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Psychopaths Are In Control And Idiots Run The Show

Topsy Turvey is a town near you and maybe a town you live in. People there are not just square, they’re male and not male, protected and unprotected and working from home. They’re Russian or Ukrainian, black or not black and inflation? What’s inflation? In Topsy, they mask to protect others and they keep a […]

They Do

They can drop the water From the sky. They can dry a teardrop from your eye. They can burn you out. They can make you fry. They can create fear. They can make you cry. Don’t you wonder why They do?

There’s A Very Good Chance There’s None

There was rigging in the game. What? You didn’t see it?! It is not the friggin same. You didn’t hear the lie flip? They’re playing us like marks. That dog that doesn’t bark, then Ignites shreds igniting dread. So now you’re paying attention! But still you will not mention, Someone shat your pants.

The Knew Normal

Ten damned children Playing in the park. Know they are damned Cause it’s so close to dark! But there are the damned Living like a lark. Didn’t their moms and dads Teach ’em ’bout the bads? Tell the girls and lads You’re attracting bad! By staying out too late! You’d all be acting great If […]

Happy Times At The Hurtin’ Parade

No pain killers. No Phyllis Dillers. No wish you wellers. Only urban dwellers. Who felt like hellers. They had their druthers. Sisters and brothers. None as others. Sad in the darkness. They didn’t hark this. Storm that heads their way. They live for just today. A flash then gone away. No matter what they say. […]

Dreaming At Nightmare Ridge

Oh, they started so early. Demanding and standing Ground, with no ground To stand on. Flailing about with all of that clout Chopping off most hands at random. Lord, we could barely stand them! But, there were too many And if he had a penny For every son a bitch he knew. His boat, she’d […]

When You Go Into The Woods Today

You better go alone. And if you don’t go to the woods today Maybe you’ll stay at home. You better stay at home. Better you do not roam. Better stay close to your phone. They want to know where you’re goin. They want to know when you’re home. In the woods, they want you alone.


You don’t know how good you have it. Y’Ain’t bin swore at. Hair pulled. Arm bent. Threatened. Y’Ain’t bin punched. Y’Ain’t bin slapped. Y’Ain’t bin cut. Y’Ain’t bin kicked. Lied to. Stomped on. Spat at. Knocked out. Pounced on. Y’ain’t bin shat on. Y’Ain’t bin moved around… Creeped at. Moron… You don’t know how good […]

The Fear Man

The NSA is watching me. Po po on my tail. Minister warns about Lucifer Says Jesus don’t do bail. Neighborhood watch is watching me. Tax man hinting jail. Confidant got shit to leak. My ship came in then sailed. Took a boat load of upsets with it. And endings that never end. So there it […]

When Everyone Is Your Enemy

You’re a witch, man! You’re a witch! You’re a bitch, man! You’re a bitch! You black! On crack! You lack The funds For even this little ‘ol Check to clear! Barry

Cancer They Could See In His Goddamn Shit But Suicide They Could Not See

Jesus, let me not fuck up Quite so much today. Jesus can you give give me life And in your special way Can you steal away my senselessness One more friggin day? Barry  

Captain Fear Was In The Lock Biz

  Lawyers, we need ’em. Don’t you fret. And when sumbitch won’t pay his bet then Get one on the horn and In a minute or two, That damn lawyer will sue for you. He’ll roast ’em on a spit and The beggar won’t quit until You go an call the dawgs off. But for […]

Economics For De Asshole

  Get this through your thick skull! People want to be paid more to do less. Not just your son… They want to be paid sooner than later. Not just your daughter… Can they get that in writing? They want certainty! Shit better be worth more’nay paid… People want increase! Can’t give ’em this? Don’t […]

Though They Never Ever Met Him, They Believed What They Were Told About Satan.

He exorcised a lot. Slammin’ doors in Lucifer’s face. And it didn’t seem to matter what door he shut, Slewfoot enter at another place. He was certain, yes it’s the Devil! Comin’ in everywhar! But why he don’t open the opposing door? ‘N let the Devil go straight through thar… Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

Fuh Fuh Failure Awaits You

You can’t do this. Yes… you can’t. Try as you may (And you may try) You can’t do it. Wanna know why? ‘Cause you are the bringer. Bringer of you and The you bringing you Doing what he posedta do. Bringer bringing you. Now what is it you can do… Now that you brought you? […]

They Fought For Fighting

It ain’t about a dollar. The old man said. It’s oneupmanship and Parta that’s dead. You can’t turn your back onna Half killed guy ’cause If you do, the dead guy’ll try To take you out when You wanna stay in and Digits onna windpipe let the Hymns begin. For the world to sing A […]

The People Around Me Think My Work is Workless

Okay I didn’t show up for work today. It got drunk where I was livin at. I wanted to be there but Care as I dare wasn’t Enough for me to Give a fack. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Why Use A Bolt Of Lightnin’ When A Big ‘Ol Boat Will Do?

Something doesn’t like too many pieces Playing on the same board game. Too many Playas on the old Itanic, Dog paddle inna tux look lame. But what ya gonna do when Gravity knows you well and Then your lucky star swings by? Well, you jump overboard afore The whole damn horde, drawing Fire to your […]

Taming Tommy

The threat’s in here. Just up ahead. Or maybe it’s over our Goddamn head. Like I said… LOOKOUT! Thank you, friend. Barry out.