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They found a wood tick On a planet ya And the damn tick She had kids. And them damn kids, they had kids. The planet shook And all ticks took The shaking to mean making Plans to reduce the shaking. Altering maps they made. And beliefs so grave They suck the life inside from all […]

Welp, We Did It!

Pa sometimes thought He’s a fuckup. Pa was talking bout me But pops didn’t see That me set free Can do some shit. I can win a bit. When luck sees fit. A prepared man Who knows he can Read reality Knows for sure that he Creates with his mind. God’s hands shaping time. Then […]

When Worry River Rises

They were right down there in the water. Bright clothed like they oughta Want to be rescued But no, it’s fuck you. You old fuck know nothing.

It’s Your God Given Right!

Buddy had a god and Buddy’s Friend had a god but Those two gods fought And Buddy got caught In the muddle In a puddle. Rain coming so down. Buddy’s dripping clean clown. Now he don’t like the circus.

Morale Was The Gold They Were Digging For But The Silly Diggers Dug Right Through It

Good humor, he said, was paramount. It was the bedrock of what came next. Toil, they could, like normal men But they couldn’t cause they were hexed. Cursed from birth by their freedom gene. Their genes wouldn’t let them go. And genes don’t ask, they tell you boy Exactly how life will flow. Drown you […]

A Hundred People And Only One Story

There were limo driving spies With windows made of eyes Say the wrong thing here And Pally, have no fear. Youll hear it every year. Like a warped hillbilly cheer. And ya, it’s kinda weird. An octopus with many mouths But only got one ear.

He Said Don’t Call Me Tomorrow Today Cause You’ll Be Reaching Back In Time

Try not to think about it. It doesn’t need your thoughts. Please stop every imagining. Those if, and maybe nots. It’s a littered landscape, Boss. You won’t know what you’ve lost. You gladly pay the cost. It’s dad gum deal Even if you feel Drag a match on a camel’s box.

This Shit Is Real

That rock that flew by Thrown by that guy That rock so close to deadly Was not real. See, the rock that did not hit me. Was not of this reality. If it was, and I was faster It would have hit me.

Don’t Make Me Word You

Do you know the word of the lord? Then hesitate please God says you’re in the game now.