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Da Fam

Born into a good fam-lee? That’s good. That’s great. But hold on, wait… Born into a bad fam-lee? That’s sad. Be glad. Because you have A better shot at happ ee ness. Aim through the stress. Know you are blessed. With happ ee ness. Forget the rest. This is a test. Just do your best […]

Without This, It’s The Same Shit Every Day.

He didn’t know he didn’t know And his not knowing didn’t matter. He would know he didn’t know In God’s good time. For now, he dines. On the finest whines. Which may combine. With God’s good time. And show him, fine… Experience changes everything.

Back When We Had Best Friends

We fought like hell but knew damn well We had each other’s back. It might be scratched from a Yes lost match but We had each other’s back. It wasn’t blood lines We all shared tough times. You’re not alone unkinds We suffered one and all. And ya, that suffering. Tho hurtful, did bring The […]

My Friend I Need Burned Me Sof Ucking Bad

Holy shit! When will I learn?! That the very reason you exist Is to nuture and to burn me? To throat lean hard’n learn me? To paper my walls. Praise up cat calls. Blindness befalls The many worshippers of you. You’re gonna burn them.

If You’re Already Sleeping And You Fall Asleep

Shook a million hands. Looked into a million eyes. Always worked with what was there. Never questioned why. Didn’t even try. To figure out, you are here. Living in the state of fear. Why you stay here is not clear. But this is where you live.

All My Life

All my life I’ve waited on people. Waited on men. Waited on men. Waited on my Mother Who waited on men. She brought up / in men. Daughter no hen. She waited on men, but no hen back then Could not say when But now she can Cause it’s my story. I’m making this up.

The Inventors Of Gods Can Fix The Climate

He turned to the East. And it was east. He turned to the West And it was west. Then he stopped right there. Said make a square. And that’s how we get ’round.

They Cannot Stress Enough

Work so hard. Gotta pay that rent. Nevermind your insides Or how rent makes them bent. Wake up artificially. Alarm, alarm, alarm! Knocking back a hit or two. Can’t do nobody harm. You go with the swarm. In which you have been born. And you don’t touch the fence, y’hear?!

Mister Man Reflects, Can You?

He yelled at his kids. Smacked ’em on the rump. Warned them if they misbehave There’d be another thumping. He yelled too much and He smacked too hard and The desired result was so damn far From what he got. He never thought He’d have a shot At someday thinking it right.

Aquired Intelligence Deficiency

You think you are smart. But you’re not. You think there’s more to get. So it’s got You. It’s illusion. The confusion. Of diffusion. Gotcha losin’ Your mind. There is no way out. So don’t flop about. Focus your clout. That is the prize they are after.  

Upon Realizing Your Trap, Stay Calm, Relax.

You went for the easy food! Stepped on that switch. Life came on in on you. Son-of-a-bitch! You hurt your snout a bit. Tryin’ to break free. But you are not snarling now. Lease not at me. I got your back boy. When I need to, I carry. You along for the ride but Do […]

Petting Sharks

A memory is fine. It can help you unwind The troubles encountered yesterday. The good stuff, You can add to. But when you add up the bad, too. The total Will no doubt Change how you feel about Adding more good or bad To your pile.  

The Best Right Now

Ya gotta group of days anda Group of ways A day might Just get better. There’s a vacuum seal, It’s really no big deal. Cause it sucks But only for a moment. It gives one just enough time To foment. And present A path with a Wee less wrath. And a wee less daft. And […]

Doing Hard Time

It was a bad situation. All of creation Had stymied elation and Led to tough shit piling up. She had had enough. The going was rough. She was calling life’s bluff and Life hollered back. Life pleaded. She needed to be Heeding the pleading but Complaints filled her ears and Year after years she Moved […]

When You Change, The Universe Changes.

You ain’t been down this street. Not if you changed your mind. See, the street you left by Not throwing that right. Is a street now far behind. Give yourself a new name. And maybe a new haircut. Cause the road less traveled Is the one you’re on. No if, ands, or buts.

They Once Asked What Got Into Him But They Should Have Been Asking Who


The Politics Of Puking

Say no and no and no and no. Say it walking to and fro. Say it because you know yes means go. And go doesn’t pay no toll here.

Looking Up Is Not Advised During Shitstorms

You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You don’t skin your knee and flail about. You don’t holla Wolf Sir! Looking like ya know sir. You don’t fake it all and still have clout. You… you must know betta. You… don’t a getta upsetta. You… gotta be a gogetta. You… you will see betta. […]

The Purpose Of Life

If you ask what is the purpose of life You’re already on it. Barry

I Know You Fucking Told Me So

  Life has a boot. A great, big boot. And life will walk right on ya. Now, if you scoot and Give a hoot then The boot might loop on by ya. But it’s still there. Don’t you fear. If your soul separates Boot’ll find ya. Barry  

If Yer Gonna Hit The Ditch, Slow Down.

  There’s a rule and it’s made of gold. It’s a hellova thing to behold. Once it’s gotya Don’t get caughtya Striking off on your own. Barry


You’ve been told How things are. Now you know they’ve Gone too far. Barry

They Were Children And Kids Who Got Bigger

Oh, Grow Up! Mother would shout. You don’t know what you’re talking about! You, smirking like that…! You should get a smack…! Just try and talk back…! You won’t sit down for a week! You and your silly damn cheek! Maybe you’ll live in the street! But until you do… You better, you… Watch it! […]

Unproductive Extrapolation

  Let’s say your world falls apart. A couple of times a year. Would you hang your hat from the highest tree? Or would you quietly disappear? If you lived through one fall Could you build on that? Could you find a higher tree to Hang your hat? Or would you say I’ve had it! […]

Some Folks Get God And Other Folks, They Get Cancer.

  Life is a pantry. Filled or not filled. It’s shelves can be loaded Or everything spilled on The floor and the door The damn door will not open! And it’s you on the inside Hearing words not yet spoken Why would you? It’s useless… Your pantry door’s broken. Barry

If You Live To A Ripe Old Age, Maybe You’ve Lived Too Long.

Man, you know it all now. Can’t nobody tell you. Your mind is all made up. Made up. Nothin’ left to make up. Make up. Your maybe’s are outa luck. Barry Your an A Hole when your Amygdala is missing!   The Humor HELIX Uploaded on Nov 11, 2010 The Humor HELIX This short video […]

Don’t Say No Say Uh-Uh

This here is town is same as the rest. Different name. Different address. Same damn test though, Same damn test. Barry

Grumble Garden

There is a way to complain that reduces disdain. Makes is smaller and easy to hide. You’ll not find it deep Nor that far or that wide. But somewhere inside is That saying you’ll never give up. Barry  

Arrg! Persistence!

Hello, my name is Barry and I am a quitter. Okay, I once was a quitter but now I have quit quitting. Yes, I complain and bitch and kick the dirt and cry. Sure, I whine and say why me lord? and try to blame someone else for my misfortunes. Of course I attempt to […]

Yawn To Something

A hint. A whiff. Is all you get. From that you place Your goddamn bet And one damned bet is all you get Bet on you pal, bet on you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.