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I See They See I See

With I’s half shut They ran amok The king was on his way. He’d be here any day! The walls weren’t high enough. Their gold wouldn’t meet their bluff. We love you! They would say. And maybe king would slay Only half of them They would gladly bend A knee or ear With king right […]

Bossing Authoritarians

The kid wouldn’t listen from The front of the class. Headphones in. The kid was an ass. But he sure did pass The hell test, home nest. He could fight the very best! A whuppin make ’em hesitate. Kid don’t wait. Says it straight. Then adopts a swaggered gait. You don’t wanna interact. Cut some […]

No Phone For Mauly

She grunts and groans Hates being alone Hates anything foam. Rips shit to threads That shit then dreads To release so easy Mauly, don’t you see? Why momma don’t feed you fabric? You’re in dog heaven. I know where you been You came from dog hell. Now you’re doing well. Sleep safe in this heaven. […]


Oh, you put on quite a show. You don’t know that we all know. We hear how you say “I go” But you don’t go, you’re just talking. And when you talk you’re mostly walking That very fine line ‘tween yours and mine But you, you want mine too.

Hola Dementia!

You called me up and called me down. Said you’d prefer it if I found Another place to hang my hat. With no discussion, that was that. But only you were angry. I hid a tiny smirk. You wagged your finger. Said you’re a ringer For a jerk. You’re a jerk. A jerk! I saw […]

Fat, Free, Fatuous Me.

Once upon a time, he cared. A little time ago, he dared. But that was gone For he was fond Of sports and gambling. Beers and rambling Stats and tats and Zerohedge. Don’t you dredge That shit up! You fuck… Off!

Get Yer Whirlwind On

You’re a sucker for punishment. A sucker for love. You have sucked from below. Want to try from above. It keeps coming around. And going ’round without asking. No one to ask it… No taskers have tasked it. Is it torn aye doh or Torn ahh doh…? Matters not ’cause where you go Also goes […]