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Buddy Sees Someone’s Legs Laying There

Buddy saw a heart. Buddy saw a heart so torn apart It could not find it’s family. No organs found turned out to be That liver, forgiver. Could you not come hither? Your memory forgiver? A bad boy. Is no choice. Pappa gonna do his bidding. Even if Pappa not living. He works through genes […]

It’s Your God Given Right!

Buddy had a god and Buddy’s Friend had a god but Those two gods fought And Buddy got caught In the muddle In a puddle. Rain coming so down. Buddy’s dripping clean clown. Now he don’t like the circus.

Praise Be To The Gibberish Tree

Are you fucking kidding? What did you hear? That made you dear To ideas so damn crazy? Buddy, are you hazy? It’s a big damn storm You’re so forlorn A breeze blow you away. Buddy don’t stray. Says hey let’s play! And we do, so starts this game.

And Without Distraction, No Magik.

They were rabbit stuffers. Stuffing rabbits in hats. Rabbits popped out They said imagine that! Beggar pulled a rabbit Right out his hat! A few of them knew What magicians can’t do. They can’t pull a rabbit Out their ass.

Didn’t See The Gate Until The Bloody Thing Closed

It was an uncivil war Fought in uncivil times. Fought behind paper masks Outside and yes, inside. Fought by phone and QR code At tables and doors. A mask with no code means It’s outside with yours. They fight like a Karen. All happy they’re sharing Their point of view. And, couldn’t you Try to […]