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If That’s The Way

You’re an ogre man. An also-ran. Got no tan, Albino. Rinos have tough skin. Yours is so thin. Babies can see right through you.

Habitual Insanity

Their driveway didn’t go to their house. They were a few bricks short of a load. Their lights were on but no one was home. They strolled in the middle of the road. Stupid was as stupid did. There were no sharp tools in the drawer. No matter what intelligence did The level of smarts […]

This Body

I breathe It breathes. I wheeze It wheezes. Like this thing was me. Following me. Mimicking me. Acting like me. Impostor me. I am not me. I’m who I wanna be.

The Damn Thing Broke When I Was

No! Goddammit! Not today! Yelled at the spirits that awful day. Yes, they stayed because of their payday. And chickens coming home to roost… A wee sip of booster juice. Then remember how so square Your plan is to reason. There isn’t a season On killing your hunger To slide those asunder. You smile and […]

If You Might Be Found Guilty, Start A Fire.

Wrong as shit and tired of it, The bad folks needed distraction. And fast, they needed tough action. The blaming starts, they must act then. BOOM! Goes their canon. Hey?! What just happened? Line up the fattened For slaughter. They oughta Slip on the blindfolds. Lord knows what beholds Violence, compliance And murderous intent. Like […]

Who Wins Wars?

Bullets cost money and Bullets cost lives and Pull that trigger and Someone thrives And they care not Who shoots or who dies. War must be, no wonder whys. Mamas send their babies Trading lives for lies. Lying that they die so proud. Singing anthems with the crowd. Crying then is not allowed. You bite […]

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Doof?

Untouched, they missed the Flynn Effect. Headed downhill, going like heck. If they don’t slow down, they will surely wreck. Not one of them gives a shit doh… They know not what they know doh. And none shall dare To ask just where They’re headed, they just go. And fast, there is no slow. Life […]

Kicking The Shit Outa Boris Badenov

Dude was a pansy. Skin so soft with hands he Would not use for work. Oh no, that shit he’d shirk. A well dressed man With a smart dresser tan And a wife who’s a fan Of monay. And today It’s spies on a mission So don’t you be dissin Good dressers who be kissin […]

Plasmastic Dreams

Oh man, you said some shit. You said some shit last night. Some of it was right. Some was outa sight. Some was not so bright. Some was kinda trite. Me? I didn’t bite. I stayed outa sight. Listened to my wife. I want you home tonight. She don’t need the fright. I came home […]

The Warts Of Worry

Things have a way of working out. Said the blind man to the tramp. Ain’t all crippled or gibbled up. Life’s a pain but just a cramp. You can walk it out. You can talk it out. Life will listen to your fear. Life will paint that fear In a scene so dear It will […]

Reality Is A One Horse Town

So you think you know How the big life goes But you haven’t stuck your toe in the water? Maybe you knew but forgotten. Shit outside smells rotten Compared to your dreams Nice, it now seems Is nowhere in the mix. It’s nothing you can fix. Take a deep sleep breath And take a wild, […]

Good Fear Bad Fear

You say no you cannot do it. Strapped in fear shoes they fit. They will run you straight into heaven. And straight to hell if you allow them. But run you must just Don’t do ragged. Purveyor of dread. Take a step back from the edge, boy.