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There’s A Very Good Chance I Might Be Wrong But Good Ain’t Good Enough

Most folks are quick to criticize. They always know the higher road to take once finding out what stupid path someone else took and then not going that way. Thank you, friend. Barry out. shit’s rat here:  

Ignence That Knows No Bounds Is By Far Yer Very Best Ignorance

Most folks think they understand life well enough. They stopped looking for additional or non supporting evidence for their beliefs a long time back and since then they haven’t encountered anyone a heckova lot smarter than themselves so what’s not to know? Thank you, friend. Barry out. Turns our there’s a thing or two to […]

The Message Said Quit While You’re Ahead But Surely They Know We Won’t

Regawdless, Press On Most folks do not know the score. They haven’t realized its been game on since they were dealt their first hand and even if up to now they haven’t, its time to start favoring other suits besides clubs. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Okay, everyone on their knees and repeat after me: […]

Rand Paul & Ron Paul. Osama and Obama. This Shits All Accidental?

Many folks know how easy it is to confuse people. They also know that confused people do nada which is exactly what they are supposed to do if everything goes according to plan. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Before We Knew It Everyone Was Held In Buffet Style Credit Crunch Compounds

Many folks remember the Time Before Plastic Cards. They didn’t pay anyone for purchases other than the cost of the purchase and nobody was even remotely thinking about being charged a fee just to count money or make a bank depo sit because this stank called greed was in it’s infancy but poised perfectly to […]

If You Don’t Think Having Money Changes Your Tune You’ve Never Had NO MONEY

Most folks who fill their vehicle gas tank up don’t fret about the price of fuel. They don’t watch the totals on the pump changing so fast that a person can’t even tell what number they’re on let alone stop at $35.00 on account of that’s all the cash they could find on their already […]

Yer Two Laws

Many folks understand that society has more than one set of rules. They have seen kings and queens of industry, princesses and princes of finance and prime / not-so-prime shakers and movers of all mountains big and small receiving the light touch or royal treatment while at the same time ensuring that all brown nosing […]

Shit Is Constantly Hitting The Fan Making Where One Stands All Important

Most folks don’t attempt to predict the future. They have enough on their plate just getting through today never mind trying to guess what will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or any time beyond the day after that day and sadly these same people, being so totally focused in the mo ment, seldom […]

Heaven Has This One Lobby Only

Many folks imagine somewhere better. They strive to get along with every one because this next place is gonna be spacious and so much less stinky it will be astonishing. Thank you. friend. Barry out.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson Says Hey, No One Look At Me!

Many folks know when the jig is up. They raise their hands either to divine authority or their cap tors but nevertheless they ultimately realize that someone else is in control and why die on the last day of this mindless battle? Thank you, friend. Barry out. Simon says do as I say, not as […]

And Little Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Don’t Get A Valentines Card

Most folks want happy to be their normal state. They assume that everyone is content and why not join them because the big pool is where the action is and jeepers, don’t everybody look good swimming grinning? Thank you, friend. Barry out. I want to be like Tarzan or the Lone Ranger. They uh, didn’t […]

Dying Is What Alive Things Do

Most folks don’t care that they represent evolution. They just accept aliveness as the standard state for everything without deducing that life has an out door as well as in which means the carpet they’re soiling is somewhere in the middle of this too small and get ting narrower hallway to gawd knows where. Thank […]

Tomorrow Is Not For Certain Once We’re Out Of The Range Of Time

Most folks live today as if they had a million of ’em. They don’t on account of that adding up to 2737 years and most of us living only 1/30th of that time if we’re lucky so those same people who act like they will be around until the cows come home should actually kick […]

Living A (Sic) Life Creates OhWellness In Everyone

Most people are not responsible for their mistakes. They blame their father, mother or the way they were brought up for creating this alien whom is socially crippled without realizing that the second anyone claims to “get” what might be causing them distress it is both their right and full responsibility to address the situation […]

Organized Forces Employ Deception But Politicians Would Never Think Of It

Most folks know that gangs win wars any way they can. They might develop their own methods learned from history or follow the teachings of tactician Sun Tzu but regardless of the source of their capacity for influencing outcomes every astute force uses any and all effort to shape the thinking of their own soldiers […]

Preserve A Portion Of Yourself Because You’ll Need You In Your Future

Most folks know about conserving. They understand that some time later when there is less of this thing then they enjoy now there may be no way to get more of it so they will be forced into using that part of their potential yet to be engaged. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Oh, To Be Stupid & Thoughtless And Selfish To Boot

Most folks admit to a checkered past. They could have handled this or that different and life would be a hellova lot better if they hadn’t done such and such but none of this shit would seem like the wrong path if they weren’t on the right one now. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Fellow Pisstanks: Snarfing Breakfast And Slurping Lunch & Supper = Better Drunk!

Most folks are not alcoholics. They can last days without drinking booze and still they eat regular but it ain’t so with hungry dipsomaniacs on account of they can last daze without tasting grub & by then their starving brain cain’t think rat. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Whale Oil Beef Hooked – nighttime is […]

Cool Text Graphics You Can Use If you want to produce graphics, this is a great free site to do so. I made the above graphic in 2 minutes and I’m blind & more than just a tad fucked up so… surely you can do it. Yer welcome pal.

Here, Let Me Google That For You

Many folks don’t know how to type. They aren’t as bad off as them that won’t learn how to type but they both are missing out on one of the most valuable interfaces known to man. Thank you, friend. Barry out. For example: what if a non typing type of person wanted to know which […]

More Of Us Better Start Acting Like We’re Fucked Or We Really Really ARE

Many folks think that the world is in pretty good shape. They peer out at it from their comfy home, sitting in their most comfy pajamas while watching their ginormous flat screen television and feeling secure in the knowledge that their home and possessions are fully protected by a monitored security system and paid for […]

Time Is Not Money. Perception Is.

Most folks have experienced a sunset. They understand that the sun is not really going anywhere because its disappearing act is the illusion created by earth spinning on its axis and what is more amazing than an awe inspiring celestial event is who figured out how to charge everyone for this natural wonder? Thank you, […]

When Transactions ARE The Thing Transacted

Most folks have an idea how commerce works. They purchase something from someone and in supplying the thing desired the seller completes an equitable deal, unless the buyer is dealing with a bank cause in that instance absolutely nothing needs to be exchanged for a substantial service fee to accrue. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

Now That’s What I’m Talking About. A Ghost With Manners!

Many people believe in the paranormal. They stand a good chance of being not quite normal themselves and as such look in weird places to see who says what where when. Thank you, friend. Barry out. My daughter is a ghost hunter and I think she found a non physical spokesperson.

People That Know Me Think I’m A Dork But My Imaginary Friends Like Me Fine

Most folks enjoy being part of a clan. They relish the fact that they can identify with this or that group of people because they all think, dress or live the same way but that process don’t work for morans. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Leave Some Cracks In The Pyramid For Loot To Flow With The Shit

Many folks know that life is a ponzi scheme. They understand that some dudes / dudettes have grabbed the world by the horns and are shaking it like it was a money tree and them same people have been hiding the fact that if crap rolls down hill then certainly the rewards can too. Thank […]

I Am Non Employee Friendly Guy

Most folks in the old daze worked for themselves. They suffered much less stress back then on account of being able to implement nearly any new idea they could think of without having to first clear it with the dough heads in accounting. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Hell Is Filled With The Finest Of Handbaskets

Many folks understand what each to his own means. They have learned the definition of that phrase the hard way by attempting to assist some one only to be rebuked and admonished so they soothe their raw empathy with memorable phrases which depict a situation similar to the leavening of bread. Thank you, friend. Barry […]

The Buffalo Trail Internet: Selling Gas Guzzling Cars, Tires And Roads

Most folks would have never considered investing in the first railroads. They viewed laying double reinforced ribbons of expensive steel across barren flat and mountainous lands filled with nothing but wild animals, untamed wilderness and threatened natives who were more often killed than helped by the smoking iron horse when it ripped through their peaceful, […]

Actors Who Forget Everybody Is Acting Are The Most Terrible Actors Of All

Many folks know not to take themselves so seriously. They understand that a credible asshole may have credibility but little comprehension of how their attitude is creating a lonelier than necessary environment where they are often avoided. Thank you, friend. Barry out.