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The Life Cycle

Buddy didn’t know he didn’t know He didn’t know. Life just carried on and Buddy watched the show. Never thinking twice if Life was too and fro. Like a river flowing The banks of which are knowing Whence the water goes. Before the water knows. Along the banks it chose. It goes and always goes. […]

Deeze Old Hands

Buddy’s fingers were not his. They had biz Of their own. And while he’d grown Quite at home Working those fingers Doubt now lingers Who runs them. Sometimes not him. They’d hurt him for no reason And there seemed to be a season When they wouldn’t work at all. When Buddy sent the call Pick […]

When We Was Cows

Shit, remember when we bellowed and bellowed all night? Remember when bellowing wasn’t quite alright? They said you be quiet. You said you’d deny it. You do and do and do and do. They’d hafta make shit up about you. And they would, Of course But from Your horse The mask slipped on your eyes.

Like Your Opinion Counts

They asked him this. And they asked him that. And then they’d mumble behind his back. He said this And we heard that. That advice is full of crap. Buddy needs a yapper clap. He don’t know just where it’s at. But he freakin’ well waits in line…

Losing Your Balance

A very certain Amount of glue. Is required to Keep you as you. Cause you don’t want to play the fool. Stayed in school. Acted cool. But cool is not the real you. You cowtow to This broken thing needing glue.

Just Know When You Enter The Spell Zone

Wait, there’s no one coming. Stop and go and stop. Not slow enough past a school. Withdrawal by the camera cop. People are tired. Some are wired. One bin fired. Better warn ’em before you do. They’ll shake fists and firearms too. Maybe phone to put the screws to you. At’s what they do… Whenever […]

Babble Head

You talk in jerkles. You makin’ hurdles. Your dreams a’curdle The sickest cream. You makin’ problems. You know we got ’em. But you still brought sum. Doh, lak we need? Where are your thoughts, man? Your thinkin’s fraught ya. With gettin’ caught, hah! Nightmare conundrum. Your thinkin’ stinks son. We haven’t begun. To address the […]

Mickey Projector

He was a flash in the pan. The come as Iran. The Mickey Mouse man. The new happen-nan. But no also ran. No never began. No not happen-nan. No you’re not my friend. No we start again. We just say.

First You Buy The Product, Then You Buy The Woman.

When salt breaks up It’s a killer. When mates collide It’s a thriller. But after that high. When push leads to why? Neither are drinking the water.  

Too Much Laughing Hurts

Your fucking cheeks! Like a kick to the gut. Can’t catch your breath. Stop it, please stop it! Nose runs. Eyes weep. Uncle tickles like a creep. Holy shit, the threes keep Punchin and punching and Punch-line-ing!

One Trillion Languages

Joe conversin’ with his new wife Pam. Pam was livid with Joe and Sam. Doin’ that man thing, understand? Forgot about Pam. Pam done slam Another door off it’s hinges. Pam’s on one of her binges. She swings wide an’ Sam flinches. Who can figure out these bitches?! Joe hollers let’s go! Sam an’ his buddy […]

Impotence We Don’t Talk About

Billy had a limber timber. Caused Billy hoot and hinder. Could want that taste that maybe Cry that’s rat, cake be Icing side down.

Pioneerish Arrows In Your Back

Can ya take a good punch? Eat shit for lunch? Will a chest burner work For a handshake? Will ya crawl on skinned knee? Can ya cry like hee hee? Any know on how much you can take? Cause here you be tested. Bested. Redressed and Comeuppance is a smoke whiff away. You better make […]

So Much Has To Stay The Same If Big Change Is What You Want

Your tires need air and Your motor, oil. Leave your gas cap on or Your gas will spoil. Your lights light up and your Steering wheel turns. Easy on the pedal or Your rubber will burn. Combustion hasta happen or Your gears won’t spin. Muffle out explosions or Chances are slim that You’ll hear the […]

Beat Yourself

  The landlord says the rent is due. You don’t pay no rent. The lottery dude says tickets here! But the lottery loot bin spent. You don’t know no god of luck. Only luck you got is you. Someone gonna better the best you got At someone sure as hail be you! Barry

You Could Be A Million People

  One second later and you wouldn’t be you. The person who’d be here would stand in for you. No one would know that you didn’t arrive. You wouldn’t know you weren’t alive. It’s still the same each and every day. You might wake up but another you stays Dead. And will stay dead until […]

Intelligence, Your Mom And Daddy Made. Persistence Is Yours Alone.

  You don’t have to stop when they say stop. You don’t have to quit when they’re all done. The towel is yours to throw in or not throw in, You don’t have to walk when you must run. Their dreams aren’t your dreams if you don’t want them. Their truths ain’t your truths unless […]

The Tinker’s Damn

Great grandaddy spoke to him Through genes and genes and genes. Those genes they brought their own message Through memes and memes and memes. Grandaddy spoke loud. Grandaddy spoke clear. Said Barry, like this color and Barry, drink this beer. Grandaddy said boy you man. You me. And all the things I could not be. […]

And Everybody’s Anchor Was Behind Them. Get It?

Yer baggage. It’s draggin’. Carryin’ capacity laggin’. You’re shy then. You struggle. Living in yer bubble. Getting in your eye. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Strap In

It’s a ride now Put your thing down. Put your thing down or Fall out. You’re scaring people. Put your thing down. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Crowd Comeuppance

Jesus you don’t know. How far I go To make this show Of not knowing. I nod. I look away. I appear to be hearing every Word you say. Mmm hmm. Okay. You bet. Right away. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Fire You See One Time

Ablaze and One tough landing. That’s it we cash it in or Look a big damn hole to jump! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

I Was Wrong. Life Is War.

Evolution is revolution. March just not in rows. Advance do they the enemy. Give ’em hell sans morose. Freedom purchased with blows. Blows from lawdy knows What hit ’em. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Stick Together. Now Blend. Stick Together. Now Blend.

Ah you’re not alone. Even if you are. What about that third man? Man smellin’ stars? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Some Fools All The Time. Sometimes Part Time Fools.

Count those beads. Pack that punch. Have some funny shaped grass For lunch. It’s okay. You’re okay. Just look away when The beggars say You’re not. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

He Wasn’t Emoting, He Was Moting. Building Himself A Big ‘Ol Moat.

Ya hide. From everyone and you. It’s gonna hafta do. You’ve learned it through and through. But if it’s what you’ve gotta do, Maybe try it with less boo hoo. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Unconditional Wow

Shit doesn’t matter. Choose either slit it’s fine. You’re a particle you waver You’re making up this time. Make a bunchofit if you want. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Don’t Start Using My Love For You To Make Yerself Feel Good

You’re on your own. Dammit you’ve known. You cannot hone Your skills alone You need this clone To come un doan. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lacking In Vitamin B Shut Up

Many folks should be singers. They can’t sing though so they talk in circles and chant the chorus, the chorus. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Cappy Jumping Overboard Is A Sign To Abandon Ship

Someone knows something first. They keep it to themselves. Don’t wanna scare the tiny tykes, Disturb the little elves. Cause elves can’t handle scary stuff, The stuff that makes the world. No elves hate bad and bearers of it, Truth makes wee elves hurl. Thank you, friend. Barry out.