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Mom, I’m Sick. I Gotta School Ache.

Maybe I wasn’t feeling all that great. Maybe was a test I could not relate. Maybe was a test I could not partake. Maybe Barry is a damn poor student. Don’t make him lead. He will disbelieve. If you give him leave To do so… Beggar slides away. Givem just a day. He’ll be in […]

Loosh Rock Without Lighthouse Dead Ahead!

The breeze was soft as a pirate’s whisper, But it drew it’s breath from today. There was never any doubt that the ship was lost, As their futures floated away. They bibbed and bobbed and although Hobnobbed, they pined for this moment. This drifting ‘pon the seas. Them free of dis-ease, fore The further they […]

Kindly Fuck Off Loosh

Asymptomatic carrier. Buddy, you got that smell. Maybe you look like I’m okay But Buddy, you look like hell. Listen to loosh, talkin bout loosh. Buddy, you looshing your mind. Leavin those gifts so fine. Neggatves you lay, Looshers, they prey. Buddy, keep layin dem ayegs… You’ll see.

Why I Don’t Advertise This Site

Yes, I kicked that lady’s dog chained to the clothesline. That bitch tried hard to bite me Not the lady, but her feed your dog yard lots pooper. Don’t say you’re going on holidays Then pull your blinds and stay home. And who leaves their dog out When they go vacay? Critical thought escaped me […]

No More White Candy Cigarettes & No More Licorice Cigars!

A kid can’t get a smoke today. They got phones and phones and phones. Kids don’t know bout VPN’s. They’re 3 Dee mapped and bound. Chipped, we have been found. Trapped by a little tap Maybe close your goddamn yap… Or you’ll wake up on Mount Amazon. So, Calm The Hellmazonian down… Can ya?

I Could Hold Your Tail, But I Don’t.

Friends are distant and unseen. You seem nice and in-between. I said I’m blue, not so in greed. I’ve got a bad sign. Hurting from the old grind. I’m not a good find. Hope you disagree. Then you set me free.

Just Two Languages, English And Universal

Mauly said there were deer in the yard or a sound in the air she had not heard. Or a cat on the deck or a bird on the truck, they hailed to everything they met. Chase a little truck or snowmobile rider, ruff at crows and who cares you can’t fly? Matters not why. […]

Psychopaths Are In Control And Idiots Run The Show

Topsy Turvey is a town near you and maybe a town you live in. People there are not just square, they’re male and not male, protected and unprotected and working from home. They’re Russian or Ukrainian, black or not black and inflation? What’s inflation? In Topsy, they mask to protect others and they keep a […]

Hello Loosh Battery

Open up your mind, see what you find and it better not be negative. Take stock of your killer instinct and that fight or flight instinct beside it. Notice how victimhood is right beside your intent to flee and marching in the streets is a last ditch effort right beside that. It’s all there, in […]