And Breath As Sweet As Meth

Jesus loves a good neighbor.

Buddy watch my wife.

Shows her that he’s watching and

How to hold a knife.

Knew it wasn’t right


Circumstances and want advances

He hadda go to work.

She stayed near that jerk.

So he partied with him

Beers and fire,

Drinks and a sweet hoot

Whose the wiser?

Burning bodies by the fire.

In his imagination?

Logic on vacation…?!

Buddy was trying to hook he.

Maybe sneak a little nookie.

With his wife, so kookie.

Burnin’ bodies with sweet smoke.

Torch that life with every toke.

Who remembers what it took

For the sweet to sour

And on the hour

A salt comes by to play.

One Response to “And Breath As Sweet As Meth”

  1. Ho lee fuk I had a scary neighbor who introduced me to crystal meth while leering at my wife. My daughter was killing herself on crystal meth so I wanted to see what it was like. My crazy neighbor sold the shit and had a bic pen, a zip tied alligator clip and a car lightbulb bulb attached to it.
    It was fucking great!
    My daughter still died tho.
    Broke my heart but not my mind.

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