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Persistance Is The Key But You Better Know To What

You can hurt your back. Look into the sun. You could piss the bed afore your Day’s begun. You could slam the door upon your Own damn thumb. Eat a slice of bread but only Taste the hidden scum. Where you goin’ to pal ‘n Where ya coming from? Barry    

Growing Hurts More Than Not

I fucking hate that you’re so stupid. Fucking Cupid. Look what you did. You said love is blind. So unkind. You will find Your heart beating on your chest. Cause it’s been ripped out No doubt This gonna hurt in the morning. If you wake up. Buck up. Scars now be your warning. Barry

Yardpost Russel

You were better than me. Earned more. Smoked more. Drank more. I helped you, though. You took my help and It helped you not. For you were caught In the pattern Russel. Barry    

You Tough Bastard Aphid

You suckle me to death, you bastard! You soft, smooth, little beggar, you… You will not leave! You like it sooo much! You’re ugly tho’. I dislike you a bunch! Forming a grudge. I want you as sludge. Stay there, don’t you budge! Aye-pal, You make me a killer. Barry

Bool Shat

One hundred people Can’t be wrong so they choose one To sing their song and that Song singer must be so strong Cause they will fake sing Certain songs. They know the tune but The song belongs to yesterday, Before the throng. Barry

Big Man. Small World.

Holy shit there’s nothing out here! No one! Nada! Noot! We will rail a road into this place. We’ll make passengers and loot! Shit has hit the fan now. It’s the god of luck or fry. We’ll run the rapids with a mighty YA! Navigate the drowners or die. Made it now you lucky bastard! […]

Are You Fuckin’ Wit Me Correlation?!

He said I hate to swear but That bitch there tried to Steer me wrong. Her dance and song before Too long had me looking Wrong and I wasted Plenty ‘o time there. I looked around and you know, Found, some upside down which Prior to now brought full stop Round duly blocking any Holy […]

Then The Lord Spoke And He Used My Mouth

God don’t own no car. He needs yours. God ain’t drankin’ beers Less you pour. God ain’t make no babies No procreatin’ with the ladies No if, ands, buts or maybe’s Less through your. Existence is the proof. The only proof you need. Listen through the noise for love and God’s words you will heed. […]

One Shadow Weren’t Enough, The Beggar Cast Three.

He spoke from both sides his mouth. The truth he wouldn’t spit out. Yelled at his lack of clout. What’s this shit about?! He would ask Himself at night. Knew in his heart shit Wasn’t right but his Words would not stay outa sight. Bit him in the arse again. Barry

Jesus I Don’t Want To Be A Fucking Retard

No offense, he said, but you stink! And I don’t like how you think! You wear skin that’s brown, it ain’t pink. Your koolaid’s bad, I won’t drink. Your hearing’s gone and you blink. You ain’t sol-id, you’re a fink! Time will see that you sink. You’ll wind up in the klink. You’ll think more […]

When The Future Comes In Chunks Almost Too Big To Swallow

Momma read a story because Billy couldn’t read. Showed him how to bathroom so his jammies wasn’t peed. Taught Bill how to wipe his arse without even looking. Told him to attract a wife or he’d do all the cooking. Got Bill up to attend school cause Billy didn’t wanna. Said Billy get a paycheck […]

Looking Up Is Not Advised During Shitstorms

You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You don’t skin your knee and flail about. You don’t holla Wolf Sir! Looking like ya know sir. You don’t fake it all and still have clout. You… you must know betta. You… don’t a getta upsetta. You… gotta be a gogetta. You… you will see betta. […]