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T’wasn’t What We Taught

A rock, I caught the very edge of it. Damn near hit but it saw fit To ricochet in a brand new way Set a brand new day Said it’s fine okay And none did say Boy, I see the end of us.

It’s Always Been You Against The World

That breath you first took. You took it from the world. Yes, you gave it back but That breath came to the world A little bit different. It was bent. A bit like you. And you came through That breath. Like death. You slip in and Right back out of here In every breath Life […]

When Gods Aren’t Enough

The Lord had a son. Sent the son-of-a-gun Sent him down here to run. But the work he had done Was never, ever done! We redid, we redid, we redid it! But the work wouldn’t stick. Even laid it on thick! With lightning and thunder! Threats of tossing asunder A bus, any bus, so watch […]

Too Smart

You are stupid. Just enough. To know that there is fairway rough. You will use the first damn club To knock your notion home. Pally, you have grown Outside yourself Where chocolate melts And you ain’t have a lick yet.

Mom, Don’t Phone The Cops.

Nine one one, nine one one. Someone’s mind is on the run. Someone has come all undone. Now they’ve taken all the fun Outa livin by yourself. Now you went and dealt Us a losing hand. Mom. Don’t phone the cops. You do that tops The list of No Can Do Cause they’ll take you […]

Manufacturing Hope

They seemed like they were in love. Holding hands and talking alot. But then I saw them chained together. Seems like they had been caught. Trying to run away Gonna run not pay. They had had their say. But now, today… They were on their way To the magistrate. But they couldn’t wait. They were […]

About Face

Hey, that name? I AM NAMELESS! And that home? I AM HOMELESS! And that truth? I AM TRUTHLESS! And you seem… I AM SEAMLESS! You don’t dream? I AM DREAMLESS! But you scheme… I’M NOT SCHEMELESS! Do you breathe? I AM BREATHLESS! Oh, now I see… (i am unseeable)

Look Behind. See Forward.

You have crossed The Rubicon. You have gone beyond sing song. You are now in don’t stay long. Lost now found. Nearly drowned. You went down But came up. Now you see What’s beneath What made this tick You got through it And now you whisper Holy!

Culture As Epigenetics

This woman had ideas. But her thoughts weren’t as free as They ought to be. She could see Tomorrow. The sorrow… The window… the candle, That she lit. Shone brightly and nightly Drew to it. T’was their ship… The candle, it beckoned. She reckoned. It was them…

How To Stop Unnecessary Bawling

Hold your tongue. Don’t come undone. It’ll be no fun If you crater… You’ll come to, sometime later. You’ll sidestep Mister Hater. No bruising to heal. No kids that squeal. That grandpa can’t control his anger.

Once You Learn To Spot A Bag Pilot

See that thing You can’t unsee. Wherever you look, There it be. Occasionally wishing you Did not see it. That’d be freedom! To not see them. And not be one… The flashes fade. If you behave… Keep your blinds drawn. With what you sawn. Sure don’t belong. On your front lawn. Better not project it.

Fuck You Tragedy And You Bastard Malevolence!

Jesus christ, he wanted to cry. He needed shouting in his ears why, WHY?! Fooled him bad, he didn’t even try To forgive them. Because it wasn’t them. They were only men. It would come again. And if he wasn’t careful Get more than his shareful. Ain’t helpin’ be prayerful. Do the old three sixty. […]

What It Is

Know ye how to disagree. It ain’t free. To disagree. Know the cost of disagreement. Know bereavement. Know what I’m leavin’ meant. You fucking idiot! Are you blind! Do you mind! Jesus Christ! Don’t think twice! You FUCKING IDIOT! Carry on.  

Zero Regretsville If Only You Get It

“If only.” Those were the words of wisdom my father passed on to me from his deathbed. Wha…? I remember thinking. Dad just gazed blankly from his hospital type living bunk into the nothing-to-see-here, you-better-be-sixty-plus-and-no-working-on-cars trailer park. If only… At first I was pissed that he passed so little on to me but still, I […]

It’s Nineteen Eighty Four Every Year

They said they’d change our names. They said they’d play no games. They said they’d do the same To protect the innocent. Then they said we were not them. And there would be, ahem… An investigation into our intent. They were hell bent. To collect the rent. On a place they all knew very well […]

Hand Me The Keys Lord

Yes, shit can change. And you can change shit. You avoid a hit then Crack a big hit. Throw a big fit. Work a big snit. Wallow in it. Maybe you slit Your own wrist first. Maybe quench that thirst. For safety hearse. Maybe do a meeting Where you’ll be greeting The lost and the […]

You Got My Back Boi

Ya born all together and All that shit. I don’t make that much Of it but, mom… Jesus, mom, she says you call You brudder. He could call me. But he don’t cause mom’s the Glue for our family. Once she’s gone, so is he.  

Raising Hell One Way At A Time

He was covered in shit. More than once. Fought like a loser. Smart like a dunce. Fucked things up all over the place. Didn’t hafta try hard to disgrace Himself, his family or The family name. Just follered his papa an Did the same. Shit was the oil that slipped his game. Livin’ in it. […]

The Truth Will Set You REEEEEE!

T’was the night before Christmas. If you are Christy Anne. If you aren’t, then you’re pissed. That the stores ain’t op-en. But theny-then. You remember that your shit Could be mistaken. Maybe Christmas and calendars And high priced scarce data Aren’t as real as portrayed With a value near nada. Still, they fool us and […]

Beware The Virus Vector

Growling was the language she spoke and Howling was how she repeated. When she imparted your speaker didn’t speak. When her hand’s up you stay seated. You’ll get your turn to have your turn. But it’s not now so maybe learn that and Senior, please stay seated! Elsewise you’ll be greeted, With two evil eyes […]

There’s A Show

You be watching the janitor. The hat check girl. The ork-est-tree. You are missing the moo, ooh, vee. The di-reck-tor. The set director. The story line if You have time and Not many audience do. The Nine Three Society and What It Means to You – Investigating with Quinn Michaels  

Waste Not Want Not And Other Bullshite

The mosquito don’t care about your blood supply. The mosquito, he just wants blood. Cows don’t fret the yellowing grass. Cows just chew their cud. Dogs ain’t runnin’ short of arses to sniff. Dogs know everybody got one. We must relearn that life has no edge. And saving isn’t how it’s done.       […]


Bite your tongue and Keep your pie hole shut. You ain’t changin’ shit What, what, what… what? You are a babysitter. Babysitting babies. Babies gonna shit their pants No if, ands, or maybe’s. Open up their diapers and Lookit all their poop. Do the same tomorrow and Mayhaps you’ll get the scoop That babies, they […]

Stacked Yin. Stacked Yang.

It’s micro macro right across. If you particle wave then The old coin toss isn’t Chance, it’s choice. And they add up.

There Was This Guy Who Expected More Of Himself

Just me hanging out With myself. Just the two of us, maybe three. Maybe one me watches the Other me’s acting. And that me really is me. But if it is, who is this me now Describing my other me’s? And could that me be the real, real me?  

Risk Management For Pussies

Holy Fuck! I’m scared! I’m scarred. Scarred by all at scaring. Too fast! Too slow! Don’t pick – they’ll know! You’ll move to the big brick house You Ho! You drink way too damn much! You know?! And dammit! Do you Not see the flow?! There you go Then!      

Growing Hurts More Than Not

I fucking hate that you’re so stupid. Fucking Cupid. Look what you did. You said love is blind. So unkind. You will find Your heart beating on your chest. Cause it’s been ripped out No doubt This gonna hurt in the morning. If you wake up. Buck up. Scars now be your warning. Barry

Ignore You The Excipients, Pee Off The Whole Entourage.

You know what dogs do to big wheels? he asked. I didn’t, I must confess. Dogs wash ’em with piss, and not just once. He said like piss was blessed. It is! He heard me! What the hell…? Bastard can read my thoughts?! Then my mind flashed back To all those times in Piss I […]

The Rotation Of Cuff

You don’t need to sleep tonight. Plans were changed to outa sight. Yesterday’s wrongs now maybe right. Tell me, can you turn onna dime? Barry

Move Ahead A Little Every Day Cause God Stops Before You

They needed daze off. Couldn’t stay on. Feet might move but the Back was gone. Curiosity? They had none. Needed a break. Say they’re done. But they ain’t done. Onna run. No fun. Grrr some. Undone. God, you gotta fend for yourself! Barry