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Working Witches

She could spell happiness And hope and forgiveness. She cast so many elements Blessings into this Soup called life Or bread or potatoes Doesn’t really matter Where they go, she goes. Into the air now, into your lungs Hands toward heaven Happiness runs Courses through see stems You want to play. And shit doesn’t wear […]

Fooler Mom

Bitch you really got me good. Hood winked me every time you could. I dangled there like you knew I would. I slew all your enemies. Even if they were friends to me. You got me so damn good. Papa tried to warn me. My mind could not see. What a twisted bitch you were. […]

Wise Ways

A trap he saw Where none exists So he tread lightly In starts and fits. Courage now, he must resist Running to beat high heaven. No traps back where he bin. None to the left. None to the right. Some traps, he knew, came out at night. But those weren’t the traps that delivered fright […]

When Jones Fell

On the front lines There are those times Where the enemy is within. There’s no place to begin. So you buckle down Damn torpedoes frown On sites set too high You’re not that guy Don’t ask now why The sky, she falls And all cat calls Miss the mark cause You are them and they […]

A Place Without Gods

The king decreed Everyman seethed At the notion there be no god. Not here, ruled the monarch. Not today. Maybe god returns Another day but Today god stays away. King said And he waved his arms in a pathway Charmed By the forces at kings call. Bells rang out and the boys with clout Flailed […]

In Will Valley

Roaming in the wild Where the big wills play. You better make your mind up Or they’ll have their way With you boy, man, woman or child. Roamin’ with the big wills In the Valley of the Wild.

They Made The Neighbors Squeal

Dial six one one and Call someone. The neighbors having visits. They don’t know what it is. They just know that this is A time for lonely. You stay homely. Sick and die on your own. You don’t leave your home. You’re diseased, my friend. You can see the end. The edge has come to […]

The Second Death Of Mama

Mom you die And die and die. No one knows how much you die. Life, you question even why. Why life must be dying. You wake up you’re crying. Maybe mom, be trying To see your all-go-rythm.

Killin’ Mama

You died slow like One day at a time. And a death that slow Ain’t no damn crime. In fact, when time is on rewind. You’ll find you’re in heaven. You will be forgiven. Just you don’t remember. You were always there. All this here Is make believe. There was never any need to grieve. […]

You Can Be Someone Else

I wish I wish I wish I was Someone else not just because Someone else is better than me Or someone else can better see The faults and talent I can’t see. Tho evident to them Not me. And so I pray One day to be That someone else I too, can be.

The Day Mom Died

Mom didn’t die The day she died. She ate a pill Said open wide. Then her good life And death collided. They didn’t know they met. There was no regret. Just, hello Reaper. Mother’s keeper. You old sneaker Skulking up behind her. Death, we knew, would find her. Said, don’t be so damn kind sir. […]

Stress Boils

You don’t have my back. I have yours. You think I am whack. Well, of course. I am. I ran. All this way to meet you. Here in the middle. Here, we don’t fiddle With numbers Becomers. Fixin’ leaks like plumbers. We’re sinking You’re thinking Please untie the lifeboats. Then miniature like play goats We’ll […]