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Lord I’m Not Asking For Your Help

Fuck you, if you don’t help me! All that I have done! You don’t keep a boi a’guessin! Keep ‘im onna run! It’s tit for tat you goddamn rat! I ask you for goddamn nuthin! For all the help that you bin! You’re nowhere anywhere. Was, you wouldn’t dare. Fuck you are a hypocrite! Lian […]

There Was A Flaw In The Caw Of The Cat Crow

Nothing was as it seemed. As if the world careened. In a ditch boi Where their joy Will employ Guns and knives and waspy hives No, get away from me now. Legs, get moving and how Do we jump this shark? In the thick, thick dark. From a place where dark lives matter.

Instead Of Someone More

Don’t stop me man. Because i can Not be stopped.

If You Find This Bottle

We were dazed by the flashes Of bright moon light And the waves crashed all around us. Brought ’em in by bus, they did And their waves crashed all around us. Blinded by moon light, Splashed upon those shores. It was land not yet explored. Saler gainst saler. Discount city. Wasn’t so pretty after eighty […]

Fogs Dighting

Everything is backwards And nothing goes ahead. We will all be dead. It will not be said. We knew what we did here. Out of thought in to fear. No reason now for rhyme. We are outa time. The chickens have come home.