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Adding That Shit Smell

Roses are red. Shit is brown. Get confused. Stank on clown.

A Fun Tide Raises All Fun Tides

The boss smiles at you. You smile back. Huh, you think. That ain’t whack. Smile in traffic. All way back. Smile spreads in you. That ain’t whack. Smile flies to wife. Cat and kids. Smile flaps elbows. Tickles ribs. Daylight softens. Smothers stress. Breathing easy. Smiles are blessed.

Opinion Blindness

It’s sundowners son. The evening’s begun. You’re in for some fun It’s undone now. Fret and you fumble. All that you mumble. Under your breath. East facing West. Failing the test. But you are the best You can muster?

The Slack Collector

Call on buddy. He’ll help out. Buddy knows what shit’s about. Gets shit done. Right down to it. Never says we’re done, we blew it. Plodding, plotting. Every day. Outcomes bend to see his way. It’s okay. In the frey. Dude sees all from here.

The Sympathy Fiend

I’m not good. How bout you? Don’t you think we’re getting screwed? Holy cow, they screw us over! We ignore and onward soldier March like marching Made things better. But it takes more Than one go-getter. Let them cry. The old bed wetters. Grumbling tumblers. Second guessors. You have sealed your fate!

Creativity Wound

Please don’t heal. Bleed me out. Splash my splatter all about. Stay you now infected. God please help it spread. Use me up so totally I never will be dead.

The Present That Was

We’re half an hour out. Two weeks away. Bin three years since you did say I’m tired of waiting. What we waiting for? You moved some way so Now you are not waiting. Now you be debating. Which is the way to go? Because you do not know. Cause the time has passed. Just like […]

Life Is Like A Wheelchair

Maybe you don’t understand Just how crippled you are… When you wish upon that star… Sure, the star takes you away but Not too far. Not today. But… a little glass of whiskey. Couple cold beers. Whisk away all dreadful fears. Tomorrow blames your low set bar And whispers hey, what about your star?

Say Hello To Les Fox

You gave a shit. Too many shits. Tried to make all shit fits stick. But they’re too thick. They move too slick. You’ll get sick And tired.

Reacher Overreacher

Ten years I’ve been writing this blog. A decade of ramblings and ideas as they came. My frustrations. Dreams and in-betweens. And what has it brought me? Only to the tracks where I can lay my ear And listen carefully To see if anything’s coming.