee. The di-reck-tor. The set director. The story line if You have time and Not many audience do. The Nine Three Society and What It Means to You – Investigating with Quinn Michaels  

Why I Lie

The Tooth Fairy is a lying bitch and Santa’s a lying sack of shit. The Easter Bunny is a sideways fuck and The Sandman can suck on it. They lied, they lied and they goddamn lied! This wasn’t on sale! It’s regular price! Lying isn’t just mandatory Lying is the spice Of life, no?  

Authors Who Overuse Profanity

Ima write this story with No swear words. No saying f*ck. No saying duck. No saying asterisk. No saying pr*ick. (whoops) No saying sh*t and No f*ck it. Don’t be saying a*shole or Writing stupid c*nt. That reveals A no talent motherf*cker and A rather obnoxious coonster.

Say It

Fuck your bitten tongue! Spit that bullshit out! You will loose your voice if you Do not shout! Say what it’s about! Organize your clout! You can change the whole damn game! Wipe out any doubt!  

The Overridden

To a point he was smart and Beyond that, motherfucker Was as stupid as fuck. At that point he’s outa luck. You better jump back outa his muck. You get smacked with some unalive stuff. Grazed by a bullet. Hit by a truck. Like I said, dude’s outa luck. And y’stand in for his stroke?

Bovine Skatology

He wouldn’t say shit if His mouth was full of it and he Reeked of all purdy and nice. But fall down in front of him Or brighten your light to dim And brother, that fuck wouldn’t think twice. He’d fall on you like winter Until he got inter Your warmest and coziest place. And […]

Molecules Of Piss

If you had a bright light At the base Of your personal gruntin’ throne. You would notice something that Few men consent to own. No diligence on how straight you pee Would let you see A sparkle free wee. Reality Is just like that. You swing that bat. You hear that crack! But don’t look […]

Everyone Is Acting

Bitch was nice until familiar. She kinda lied alot and Could easily be caught Picking her nose. She was one of those Bitches I suppose Who could not close What she fucking knows Is a pie hole big enough to drown a horse. Which, of course She would do If it would put her through […]

Smarm Smarm Smarmy

He was sincerely not interested. Smiled that fake smile. And man he could praise til That praise rose your bile. He was an itch in your Trigger finger. Waitin’ to be scratched. And the plans he was planning Couldn’t wait to be hatched. Infection. Dejection. If they aren’t unveiled. Misery. You will see. Who will […]

The Damned

Do and you are fucked. Don’t and you are fucked. Hope you like being fucked… Fucked is where you live. A fuck is what you give. Look what you done did! You are but a fib. Ina liar’s crib. Getta usedta it… Da basten bama thermography isa fakery!  

Waste Not Want Not And Other Bullshite

The mosquito don’t care about your blood supply. The mosquito, he just wants blood. Cows don’t fret the yellowing grass. Cows just chew their cud. Dogs ain’t runnin’ short of arses to sniff. Dogs know everybody got one. We must relearn that life has no edge. And saving isn’t how it’s done.       […]


Bite your tongue and Keep your pie hole shut. You ain’t changin’ shit What, what, what… what? You are a babysitter. Babysitting babies. Babies gonna shit their pants No if, ands, or maybe’s. Open up their diapers and Lookit all their poop. Do the same tomorrow and Mayhaps you’ll get the scoop That babies, they […]

Words Or Swords, What’s It Gonna Be?

You runnin’ off at the mouth Or your fists? Are you puttin’ up or down a fight? Do you spread darkness? Makin’ up some bad? Dontcha ever think of flight? Make a gangland symbol. Spread your shit around. Tell a little story by the Color of the ground. They might get the picture. They might […]

Life: Easy To Learn. Difficult To Master.

GO! if you must and You must! Get up and get at’em. Come at and combat ’em! They’ll stop if you stop ’em. But you have to stop stopping. (But don’t stop on ’em) Keep hitting this and Keep hitting that and Won day you’ll meet Your master. Tip. Your. Hat.